Doggy Joy Unleashed: Woman’s Winter Wonderland in a Snow Maze

Woman's Winter Wonderland in a Snow Maze

Doggy Joy Unleashed: Woman’s Winter Wonderland in a Snow Maze


Amanda Cerny, a passionate dog lover from Florida, turned a snowy setback into a canine adventure during her recent family vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The unexpected snowstorm threatened to bury her vacation plans, but instead, it became the inspiration for an epic snow maze that brought boundless joy to her two Dalmatians, Falco and Vienna.

Snowy Obstacle: A Chance Turned Opportunity

“We received so much snow which kind of buried us inside,” Cerny shared with excitement. While the snow posed a challenge for her Florida-based Dalmatians, the cold-loving canines couldn’t resist the allure of the winter wonderland.

Understanding Canine Fascination with Snow

Dogs are naturally drawn to snow for various reasons. According to animal behaviorist Amelia Wieber, the sensory element of snow, its unique scent, and the opportunity to uncover hidden treasures beneath the blanket of snow make it an irresistible playground for our furry friends.

Dalmatians in the Snow: A Unique Challenge

Concerned about her Dalmatians’ sensitivity to the cold, Cerny sought a creative solution. “My Dalmatians are Florida, so they get cold really easily with their short fur and thin coats,” she explained, emphasizing the need to keep them warm while enjoying the snowy environment.

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From Childhood Trauma to Unconditional Love

Cerny’s love for Dalmatians stems from childhood trauma when her family had to part with their beloved Dalmatian, Diggs, due to a move. This experience fueled her commitment to providing her own Dalmatians with the love, energy, and attention they deserve.

High-Energy Pups: The Snow Maze Solution

Acknowledging the high energy levels of her Dalmatians, Cerny ingeniously decided to construct a snow maze. This not only allowed them to expend their energy but also kept them safe without the need for snowsuits and booties every time they ventured outside.

Creating Doggy Joy: A Snow Maze Unveiled

Capturing the heartwarming moments, Cerny shared a video on TikTok that quickly garnered 4.7 million views. The maze provided a safe space for her Dalmatians to engage in a 15-minute zoomie session, followed by homemade dog food and cozying up by the fireplace.


Great workout! Great fun! Great success! #snow #dogs #dalmatians #colorado

♬ original sound – Amanda Cerny

A Core Memory for All

“This is going to be a core memory for not only them but my family and apparently the internet, now, as well,” Cerny expressed, highlighting the lasting impact of this unique winter adventure.

Beyond Dalmatians: Inclusive Snowy Play

The snow maze wasn’t exclusive to Dalmatians. Cerny’s mom’s Pomeranian, Meadow, recovering from surgery, found it to be an excellent and safe way to exercise. The maze offered a controlled environment for movement, ensuring the well-being of all furry participants.


PART 2 ❗️ I read your comments & The racetrack has now been expanded! 🎉Falco🐾 ,Vienna🐾 and my lower back thank you 😣❄️😂💙 #snow #maze #snowmaze #dogs #dalmatians #colorado #funny #cute #snowday #winter #pets

♬ original sound – Amanda Cerny

Constructing the Maze: A Labor of Love

While building the maze proved slightly time-consuming, Cerny described it as a rewarding workout. Shoveling the fresh powder was a labor of love, and she extended the maze with “dead ends, tunnels, and additional loops” to enhance the canine experience.

Encouraging Winter Adventures for Dogs

Cerny encourages others with snowy landscapes to embrace the opportunity. “If you have snow, bundle up, grab a shovel, get some fresh air, and build a maze that will make your pup the happiest pupper in the world,” she advises. The effort, according to her, is undoubtedly worth it.


Amanda Cerny’s ingenious snow maze not only transformed a vacation setback into a memorable adventure for her dogs but also resonated with millions on the internet.

Beyond the joyous moments captured in the video, it stands as a testament to the creativity and love dog owners invest in ensuring their furry companions lead fulfilling lives.

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