Viral Grief: Corgi’s Sadness Over Broken Christmas Decor

Corgi's Sadness Over Broken Christmas Decor

Viral Grief: Corgi’s Sadness Over Broken Christmas Decor


A Heartbroken Corgi’s Christmas Tale Goes Viral

In a heartwrenching moment that has captured the internet’s attention, a Corgi’s emotional reaction to a Christmas-related mishap has become a viral sensation.

TikTok user @kh0a shared a video earlier this week that has garnered a staggering 4.4 million views, showcasing the heartbreak of a Corgi whose light-up decoration had been accidentally broken.

A Corgi’s Heartbreak

The video is accompanied by a poignant text overlay that reads: “Someone knocked down my holiday corgi decoration, and my corgi is very upset.”

As viewers watch the real Corgi gaze at the decapitated light-up dog, it’s impossible not to be moved by the dog’s expression, and many were outraged at the sight of the broken ornament.

In a direct message to the responsible party, @kh0a wrote in the caption: “To the person who upset my corgi and toppled my festive corgi decoration – I hope you’re having a day you deserve!”

Corgis and Their Popularity

Corgis have a special place in the hearts of many, and it’s no surprise that holiday decorations featuring this beloved breed are highly sought after.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ranks as the 11th most popular breed in the United States and consistently holds a spot in the top 20 most popular breeds in the country.

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Known for their alertness, affection, and intelligence, Corgis have gained fame not only for their delightful personalities but also for their prominent appearances in pop culture, including social media and TV shows like Netflix’s “The Crown.”

A Digital Support Group for the Corgi

The comments section of the TikTok post has transformed into a digital support group for the distressed dog. Users have expressed a range of emotions from sympathy to righteous indignation.

TikTok user Alexa issued a passionate call to action: “You better go get that baby another Christmas corgi decoration right now.”

User A.a echoed the same sentiment with a fervent “Justice for the Corgi,” while Sierra passionately exclaimed, “They need to apologize for making that sweet baby upset like that.”

TikTok user saranicolato demanded justice, writing: “Jail for whoever dared to do this.” And in a lighthearted remark, another user joked, “He feels targeted!”

A Familiar Tale of Decoration Disasters

This isn’t the first time that a dog has been caught in the act of causing decoration disasters during the festive season. Last year, a festive stocking decoration appeared ripped up, displaying all the hallmarks of doggy mischief, including noticeable tears and bite marks.

The owner shared their perspective: “When Brodie has done something bad, it’s really obvious. He gets embarrassed and starts asking for forgiveness immediately. Luna is often bad and has no remorse; it’s her world… I’m just living in it.”

Pet Safety During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it’s crucial for pet owners to consider the safety of their furry companions. An animal expert has revealed tips on which decorations dog owners should avoid, including toxic festive plants, recommending gentle lighting options and preventing excessive clutter.

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