21 Dog Breeds That Resemble Bears Or Teddy Bears!

Bichon Frise

21 Dog breeds that resemble bears or teddy bears!


Have you ever dreamed of having your very own real-life teddy bear? You may even aim a little higher and want a full-sized savage beast on your hands and knees.

Adopting a grizzly bear cub presents its own set of difficulties, so locating a dog that closely resembles one is the next best thing. You’ve come to the correct location, to be honest.

The complete spectrum of breeds in all shapes and sizes, all of which have those bear-like characteristics, is represented here, and we’ve included a little bit of information about each dog to help you discover the one that’s right for you.

Haircuts Can Make a Significant Difference.

For some breeds, just a small amount of grooming to achieve the actual teddy bear dog appearance is the most often requested service at my grooming store (especially among non-shedding breeds).

The Teddy Bear cut is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a cut that looks like a teddy bear. We shape the face, trim around the ears, and carve out a mane, giving your puppy the appearance of a beautiful little bear cub.

So the next time you take your dog to the groomer, inquire as to whether a teddy bear cut will be appropriate for him. Teddy Bear Dog Breeds Are Divided Into Three Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

1). Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is everything you might desire in a real-life teddy bear: cheerful, loving, and a little mischief-maker. They are fiercely clever, friendly, goofy, and cuddly creatures that are loved by all.

bichon frise

All of that silliness will have to be burned off soon, and some daily exercise will assist them in excelling and living life to the best extent possible. The Bichon is a breed that adapts well to any living situation and makes excellent apartment pets. ​

Keep in mind that these dogs are very sensitive to correction. They will flourish if they receive gentle teaching and are raised in a favorable atmosphere.

2). Border Terrier

The Border Terrier lives by the mantra “Work hard, play hard.” Because these dogs were originally intended to hunt foxes, they were born with instincts for running, digging, and chasing.

border terrier

As a result, working with this breed might be a hard experience. The Border Terrier is a highly intelligent and devoted dog, but they come with a long list of requirements that not every owner is willing to meet.

They require a very busy daily lifestyle to compensate for all of their energy when hunting.

Border Terriers have enormous hearts and like being the center of attention while with their family or friends. Despite needing a tremendous deal of effort, they provide their owners with an unlimited supply of love and affection.

3). The Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is the epitome of a companion dog: affectionate, clever, and loyal to your side at all times. This is the ultimate family dog since they will never harbor any ill will against anyone or anything in the world!

the cockapoo

Cockapoos are pure, unconditional love to the bone, and they are known for it. As a result of their desire to please their owners, they make excellent training partners and are particularly suited to first-time owners.

While they still require frequent grooming, this breed sheds very little, is quiet, and does not drool.

4). The Lhasa Apso

This renowned breed of dog was formerly used to guard the royal palaces of Tibet, and it continues to do so with distinction to this day.

the lhasa apso

These are strong, self-sufficient canines who take their responsibility as protectors extremely seriously. So they can be quite rude to strangers while remaining strongly devoted to their own families and friends.

For this strong-willed breed, constant teaching from an authoritative figure is required before the Lhasa will listen. They are naturally protective means that they must be socialized at a young age.

5). The Pekingese

The Pekingese is a rare breed that originated in ancient China. What makes them even rarer is their coat, which can be maintained extravagantly at certain periods.

the pekingese

Nevertheless, with the help of a teddy bear trimmed by your groomer, this dog can be transformed into a beautiful cub.

As a result of their independent spirit, which allows them to set their own rules, the Pekingese can be extremely stubborn in training and toilet training.

In addition, they may be extremely loud and have a tendency to bark at just about everything. Because of this, the Pekingese is not an ideal dog for households with small children, other dogs, or first-time dog proprietors.

6). Pomeranian 

In addition to being a sometimes overconfident troublemaker (but it’s all in good fun), the Pomeranian is also the star of their show. These DOgs can be regarded as confident, curious, and appreciative of being treated as if they were princes (or princesses).

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Given their outsized personality, you’ll need to create some ground rules to ensure that they don’t feel they have complete control over the household. And they can be particularly difficult to train when it comes to toilet training and excessive barking.

These small pups make excellent companions for going on trips; they enjoy spending their days following you about and seem to genuinely appreciate new situations and situations. Keep in mind that they are heat-sensitive and require cooling downtime from time to time.

7). The Shih Tzu

In this instance, the Shih Tzu will undoubtedly benefit from displaying their trademark grooming style, known as “the teddy bear cut.” And these canines are all about strutting their stuff since they adore being the focus of everyone’s attention.

the shih tzu

These beasts are affectionate and lively, and they would love nothing more than to spend the rest of their days with you. Shih Tzus have a natural tendency to be friendly because they were originally designed to be companion dogs.

Thus, you will not find any hunting or herding characteristics here. They can, however, be too energetic and difficult to control at times.

Some owners believe that the best way to keep their Shih Tzus happy and engaged is to adopt two of them so that they each have a companion.

8). Toy Poodle

You might not think of a poodle as the first dog that comes to mind when thinking about teddy bears, but you might be amazed at what a little grooming magic can do for them.

toy poodle

The teddy bear cut is the most requested grooming service, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Poodle dogs are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds, placing them at the top of their class.

They are eager to satisfy their owners, and because they have so many brains, they are particularly ready to learn new things. ​

Early on, they are bursting with activity and have lots of “talking” to do. They also have a tendency to go in search of trouble by digging and running around.

They require an authoritative leader to define the norms and an outlet for the excess energy they generate regularly. They tend to become more tranquil as they mature, but they still require stimulation for their physical and mental well-being.

9). Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are the stars of their show, and they want to make sure that everyone is paying attention to what they’re doing. A lot of personalities are on display, and it comes with a lot of sass, which is what they are known for.

yorkshire terrier

This breed was developed for the purpose of hunting rodents, and these characteristics are still extremely evident in their prey drive, which is out of this world.

​Yorkies are social creatures who need friendship and demonstrate unwavering loyalty and trust for their owners. However, their owner is the only person who cares about them, and no one else is permitted to enter into that relationship at times.

These dogs can be aggressive against strangers, other pets, and even other members of the family on rare occasions. These are adorable tiny lapdogs who enjoy playing and exploring, and they are especially well-suited for singles.

As a result of their predisposition to be aggressive, these dogs are not advised for households with young children. A teddy bear trim can help your Yorkie resemble that lovely bear cub more closely, which we highly recommend.


Breeds of a Medium Size

10). Chow Chow 

Chow Chows have a distinctive appearance that mimics that of a cuddly teddy bear dog, which they are. However, these dogs are considered to be anything but cuddly since they are known to have a strong sense of independence.

chow chow 

They’ll often be wary of people and other animals, and they’re known to be very protective of their young. The Chow Chow will learn to accept children and strangers if you start training and socializing him at a young age.

However, if this dog does not receive this early instruction, his patience will be severely tested. As a result, adopting an older Chow Chow is advised for older families with a history of dog ownership and training.

Chinese breeders have recently begun training Chow Chows to look like pandas, becoming a popular new trend.

11). Keeshond

The Keeshond is distinguished by its distinctive grey coat, resembling a wolf’s mane. When they’re young, they look a lot like a bear cub, with small, rounded ears and a rounded nose.

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However, as they grow older, they lose some of their cub-like appearances. Spending time with his family and other loved ones is something that this dog aspires to do without fail.

Keeshonds are highly gregarious animals who cannot be left alone at any moment. That will become abundantly clear as they “Velcro” themselves to you and follow you everywhere you go.

And that thick coat needs attention as well since you’ll be taking on the role of a full-time brusher to keep the excessive amounts of shedding under control.

Keeshonds can be a mouthy breed, and even though they have the best intentions, they tend to shout and yell a lot.

12). Shiba Inu

Japan’s Shiba dogs are a unique breed with a variety of quirky characteristics and a humorous demeanor. Shibas, on the other hand, is fiercely independent, which comes with a certain element of stubbornness.

shiba inu

Despite the fact that they are quite bright, teaching them is a time-consuming operation that is best left to experienced owners.

These canines have a strong prey drive and a tendency to remain on the lookout all of the time. As a result, they frequently chase after small animals and bark at strangers. However, they may thrive in a family setting with the right training, socialization, and love.


Bear Dogs of a Spectacular Size

13). Akita Inu

The Akita, which was once deployed to defend royalty, has since retired from guard duties and has returned to his family.

akita inu

These dogs are a proud breed that has unflinching respect for their owners and loved ones, but they may also be too protective at times, especially when they are young.

Their protective instincts are still extremely strong. Akitas like conversing with one another at all hours and every day.

They use their vocal cords to make themselves known in every scenario, frequently with humorous results, somewhere in the middle of whining and barking. They tend to utilize that mouth for other things, like carrying articles or toys about with them at all times.

Because of their protective attitude and strong opinions, the Akita is difficult to teach and is not recommended for first-time dog owners. These dogs have aggressive tendencies, and it will take a lot of patience to get through them.

14). Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier is a robust and fearless bear, which is exactly what you’d expect from a bear of its size. Originally, they were bred for herding and farm work, and they were employed to guard and protect live animals.

bouvier des flandres

Exercise daily is definitely necessary to keep this huge guy happy. Of course, with that great height comes great confidence and a bear’s sense of belonging; they are courageous dogs who are always ready to defend the “pack” when called upon.

Owners will need to display forceful leadership in order to preserve control over who is truly in charge. Despite their “tough-guy” demeanor, they are very gentle and affectionate creatures when it comes to their family and friends.

They are excellent with youngsters but are apprehensive of strangers and other pets.

15). Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Known variously as the Ovcharka Dog or the Russian Bear, this is a large breed that can weigh more than 200 pounds at times.

caucasian shepherd dog

This is not surprising considering that these beasts were once utilized in the Russian military to protect livestock, and they still take their guard role very seriously.

When there is nothing to defend, these dogs will sleep for days on end and are notoriously sluggish and apathetic. On the other hand, walking and playing remain vital parts of their daily routine.

And you are correct in assuming that these are heavy-duty droolers and shedders from the look of them. To summarize, these dogs are excellent for acreages or farms, where they can roam and nap while also providing protection and receiving affection from their owners.

16). Eurasier

An unusual breed originated in Germany but is progressively rising in favor worldwide. Curious, peaceful, intellectual, and affectionate are all characteristics associated with the Eurasier.


While they are rarely aggressive, they might be wary of strangers and unfamiliar canines – but early socialization can help to alleviate their shyness and apprehension.

It is not uncommon for Eurasiers to fall head over heels in love or affection with their owners, and their cheer intelligence makes them easy to train.

Not to mention that they aren’t extremely energetic, so their peaceful nature makes them a good choice for a household pet. Eurasiers, on the other hand, are big shedders; thus, that coat will require some extra attention.

17). The Great Pyrenees

Since it was first employed for herding and protection, the Great Pyrenees has continued to carry on that tradition. Although they come from a protective environment, these gentle mammals have large hearts and are capable of unconditional love.

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the great pyrenees

While extremely friendly, the Great Pyrenees can be wary of strangers and will feel forced to herd other dogs and little children when they are first introduced.

Their independent character makes them exceedingly tough to train, and although they hear your directives loud and clear, they will choose to disregard them.

Big barks are a trademark of these imposing figures, and they like employing them. Not to mention the fact that the shedding is out of control.

As a result of this, several unique challenges arise that most business owners find difficult to deal with. However, most of these business owners would argue that the result is well worth the effort.

18). The Newfoundland Dog

A formidable working breed for fishing boats and docks, this dog has now retired to a life of family and relaxation after a long and productive career.

the newfoundland dog

The Newfoundland are recognized for their calm attitude, but they are also famed for their bravery when an act of heroism is required.

There are numerous incredible examples of these canines rescuing children, adults, and other animals from potentially life-threatening circumstances. It should not be a surprise that they are considered to be among the most loyal and obedient dog breeds ever.

The Newfoundland is considered to be more of a family member than a canine; they naturally protect their owners’ children and exhibit tremendous loyalty and affection to those who care for them. In essence, you are adopting more than 100 pounds of love.

They are quite substantial when it comes to weight — weighing an average of 120 pounds, with males occasionally exceeding 160 pounds. And with such a thick coat comes a lot of maintenance; you’ll be brushing it every day and taking it to the groomer frequently.

19). Samoyed 

The Samoyed has a beautiful white, fluffy coat that could be mistaken for a plush polar bear if you look closely. These dogs are sweet-natured and enjoy being the center of attention, and they’ll be a great addition to any household, no matter how large or small.


Furthermore, they are a highly intelligent breed, making training them a complete pleasure. Samoyeds, despite the fact that they are loving and intelligent, can be a handful.

These are a working breed, and they require regular runs or duties to keep their minds active and working, or they will become bored and destructive to your home and property.

And let’s not forget about its fluffy coat – Samoyed fur is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion. Be prepared for an infinite quantity of shedding, brushing, and trips to the groomer.

20). St. Bernard

These are imposing canines with enormous hearts. However, be careful that they express their affection through cuddling, slobber, shedding, and not being fully conscious of their size.

st. bernard

And, despite being designed for cold weather, St. Bernard’s is primarily an indoor family member. A final point to consider is that these large men may accidentally knock over items or little children in your home.

St. Bernard adoption entails adapting your lifestyle to accommodate their size (and, at times, clumsiness), which is why they are best suited for homes without children.

21). Tibetan Mastiff

If you’re seeking a bear, you’ve come to the right place. The Tibetan Mastiff, which may weigh up to 175 pounds and stand 30 inches tall, is a monstrous creature. Unsurprisingly, these Mastiffs have been utilized to protect livestock for hundreds of years.

tibetan mastiff

Despite its intimidating appearance, this beast has a great heart and can be extremely affectionate and cuddly with its humans. All they want to do is spend the day with their loved ones, and they’re quiet and patient in their approach.

There are certain obstacles to overcome when adopting such a large dog. Training and socialization begin at a very young age, which is absolutely necessary.

You want your mastiff to be confident in the presence of children, other pets, and strangers. However, this breed is well-known for being stubborn, and obedience isn’t usually high on their list of priorities.

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