A Guide To The Husky Mixed With German Shepherd.

Husky Mixed With German Shepherd

A Guide To The Husky Mixed With German Shepherd.


Gerberian Shepsky. It’s a mouthful, but we have to admit – it does have a certain ring to it. It’s a mouthful, but it does have a certain ring to it. This highly sought-after German Shepherd Husky Mix offers the advantages of both breeds.

In addition to being powerful and intelligent, he possesses the independence of Huskies and the ferocious loyalty of German Shepherds.

Even though he is of the pleasant Shepherd Husky Mix breed, which makes him ideal for households with children, the German Shepherd genes make him an excellent protection dog.

Siberian Husky is a working dog breed of medium size, whereas the German Shepherd is a huge breed of herding dog that adores working!

The Gerberian Shepsky fits in somewhere in the middle of the two, often reaching a height of 25 inches on average and weighing in at around 80 pounds.

The average height of a girl is 22 inches, and they weigh 65 pounds. Their height is lower than that of males. Are you trying to decide whether or not you would like to include a mixed breed dog in your family?

We have compiled an in-depth reference that covers all you could want to know about the Gerbian Shepsky, from its history to its personality to its grooming needs!

A Quick Look At The German Shepherd-Siberian Husky Mix In General.

This combination strikes the perfect mix between two pure breeds that are highly intelligent and appear quite royal. Typically, a litter will have anything from six to eight adorable, fluffy puppies, each of which may have a somewhat different appearance.

husky mixed with german shepherd

Some will acquire heterochromia, also known as eyes of different colors, from their Husky parent, while others will obtain the longer snout of their German Shepherd parent.

Both traits are passed down genetically. They are certain to all possess those endearingly perceptive ears, which are a trait shared by both breeds.

The History Of the German Shepsky.

To grasp this energetic and affectionate mixed breed, we must first become familiar with the purebred varieties of the Husky and the German Shepherd.

As was stated earlier, the German Shepherd is famous for its ability to herd livestock. In 1899, they were invented in Germany for herding and protecting sheep.

They rank the second most popular breed in the United States, closely after Labrador Retrievers. The Husky is a breed of working dog that originated in Siberia more than three thousand years ago.

They traveled across the country to Alaska in 1908, where they worked as sled dogs and also won the hearts of the locals with their quirky characters.

There are no official records that document the first litter of hybrid Gerberian Huskies. It’s entirely possible that the first litter of puppies was the result of a mistake!

On the other hand, because of the ever-increasing demand for “designer breeds,” this friendly and devoted German Shepherd and Husky mix is increasingly being brought into households worldwide.

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Temperament Of German Shepherd Mix And Their Ability To Be Trained.

In the same way that each Gerberian Shepsky puppy may have a unique appearance, the characteristics that they receive from their parents may also cause them to have distinctive dispositions.

husky mixed with german shepherd

In general, the German Shepherd Husky Mix possesses a perfect mental makeup. Their Shepherd ancestors gave them the attributes of loyalty and bravery, while their Husky ancestors gave them the qualities of friendliness, silliness, and gentleness.

Shepherds are more reserved than Huskies, who are friendly to everyone they encounter. The interaction achieves the ideal state of equilibrium. Your Gerberian Shepky will provide you and your family with protection from any danger when fully grown.

Still, they will also shower you with affection, give you plenty of hugs, and plenty of charming moments to cherish for the rest of your life.

They are wonderful when it comes to being around youngsters and, with proper socialization beginning at a young age, can coexist peacefully with various animals.

The German Shepherd Husky mix possesses a high level of intelligence and can quickly pick up new skills with the right kind of training.

The German Shepherd is a dog that thrives on new experiences and enjoys having a job to do, in contrast to the obstinate and easily bored nature of Huskies.

If the Husky breed predominates in your litter, it’s possible that your new puppy would rather spend hours running than engaging in mental activities. If he has a German Shepherd personality, he might like more complex exercises such as scent work.

For instance, hold out a toy or reward and allow your canine companion to take a scent of it. Next, conceal the item and send your canine companion on a search for it.

Find out what works for you by getting creative with how you train your puppy and developing a strong bond with him. In either case, he will require a significant amount of physical activity – around two hours each day when he is an adult.

Suppose you want to prevent your Gerberian Shepsky from developing unwanted negative tendencies like barking, howling (a husky’s favorite activity), and chewing. In that case, it is important to ensure that it gets plenty of exercises and mental stimulation.

It is unlikely that first-time dog owners or those who are gone for the majority of the day would do well to get a German Shepherd Husky mix dog. On the other hand, these dogs are an excellent option for families who like an active lifestyle and new experiences.

How to Provide Nutritional Food For Your Gerber Shepsky.

Due to their huge size and high activity level, these dogs require a diet rich in protein. There is a wide variety in calorie needs depending on factors such as age, weight, amount of exercise, and gender.

husky mixed with german shepherd

A Shepsky puppy, for instance, has to consume food that has been specially made for puppies because it is rapidly growing and hence requires more calories than an adult Shepsky.

In this manner, they will receive all of the essential minerals and vitamins required to form their skeletal and muscular systems!

In comparison, senior dogs and less active dogs need only 1300-1600 calories per day, whereas energetic adult German Shepherd Husky mixes require 1700-2400 calories per day.

It is important to divide each meal into at least two portions and feed your dog at least twice a day to encourage simple digestion and protect your dog from the risks of bloat and volvulus connected with both breeds.

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Shepkys, active carnivores, do best when they consume a diet with at least 22 percent protein. The ideal diet for large-breed dogs should be high in quality and quantity. When calculating your daily caloric requirements, don’t forget to include time for special treats!

Exercises For German Shepherd Husky Mix.

As was stated earlier, these jovial gentlemen are huge fans of physical activity and pursuits. Make it a family outing for a stroll or a jog together.

Alter the path you go consistently so that your Shepsky does not become bored. The provision of at least two hours each day of physical activity that might range from moderate to intense intensity is another recommended.

Sadly, they will be the happiest in vast, open settings and do not make good apartment dogs because of this preference. The ideal German Shepherd Husky mix habitat allows them plenty of room to play, run, and wander.

This breed is so incredibly active and enthusiastic that even a large yard isn’t enough space for them to play and run around! The ability of your new pet to take part in interactive activities, such as mazes and other brain-teasing challenges, will bring it the greatest amount of joy.

Your Gerberian Shepsky will eventually fall into a nice pattern of work and play if you give them lots of love and care. After a long day, be sure to get as comfortable as possible and give each other lots of hugs and kisses.

Considerations Regarding Shepsky’s Health.

Because of their genetic make-up, German Shepherd Husky mixes could be predisposed to the same kinds of health problems as their purebred parents.

When you buy a puppy, the breeder you work with should have no problem giving you a comprehensive report on the health of the dog’s parents.

Pet owners should be on the lookout for elbow and hip dysplasia, which are prevalent in many large breeds, and degenerative eye diseases such as cataracts.

If ignored, joint dysplasia causes abnormal development of the elbows and hips, which can result in pain and eventually the inability to move the affected joints.

If detected early, the illness is amenable to treatment using medication or corrective surgery. Cataracts are a problem with the eye lens that can cause vision loss over time.

They are passed down from the Husky parent and are inherited by the dog. If he is not treated, your Gerberian Shepsky may become disoriented, confused, and even violent.

This is because he will lose the ability to process his surroundings if he is not treated. Again, if it is detected in its early stages, this disease is treatable with either medication or surgery.

In addition, as was said previously, bloat and gastric dilatation-volvulus are frequently seen in German Shepherds. This illness causes the stomach to expand and turn on itself, which can be very uncomfortable. Your Shepsky will bear the risk.

Thus, you will need to take extra precautions to eliminate it! You should only pay attention to how much and how frequently your dog is eating, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

The Grooming And Appearance Of the Gerberian Shepsky.

Those ears that stand up so cutely are too much for us to handle! In addition, the Shepsky mix boasts a robust muzzle and sharp eyes, quite similar to those of a wolf.

It is possible for them to inherit the brown eyes of a German Shepherd or the blue-green eyes that are characteristic of Huskies.

It’s even possible that they have eyes of two different colors. Puppies with heterochromia’s genetic condition are extremely desirable and will command a higher price.

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But it’s money well spent because they are so stunning and one of a kind. In the same way, the color of a Gerberian Shepsky’s eyes can vary according to which parent they most resemble, so too can their coat color.

The basic German Shepherd coat color is sable, which can also be white, gray, silver, tan, or even red. Other common colors include these.

As a result of their history as sled dogs in Siberia and Alaska, Huskies have coats that are ideally suited to the region’s freezing temperatures.

A widespread fallacy holds that the only places where Huskies can lead contented lives are in northern climates that regularly get snowfall. However, they have a double layer of protection and can shed one of those layers when the temperature gets too high.

The Shepsky will also have a double coat, which means that it has to be brushed twice a week to help promote healthy skin and appropriate shedding. In addition, giving your German Shepherd Husky mix a full bath regularly is bad for the natural oils in their coat.

This could cause the skin to become irritated and dry, and itchy. Instead, you should only bathe them when it is essential with a mild shampoo.

Simply spot clean in between with a moist towel, and if necessary, use a deodorizing spray that does not contain any hazardous ingredients!

Summary Of The Gerberian Husky.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this in-depth guide to the German Shepherd Husky Mix, becoming more and more popular.

To help you to make a decision, we have provided a summary of relevant facts and statistics below. Do you believe that this magnificent, majestic-appearing dog would be a good fit for your household?

He has a high level of intelligence, and he is exceedingly loyal and protective. Yet, cuddly, friendly, and adorable! He is daring and makes the ideal workout companion because he is always up for an adventure. So, what are your thoughts?

Fact Detail

Life Expectancy:

10 to 13 years


20 to 25 inches, 45-80lbs; depends on sex


$400 to $1500


Eager to please, quicker learners


Loving, playful, protective

Health Considerations:

Elbow/Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Eye Disease

Activity Level:

Very Energetic; destructive when not stimulated

Energy Requirements:

1300 to 2400 calories depending on activity level

Overall Rating:

Ideal family dog


Questions People Also Ask: (FAQs)



What is a Husky mixed with a German Shepherd?

A Husky mixed with a German Shepherd is a hybrid dog breed resulting from the mating of a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd. This crossbreed is known for its unique combination of traits from both parent breeds.


What does a Husky mixed with a German Shepherd look like?

The appearance of these mixed breed dogs can vary widely, but they often exhibit a blend of physical characteristics from both parent breeds. They may have the Husky’s striking blue eyes and dense, double-layered coat, along with the German Shepherd’s strong and muscular body.


What is their temperament like?

The temperament of a Husky mixed with a German Shepherd can also be a mix of traits. They are typically intelligent, loyal, and protective like German Shepherds, while also being energetic, independent, and sometimes stubborn like Huskies. Socialization and training from an early age are essential to ensure they develop into well-behaved pets.


What are their exercise needs?

These mixed breed dogs have high energy levels and require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They enjoy activities like running, hiking, and playing fetch. Failure to meet their exercise needs can lead to behavioral issues.


Are they good family pets?

Huskies mixed with German Shepherds can make excellent family pets when properly trained and socialized. They are often good with children and can be protective of their families. However, their strong prey drive may make them less suitable for households with small pets like cats unless introduced and trained carefully.

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