Nigerian in UK Loses His Job Over Controversial Cat Care Video Shared on Social Media

Nigerian in UK Loses His Job Over Controversial Cat Care Video Shared on Social Media

UK-Based Nigerian Man Fired After Sharing Cat-Care Job Details on Social Media


LONDON, UK, June 6, 2023 – In a twist of events that highlights the potential risks of oversharing on social media, a UK-based Nigerian man lost his lucrative job caring for cats.

The man, known as @equation_mic on TikTok, had previously shared a video detailing his work, which fetched him a handsome hourly rate of £100 (equivalent to N57,414.97).

@equation_mic rose to viral fame after posting a video of his unique job – taking care of a cat in the UK. His previous beliefs about cats, rooted in his Nigerian upbringing where he associated them with witchcraft, were put on display in the video.

He confessed to having disliked and even harmed cats while in Nigeria, a stark contrast to his current work overseas.

However, the joy of his newfound fame was short-lived. Following the video’s virality, his employer stumbled upon the clip, leading to his immediate dismissal. The employer, presumably concerned about the safety of his cat, severed ties with @equation_mic.

The incident has sparked a heated debate online. Many internet users, especially fellow Nigerians in the UK, have reacted to his video and subsequent firing.

A substantial number are advising their peers to exercise caution when sharing personal details online, particularly regarding their jobs.

One netizen, known as Tempo, noted: “I sure say e get spirit wey dey make Nigerians for Uk dey do videos up and down cus it’s kinda hard to understand.

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The lord is your strength bro.” This sentiment underscores a growing concern about the oversharing of personal details online among Nigerians living in the UK.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the potential pitfalls of online platforms, where oversharing can lead to unforeseen repercussions.

With social media increasingly woven into the fabric of our daily lives, it’s crucial for users to strike a balance between sharing their experiences and maintaining their personal and professional boundaries.

For more information and personal perspectives on this unfolding story, check the reactions on social media platforms such as Twitter, and TikTok, where @equation_mic originally posted his video.

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