Embracing Bedtime Bliss: A Heartwarming Nightly Ritual for Doberman Ares

Nightly Ritual for Doberman Ares

Embracing Bedtime Bliss: A Heartwarming Nightly Ritual for Doberman Ares


Ares, the Doberman, Finds Comfort in Nightly Tuck-In Routine

As the day winds down in California, a heartwarming nightly ritual unfolds, capturing the cozy essence of the bond between Adina Musta and her Doberman, Ares.

The routine involves more than just closing the day; it’s a tender act of tucking in Ares for a night of peaceful sleep.

Unveiling Ares’ Adorable Bedtime Ritual

Ares, the 4-year-old Doberman, leads an eventful day filled with play, barking at cats, and well-deserved naps. Exhausted by evening, Ares eagerly awaits his bedtime routine orchestrated by Musta.

This endearing ritual not only ensures Ares’ comfort but has become a cherished daily tradition.

From One-Off to Every Night: Ares’ Cozy Corner

Initially a spontaneous act to keep Ares warm during the night, Musta’s bedtime routine has transformed into a nightly affair that Ares looks forward to.

The Doberman snuggles into his bed, adorned with extra blankets, remaining there until his owner gently wakes him in the morning.

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TikTok Sensation: Ares’ Tuck-In Captivates Millions

Musta shared a heartwarming clip of Ares’ nightly routine on her TikTok account (@yorkfamilyof3), and within five days, it skyrocketed to viral fame.

Garnering over 7.6 million views and 550,400 likes, the video struck a chord with viewers who lauded Musta for her caring gesture toward her pup.

Musta’s Motivation: Love and Care for Ares

Musta, recounting the origins of the routine, shared, “My fiancé and I started doing it when we realized he was cold during the night, so we started covering him and saw that he loved it.”

The endearing video portrays Ares shifting a bit but remaining in bed all night after being tucked in.

Pets as Family: A Common Theme Among Owners

Treating pets as integral family members is a prevailing sentiment among pet owners. According to a YouGov poll, 51 percent of dog owners consider themselves their pet’s parent.

Musta’s ritual reflects the profound connection between humans and their furry companions.

Social Media Applauds Ares’ Gentle Nature

The online community, often perceiving Dobermans as powerful working dogs, encountered a softer side of Ares through Musta’s viral video. Musta aims to challenge stereotypes, showcasing that big dogs like Ares are gentle souls who cherish bedtime rituals.

Ares’ Quirky Bedtime Habits: Waiting and Staring for Tuck-In

Ares, now accustomed to his nightly tuck-in routine, occasionally surprises Musta by going to bed on his own, patiently waiting for her, or simply staring until he receives his cozy tuck-in. It’s a testament to the unique and delightful personality of this gentle giant.

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Gratitude and Positivity Overflow on Social Media

Since the video’s viral ascent, Musta has been inundated with positive responses, expressing gratitude and admiration for her caring approach.

With over 6,600 comments, social media users praised Musta for her loving gestures, with comments like, “I wish all dogs could experience this kind of love.”

Spreading Love and Changing Perceptions

Musta, reflecting on the impact of Ares’ bedtime ritual, expresses hope that it sheds light on big dogs and dispels misconceptions about their nature.

The video serves as an invitation for those not yet captivated by animals to become ardent animal lovers, showcasing the endearing bond between Musta and Ares.

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