Junie, the Golden Retriever, and Her Unusual ‘Lil Wigs’ Make Waves

the Golden Retriever

Junie, the Golden Retriever, and Her Unusual ‘Lil Wigs’ Make Waves


Golden retrievers are known for their gentle and sociable nature, but Junie takes it to a whole new level.

Owner Lorrie Brown has shared a heartwarming montage of videos featuring her 4-year-old golden retriever, Junie, sporting a collection of adorable “lil wigs” in the form of tiny ducks perched on her head.

The result? An utterly delightful display of interspecies friendship that has captured the hearts of thousands.

In a world where heartwarming animal stories are a source of solace and delight, Junie’s unlikely companionship with the ducks is a touching tale that reminds us of the extraordinary bonds that can form between species.

A Feathered Affection

Junie, a golden retriever with a heart as warm as her fur, has become the unlikely guardian of a handful of ducks. Lorrie Brown, her owner, describes Junie as “gentle,” and it’s precisely this gentleness that has endeared her to her feathered friends.

Brown shared, “Junie is a gentle dog, so the ducks just naturally took to her and they love her soft fur and feel protected on her in the water.”

This isn’t just a case of the ducks perching on Junie’s head for a photo op; they go a step further and swim with her. When they occasionally fall off, they quickly regroup and climb back onto their furry guardian.

Poolside Adventures

The heartwarming moments don’t stop there. In a captivating Instagram video posted on October 29 on @brownhikingtrails, we see Junie afloat in a swimming pool, accompanied by four ducks and a rooster, perched contentedly on her back.

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the golden retriever

The caption reads, “Junie loves her lil wigs,” and it’s no surprise that this delightful video has captured the hearts of thousands of viewers.

The unlikely friendship between Junie and her feathered companions defies conventional norms. It’s an inspiring example of the compassion and empathy that transcends species boundaries.

Mama Junie

Brown, who resides in Branston, Missouri, shares that the ducks and rooster have been seeking solace in Junie’s fur since they were little hatchlings.

“Even in the pool, which is Junie’s favorite place to be, the ducks and rooster still want to sit on mamma Junie,” Brown fondly remarks.

Junie’s role as a surrogate parent to these feathered friends underscores the nurturing and kind-hearted spirit of golden retrievers. This breed is celebrated not only for its loyalty but also for its harmonious interactions with other animals.

Internet’s Delight

Junie’s heartwarming story has left the internet awestruck and brimming with affection. Users from around the world have shared their admiration for Junie’s loving nature. One user wrote, “Such a sweet and lovely girl! Junie is a great mama ducky.”

Another user humorously pointed out, “Funny how ducks are supposed to love water, but they’d rather be resting on Junie’s head.” It’s a testament to the enchanting allure of interspecies friendships.

Junie’s story resonates with countless pet owners who have witnessed the remarkable bonds that can form between animals of different species.

Golden retrievers, in particular, seem to have a knack for making friends with creatures great and small, from squirrels to birds, and even kittens.

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A Furry Friend Magnet

Junie’s story is not an isolated incident. Golden retrievers are known for their affable and welcoming nature, making them natural candidates for forming cross-species friendships.

Videos and stories featuring golden retrievers befriending kittens, birds, and even squirrels have been capturing the collective heart of the internet.

This warmth and compassion extend beyond just golden retrievers; in recent times, a goldendoodle and a magpie have become viral sensations. Their delightful tug-of-war video has enchanted millions of TikTok users, showcasing the irresistibly heartwarming nature of these unlikely friendships.

In a world filled with news of discord and division, heartwarming stories like Junie’s serve as a reminder of the love and connection that transcends boundaries, be they species or otherwise.

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