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A Complete Guide To All You Need To About The Australian Doodle!

australian doodle

A Complete Guide To All You Need To About The Australian Doodle!


The Australian Labradoodle is the latest designer dog breed to hit the market, and it lives up to the excitement surrounding it.

But there are so many different doodles out there in the world of dogs that people who adore dogs need to be aware of the differences!

Take the time to educate yourself about Australian Labradoodles before you bring one into your home and make them a member of your family.

History Of The Australian Labradoodle.

It is not difficult to assert that the Australian Labradoodle and the Standard Labradoodle are the same.

australian doodle

The only difference is that you added where it originated from to the sentence. However, it’s not quite as easy as that. Because of this, we will go deeper into the breeds that make up this adorable creature!

In 1989, a woman who was blind and required a service dog set the whole thing off. The issue is that her husband is hypersensitive to animals, namely dogs.

The Breeding Manager for Guide Dog Services in Australia, Wally Conron, set out to develop a canine with the ideal demeanor for a service dog and a hypoallergenic coat. He produced two purebred canines that were suitable for the role together.

He went with the dependable Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle because neither of them shed. This is where the names Labrador-Poodle and Labradoodle come from.

Following that level of success, Wally Conron decided that he wanted to further enhance the breed. The Australian neighborhoods of Tegan Park and Rutland Manor contributed by carrying on what Wally had started.

They continued breeding Labradoodles in an effort to develop canines with a temperament, conformation, and coat type that were consistent with one another.

Discussing the process by which the Australian Labradoodle was developed is necessary if we are to have an understanding of how the breed’s creators were able to establish the breed’s enduring characteristics.

What Defines An Australian Labradoodle?

In order to be considered an Australian Labradoodle, one of the following two conditions must be satisfied:

  • The Labradoodle breed has reached the fifth generation of its breeding.
  • Labradors, Poodles, and American Cocker Spaniels can all be found in the dog’s family tree.

In contrast to other types of hybrid dogs, known as crossbreeds, which have two distinct purebred parents, the Aussie Labradoodle can either be the product of continuous breeding of Labradoodles or be a mixture of three different breeds.

To maintain a continuous breeding program, you need to cross two Labradoodles from a pair of Labradoodle parents.

You would end up with an Australian Labradoodle, a multigenerational crossbreed if you repeated the previous process five times or generations after the puppies they produced reached adulthood. That is how they first created this breed.

And if you think that was enough breeding to generate this incredible dog, the groups producing the Australian Labradoodle didn’t stop there.

They continued to the next step. They were aware that they could improve the breed by adding additional desirable characteristics and making it ideal.

To accomplish this, they purposefully bred Labradoodles with dogs of other breeds that would bring in more desirable characteristics.

These other breeds include:

  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Curly-Coated Retriever
  • English Cocker Spaniel 
  • The American Cocker Spaniel

If you add them all together, including the Labrador and the Poodle, then the Aussie Labradoodle can have a total of 6 different breeds as their parents.

All of the parental breeds contributed something unique to the offspring. However, the Poodle, Labrador Retriever, and American Cocker Spaniel are most often combined to produce an Australian Labradoodle.

The American Cocker Spaniel was frequently used in the breeding process of the Australian Labradoodle. This is because the American Cocker Spaniel was the final dog to be crossed with the Australian Labradoodle.

The breeders observed that it contributed more stable characteristics than those contributed by the other dogs. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business and talk about the defining characteristics of this lovely Doodle.

What Does An Australian Labradoodle Look Like?

It is a well-known proverb that appearances are not everything.

We believe that Australian Labradoodles are merely ideal, so their appearances will check every box on your checklist. They seem like cuddly stuffed animals and have wide, round, dark brown eyes that immediately make you fall in love with them.

Even some of them have eye hues that can range from deep amber to a light hazel-green coloration in their eyes. They also have a huge nose in the shape of a square.

The nose of an Australian Labradoodle can be black, rose-colored, or rosy brown/pink. However, the color can change based on the color of their coat. Black is the most common option.

The body of an Australian Labradoodle is square and stocky, and its tail should follow the topline when the dog is moving but should not curve over the back of the dog.

How Large Is An Australian Labradoodle?

You are in luck regardless of the location you call home or the dimensions of your living quarters.

Because the Poodle is the Aussie Labradoodle’s parent breed, three different size options are available for this breed. Simply choose one of the options!

Standard-sized Australian Labradoodles can range in weight from 45 to 77 pounds and have a height of approximately 21 to 24 inches (53 to 61 cm) (20 to 35 kg).

Medium Australian Labradoodles can range in weight from approximately 30 to 45 pounds and stand up from 17 and 20 inches (43 to 51 cm) tall (14 to 20 kg).

The Miniatures are just absolutely adorable. They are just 14 to 16 inches (36 to 41 cm) tall and will weigh anything between 15 to 30 pounds (7 to 14 kg).

It is essential that you keep in mind that male dogs are often larger than female canines.

However, to provide a more accurate comparison, I have included the following chart with the mature sizes of an Australian Labradoodle:

SIZE CHART Height Weight
Standard Australian Labradoodle 21 to 24 inches

(53 to 61 cm)

45 to 77 pounds

(20 to 35 kg)

Medium Australian Labradoodle 17 to 20 inches

(43 to 51 cm)

30 to 45 pounds

(14 to 20 kg)

Miniature Australian Labradoodle 14 to 16 inches

(36 to 41 cm)

15 to 30 pounds

(7 to 14 kg)


Due to the fact that they come in three different sizes, it would be possible to keep this dog content in either an apartment or a house with a yard that is of average size.

Most importantly, they obtain enough mental and physical activity throughout the day.

The Coat And Color Of An Australian Labradoodle.

We are aware that this fluffy dog appears to be an excellent contender for the role of a cuddle buddy, but were you aware that it has three distinct sorts of coats?

Fleece-textured: these are as smooth as silk and can range from almost straight or open fleece to one that is wavy in appearance.

Wool-textured: Resembles the wool of a lamb and has the feel of cotton when rubbed between the fingers. It resembles a Poodle’s but differs in that it has a looser spiral that opens up more easily to the skin.

Hair-coat type: Whether it is completely straight or has a few waves, the hair type is coarse to the touch and may have an odor similar to that of a dog.

Even if you want your Doodle to have short or long hair, this coat style requires less grooming and has various degrees of shedding according to the breed.

The Australian Labradoodle can also be found in various colors, including the parti, white, apricot, chocolate, black, merle, and many more!

You shouldn’t be startled if your Australian Labradoodle puppy’s coat changes color if you decide to get one. As he gets older, it will either get darker or fade away.

Preparing The Hypoallergenic Coat Of The Australian Labradoodle To Be Groomed.

No matter what kind of coat your Australian Labradoodle has, the first question you should ask is, “What kind of appearance do I want my dog to have?” and “What length do I want his coat to be?”

The coat of an Australian Labradoodle has been progressively improved over the past 35 years, making it less likely that these dogs would inherit the tendency to shed like a Labrador.

However, frequent grooming is still necessary for them even though they are not a breed that sheds. You should brush your Doodle’s coat at least twice per week to keep his fur healthy, prevent mats from forming, and clean it.

If your dog uses most of its time inside, giving it a good brushing once every few days and bathing it once in a while should be plenty. The time you use grooming your dog can also serve as a bonding opportunity for the two of you.

However, if you are aware that you require the assistance of a professional, it is important to remember to take your dog to the groomer every two to three months to maintain a coat that is simple to care for.

If you were wondering, one of the most common haircuts or styles for Australian Labradoodles is the shaggy look.

Keeping in mind that we are discussing grooming, it is important to remember to cut the nails of your Australian Labradoodle every two to four weeks and brush his teeth once a month.

If you want to safeguard your ears from infection caused by a lack of air movement, you should check them once a month and remove the inside hair consistently.

The Australian Labradoodle Owners and Association (ALAA) has produced a video that provides instruction on the most fundamental aspects of canine grooming.

Characteristics Of The Australian Labradoodle, And Their Personality.

Unquestionably, every dog is wonderful. But you might not be aware that a First Generation Labradoodle tends to be more hyperactive. The notion that there’s no such thing as an Australian Labradoodle is erroneous.

Over time, these dogs have developed to exhibit a more serene, balanced, and perceptive disposition. But notwithstanding whether you choose to play indoors or outside, they are still a lot of fun.

There is a reason why you would hear and read many positive things about this breed, and that reason is that it gained the positive characteristics that it inherited from its parents.

Like their ancestor, the Poodle, Australian Labradoodles are intelligent, quick-witted, and friendly. Because of their ability to make you laugh, spending time with them is always a pleasure. This breed is also suitable for households that have young children.

To ensure that your young children do not get any injuries when playing with the puppy or your Mini Australian Labradoodle, you should always keep an eye on them.

Aside from that, Australian Labradoodles are obedient, kind toward other canines and animals, unafraid to display their care and loyalty, and make excellent therapy and guiding dogs — just like their Labrador Retriever and Spaniel parents.

How do you let your dog know that you love them when they have so much to offer you? Of course, taking all the necessary precautions!

How Much Physical Activity Does An Australian Labradoodle Require?

Even though this breed is well-suited for various living situations, your puppy still needs regular exercise in order to help him burn off the excess energy built up while cooped up inside.

When your Australian Labradoodle is bored, undesirable habits may begin to emerge. You need to make sure he is pleased by engaging him in daily mental and physical activities.

Given that the Australian Labradoodle has an energy level that ranges from low to moderate, a daily walk lasting between 30 and 40 minutes should be sufficient.

In addition to taking your dog for walks, you might also take him jogging, running, trekking, or even shooting if that is your pastime.

The Australian Labradoodle is another breed that enjoys being in the water. Bring him along with you if you live near a beach or lake or have a pool at your house, and you’ll watch him diving in to swim and make a splash in the water.

If you don’t have the opportunity to take your dog for a walk, a fenced backyard is an excellent location for you to play with him. This physically engaging game will easily fulfill 20 to 30 minutes of an Aussie Labradoodle’s recommended level of physical activity.

In addition to engaging in physically taxing pursuits, your Doodle would also require mental stimulation. Therefore, supplying him with mentally stimulating indoor entertainment like chew toys, puzzles, or toys that he can tug on will keep him mentally stimulated.

The Kong Extreme and the Outward Hound Nina Ottoson Dog Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Toy are two of the most popular toys available for this type of dog.

Providing your Australian Labradoodle with several options will prevent him from being bored, but you will also stop your dog from chewing on the furniture or shoes.

Training Session With An Australian Labradoodle.

These canines are intelligent and simple to educate, perhaps one of the breed’s most attractive qualities.

They can learn your rules and the techniques you show them relatively quickly.

WARNING Tips! Prove yourself as the alpha dog of the family or the pack as soon as you introduce your new Australian Labradoodle puppy into the home, and do it consistently.

If he is not adequately raised, socialized, and trained, a dog of this breed may be able to outsmart you and develop a discourteous attitude toward you. You may battle those behavioral disorders by engaging in physical and mental activity and sticking to a regimen.

Be the alpha who is authoritative while being calm. Make sure that your workouts are interesting and upbeat at all times. You will be able to accomplish this goal by motivating any dog with praise, awards, and goodies.

Be consistent and patient. Never use harsh tones or words, and always be patient while correcting your dog or puppy if they cannot obey an instruction or if they have an accident on your favorite carpet.

Watch and listen as this dog owner gives Teddy some basic instructions and tasks while encouraging him with some treats and praise.

Let’s move on to this magnificent breed’s overall health because, in addition to meeting your lovely canine’s mental and emotional requirements, you are also responsible for meeting the Aussie doodle’s physical requirements.

Care For An Australian Labradoodle.

The Australian Labradoodle is a wonderful dog, but having a dog comes with more responsibility than just bringing it for walks every day.

Aside from the possibility of inheriting health issues from its parents, the Aussie Labradoodle can be found in three different sizes. This indicates that you will need to pay attention to the particular requirements associated with the Doodle that you choose.

You may assist prevent joint problems in your Mini Australian Labradoodle by doing things as simple as preventing him from leaping off furniture or climbing up and down the stairs.

You should also know how much food to give him so that he does not become overweight. The best way to demonstrate how much love you have for your pet is to show that you care for him somehow.

Which Kind Of Diet Is Appropriate For A Dog Who Is So Active?

To ensure that they maintain their good health, it is important to provide canines of all sizes and breeds with diets that are suitable for their specific needs.

Therefore, before deciding on a specific diet or dog food for your Australian Labradoodle, you should first consult with your veterinarian to get an idea of the appropriate portion size and nutritional distribution of the meals.

Two and a half to three cups of dog food should be given to your Australian Labradoodle daily, and it should be divided into two meals.

Feeding your dog is entirely up to you, so long as you don’t let him grow too hungry and try to maintain a routine. Most pet parents give their four-legged friends a meal twice a day, once in the morning and the evening.

If you choose to feed your four-legged friend a homemade or raw diet, or even high-quality dog food that is human-grade, all you need to do to keep him from becoming overweight is cut back on the amount of dry food that you offer him.

If Your Australian Labradoodle Is Too Heavy,

Although an overweight dog may have an endearing appearance, it could jeopardize your pet’s health.

If you are concerned that he is gaining too much weight, you might divide the daily allotment of 2 to 3 cups of dog food that he consumes into three meals rather than the standard two.

Don’t offer your Australian Labradoodle table scraps or human junk food, no matter how much those loving eyes plead you to do so. Alternatively, you can assist him in losing weight by switching to dog food with a lower total fat content but a higher fiber content.

Because excess weight can have a negative impact on a dog’s mobility, there is a wide variety of food available for canines that will assist them in shedding unwanted pounds while also promoting the health of their joints.

In addition to this, you should only give your dog snacks that are minimal in calories. You could want to try offering fruits as an alternative, such as bite-sized chunks of apples or carrots.

Regarding Australian Labradoodles Who Are Underweight.

Because we have Australian Labradoodles with a voracious appetite, we also have other dogs in our kennel that don’t have as much appetite and run the risk of being underweight.

It is possible that your Doodle has been expending a lot of energy, but you should make sure that the reason he is losing weight is not due to an underlying ailment.

If your dog is otherwise healthy but underweight, you should be able to assist him in gaining weight. You can feed your dog an additional cup of dog food every day.

If you start with two cups and work your way up to three, you may divide it into four servings by dividing it into two or three portions.

You might also try feeding your dog food that is formulated for young dogs rather than adult dogs. It means that you do not need to offer your dog extra cups because the additional calories are required to maintain the proper growth of puppies.

Maintain a close eye on what your Australian Labradoodle is consuming and how much of it he is eating. You are free to experiment with varying the length of time between meals and the total amount of food you consume.

In addition to that, you need to make sure that your pet receives plenty of activity.

A wellness checkup should be given to your Doodle anywhere from once every six months to once every year to determine whether or not he has achieved a healthy weight and can keep it up. This will also help ensure that he does not revert to an unhealthy weight, either too thin or fat.

Is An Australian Labradoodle A Healthy Breed of Dog?

The Australian Labradoodle is a healthy breed; nonetheless, it is impossible for anyone to predict all health problems that could impact a designer dog.

The only thing we can do is find out more about the history of this Doodle and any potential health problems that either of its parents may have had.

This will allow us to be aware of any potential dangers and, with any luck, reduce or eliminate the likelihood that your pet will contract any of these conditions.

The most typical illnesses that afflict their parents are passed on to offspring of mixed breeds, and your Australian Labradoodle may be predisposed to a number of these conditions:

  • Patellar Luxation,
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Elbow and Hip Dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease 

You should also pay keen interest on whether or not your Australian Labradoodle tends to itch and scratch frequently since this can indicate that he suffers from allergies.

Your Aussiedoodle may have a dietary allergy to a particular diet component, such as chicken or grains, which could be one reason he is acting in this manner.

It is possible for this to cause irritation of the digestive tract and the skin. You would also need to consider important factors like the age of your Doodle and their current state of health.

For example, an Australian Labradoodle adult requires a different amount of food than a puppy does at the same age. The amount of food you provide to a puppy depends on its size.

You can always switch your allergy-friendly Aussiedoodle over to hypoallergenic dog food or treats. It will assist in managing his coat and skin and the health of his digestive system.

If your Doodle has eye discharge, the most effective treatment is to provide them with the appropriate care and clean their eyes regularly. However, if it is green or any other hue, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to get it checked out.

Maintaining as good of health for your Doodle as you possibly can, in conjunction with the advice of a reliable veterinarian, can increase the likelihood that your Australian Labradoodle will live beyond the typical lifespan of 13 to 15 years.

After going through the essential information or facts about the Australian Labradoodle, it’s time to move on to the next topic, where you could find one.

Where Can I Purchase Or Find A New Australian Labradoodle To Adopt?

When researching a subject that involves mixed breeds, you will need to go deeper than usual.

When looking for a breeder who complies with the requirements of recognized and reputed breeders, you need to be especially diligent in your search.

And if you do decide to buy, you should make sure that the person you buy from does not get their Australian Labradoodle puppies from a breeder that operates a puppy mill.

You wouldn’t want to become involved in that since you might end yourself supporting them by accident. In addition to this, there is a significant chance that your dog will develop behavioral issues or experience health problems at some point in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Australian  Labradoodle?

Because an Australian Labradoodle litter typically has an average of eight puppies, finding one is not all that unusual of an occurrence.

However, the breeder, the lineage, and the location are all elements that could impact the price. The average cost of an Australian Labradoodle puppy ranges between $2,700 and $3,000 in most cases.

Why Do Australian Labradoodles Command Such A High Price?

Not just because the Australian Labradoodle is a designer dog but also because of the breeding stock.

It would make sense that the Aussiedoodle would be more expensive if the breeder used a higher generation of Doodles and did a lot more health testing on the puppies’ parents.

Breeders put forth a lot of effort, both in terms of time and money, to produce Aussiedoodles because this particular hybrid breed is not like other hybrids.

And it is for this reason, that purchasing an Australian Labradoodle is not a waste of your money. You’d be shelling out money for a canine friend of superior quality who is reliable and possesses remarkable characteristics.

Breeders Of The Australian Labradoodle.

Check out the Australian Labradoodle Association of America’s member breeders if you’re interested in purchasing an Australian Labradoodle puppy.

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America provides you with the opportunity to view their breeder members from all around the globe, including the United States and Canada.

In addition to those, the following is a list of some of the additional online breeders that concentrate on the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle breeds:

  • Bunji Australian Labradoodles (Midwest Michigan, US)
  • Archview Labrador (Illinois, US)
  • High Country Australian Labradoodles (Keene, NH, US)
  • Aussie Labradoodle (Columbus, Ohio, US)
  • Lomond Hills Labradoodles (Scotland, UK)

Offering Australian Labradoodles For Adoption Or Fostering.

If you’ve decided to adopt, save, or rehome an Australian Labradoodle, know that you have our full and unwavering support.

You will not only end up with a dog as a companion, but you will also be responsible for the dog’s survival. Take a look at the following websites, each of which provides you with a diverse range of options:

  • Sugar Pine Doodles (Amador County, California)
  • Daisy Hill Labradoodles (Southern Oregon)
  • Doodle Rock Rescue (Dallas, Texas)
  • Hale’s Australian Labradoodles (Central California)
  • Mountain Park Labradoodles (Portland)

There Are Exclusive Clubs That Are Focused On Australian Labradoodles.

We brought up the fact that there are groups or clubs that exert a great deal of effort to preserve and further the development of the Australian Labradoodle lines and ensure that breeding procedures are carried out conscientiously.

These communities ought to be recognized, and they are as follows:

  • Labradoodle Association of Australia, (LAA).
  • International Australian Labradoodle Association, (IALA).
  • Australian Labradoodle Club of America, (ALCA).
  • Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association, (WALA).
  • Australian Labradoodle Association Europe, (ALAEU).

These groups also research to determine which dog breeds deserve to be permitted to be introduced cautiously into specified lines of dogs.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not accept the Australian Labradoodle as a breed because it is a hybrid or a designer dog; however, the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA) does recognize this breed.

Putting The Australian Labradoodle In Context With Other Types Of Doodles.

Are you wondering about the different Poodle combinations that are available? It would be quite beneficial to get a quick look at the differences between them and the Australian Labradoodle.

If you have a very strong option for a breed that has been hybridized with a Poodle, you should take the time to educate yourself on the various types of Doodles that are available. This will give you a wider opportunity to choose from.

Australian Labradoodle VS Standard Labradoodle.

One of the distinctions that could be made between these two is that some Labradoodles shed, while Australian Labradoodles do not.

Because of this fact, they are a popular option for those who suffer from allergies. Labradoodles make wonderful family pets, but because they have a tendency to be rowdy, an adult must always be present while children are in the same room.

Problems with their behavior, like excessive barking or chewing, might emerge if the Labradoodle-Poodle mix does not get enough attention or exercise.

The Australian Labradoodle is a more peaceful breed that does not exhibit destructive behavior when bored and is much simpler to teach. On the other hand, Labradoodles are known for their high levels of devotion and make wonderful assistance dogs.

Australian Labradoodle VS the Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodles, much like their Labradoodle cousins in Australia, are calm and mild-mannered.

But Bernese puppies have a reputation for being defiant, especially when they are young; you can expect this trait to disappear as the dogs get older.

Bernedoodles are also silly and make good family dogs; yet, because of their low energy level, an active household may find it difficult to keep up with a Bernedoodle.

They are also not suitable for too tiny homes, and their demeanor can be cold toward unfamiliar people. Aside from that, they are relatively laid-back people overall.

Australian Labradoodles VS Goldendoodles.

The temperament of the Australian Labradoodle and the temperament of the Goldendoodle is comparable to some extent.

Because they are so outgoing, friendly, and affectionate, it should come as no surprise that they make excellent therapy, guide, or service dogs.

The Golden Retriever and Poodle mix is a dog that gets along well with both children and other animals, and it is simple to teach. It won’t fare well if you neglect to pay sufficient care to your Goldendoodle or leave it alone for long periods.

Australian Labradoodle VS Sheepadoodle.

The Sheepadoodle is a breed of dog that is not only cute but also intelligent, making them simple to teach.

They’d perform well in a household with children, but the parents would need to keep an eye on them. This dog has not lost the ability to herd and will attempt to do so with their playmates; if they resist, it may even nip at them.

Sheepadoodles, despite this fact, are happy dogs that make excellent guard dogs.

Why Should I Purchase An Australian Labradoodle?

Overall, this breed is fantastic because it probably passes everything you must check for when searching for and picking a dog.

These include having a wonderful disposition or demeanor, being intelligent, having consistent conformation, and having a top-notch coat. However, to conclude, you will need to examine the benefits and drawbacks associated with owning an Australian Labradoodle.

This Doodle is appropriate for most households and families, allergy sufferers, and anyone who would like to have less trash and stink inside their homes.

However, the better varieties of coats, such as wool and fleece, are prone to tangles and mats because of their composition. As a result, you and your Australian Labradoodle will need to establish a consistent grooming practice.

In addition, this dog needs a variety of activities each day, ranging from walking to running and chewing and thinking.

This dog, who thrives on activity and adventure, is not the right companion for you if you use most of your time cooped up at home or if your job requires you to travel frequently.

The Australian Labradoodle mix is a breed capable of gaining the upper hand over you due to its sly demeanor and intelligence. Your Doodle will learn his role in the pack by early training and demonstrating who is in charge of the group.

But in general, dogs of this breed have the most peaceful demeanor of any breed you could hope to find! Your thoughts on the Australian Labradoodle would be appreciated.

Share your personal experiences with Australian Labradoodles and your thoughts and opinions on the breed, and feel free to offer any helpful hints or suggestions.

Leave it all in the comments below so that others might learn from it or just coo over your adorable pet stories.

We appreciate you for taking the time to read!


Finally, we hope you found this article interesting? And what do you think about ”A Complete Guide To All You Need To About The Australian Doodle!?”

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