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Herding Harmony: Border Collie Deacon Wins Pet of the Week with Feline Friend Boo

border collie deacon wins pet of the week

Herding Harmony: Border Collie Deacon Wins Pet of the Week with Feline Friend Boo


The Dynamic Duo: Border Collie’s Herding Instinct Unleashed on Neighbor’s Cat

Capturing Moments in Ball Ground, Georgia

In the quaint town of Ball Ground, Georgia, a unique friendship has blossomed between border collie Deacon and his feline companion Boo.

Their heartwarming interaction recently earned them the prestigious title of Pet of the Week, showcasing their playful antics that have charmed their owner, Karen Sklenicka.

A Glimpse into Deacon and Boo’s Playful World

Border collie Deacon, known for his strong herding instinct, found a unique outlet for his skills—the neighbor’s cat, Boo. Karen Sklenicka captured the delightful duo on camera, shedding light on their favorite pastime.

Despite lacking traditional livestock to herd, Deacon’s herding instinct found fulfillment in Boo, who willingly partakes in their playful routine.

The Herding Instinct of Border Collies

A Breed Rooted in Herding, Gathering, and Protecting Livestock

Border collies, renowned for their intelligence and agility, have a rich history of being bred for herding, gathering, and protecting livestock. Deacon’s instinct to herd, deeply ingrained in his breed’s DNA, extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing not just animals but also people.

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This unique aspect of border collies reflects their loving and active nature, demanding ample attention and exercise to channel their boundless energy effectively.

Finalists in the Pet of the Week Showcase

1. Willow: The Squirrel-Chasing Dynamo

Our first finalist, Willow, a delightful blend of Yorkshire terrier and Chihuahua, resides in Quebec, Canada, with owner Diane Labelle. Willow’s favorite pursuit is gracefully chasing squirrels, captivating Labelle with his elegance and beautiful face.

2. Loki: The Tennis Ball Maestro

Meet Loki, an impressive 105-pound American bully, owned by Melissa Shawver. Described as smart, funny, and stubborn, Loki’s love for tennis balls is showcased as he endeavors to carry not just one or two but aims for the triumphant feat of three balls simultaneously.

border collie deacon wins pet of the week

3. Ellie: The Neighborhood Observer

The final contender, Ellie, a 5-month-old short-haired border collie mix, belonging to Darlene Bell, takes on the role of a vigilant observer. Positioned by the window each morning, Ellie keeps a watchful eye on the neighbors’ German shepherd, hinting at the potential for a delightful playdate.

border collie deacon wins pet of the week

Celebrating Unique Bonds: Pet of the Week’s Impact

The Pet of the Week feature not only highlights the extraordinary connection between Deacon and Boo but also provides a platform to showcase the diverse and endearing personalities of pets worldwide.

From herding instincts to playful pursuits, each finalist embodies the joy and companionship that pets bring into our lives.

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Source: Newsweek


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