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Susie the Goldendoodle: A Budding Artist in the Making

a budding artist in the making

Susie the Goldendoodle: A Budding Artist in the Making


When Pets Embrace the ‘Drawing on Wall’ Phase

While many pet owners are familiar with the challenges of raising a mischievous puppy, one dog owner recently discovered that their furry friend, Susie the Goldendoodle, has a penchant for artistic expression that rivals that of a toddler’s wall-drawing phase.

In a delightful and slightly messy escapade, Susie showcased her creative talents by leaving her mark on the wall with a pen in her mouth, much to the surprise and amusement of her owner.

Susie’s Masterpiece: A Dog’s Interpretation of Art

Captured in a TikTok video shared by user @ellaandsusie, Susie’s artistic endeavor unfolded as she positioned herself between the wall and the couch, wielding a pen with enthusiasm.

With each stroke, Susie created a series of lines on the wall, seemingly lost in her creative process. Despite her owner’s attempts to intervene and halt the artwork in progress, Susie persisted, determined to leave her mark on the world.

The Unmistakable Resemblance to the Toddler Phase

In a humorous nod to the common phenomenon of toddlers drawing on walls, the caption accompanying the video humorously remarked, “I guess the drawing on wall toddler stage doesn’t specify to humans.”

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Susie’s playful antics highlight the similarities between canine and human behavior, demonstrating that pets, too, can exhibit tendencies reminiscent of their human counterparts.

The Bright Side: A Hidden Masterpiece

While Susie’s impromptu art session may have caused a momentary headache for her owner, there is a silver lining to her creative endeavors.

Unlike the visible wall scribbles left by toddlers, Susie’s artwork remains hidden behind the couch, providing her owner with the opportunity to address the situation at a later time.

Despite the temporary inconvenience, Susie’s artistic expression serves as a reminder of the joy and spontaneity that pets bring into our lives.

TikTok’s Reaction: A Blend of Amusement and Admiration

The TikTok video documenting Susie’s artistic escapade quickly gained traction, garnering over 1 million views, 174,100 likes, and 343 comments.

TikTok users were quick to express their amusement and admiration for Susie’s creative flair, with many commenting on her endearing personality and undeniable charm.

While some empathized with the challenges of removing ink from walls, others praised Susie’s artistic potential, jokingly comparing her to renowned street artist Banksy.


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Conclusion: Celebrating the Quirks and Charms of Pet Ownership

Susie’s artistic exploits serve as a lighthearted reminder of the joys and challenges of pet ownership. While her mischievous behavior may have resulted in a temporary mess, it also brought laughter and joy to those who witnessed her creative process.

As pet owners, we cherish the unique personalities and quirks of our furry companions, finding delight in the unexpected moments of spontaneity and mischief that they bring into our lives.

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Source: Newsweek


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