2023 ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Winner: Scooter’s Tale of Resilience

2023 'World's Ugliest Dog' Winner: Scooter's Tale of Resilience

Scooter Crowned Champion in the 2023 ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Contest: A Story of Resilience and Unconditional Love


The Triumph of the Underdog: Scooter, a 7-year-old Hairless Chinese Crested

This year’s competition for the title of the “World’s Ugliest Dog” has reached its conclusion.

The newly crowned king of this unconventional beauty pageant is none other than Scooter, a unique and unforgettable 7-year-old hairless Chinese Crested dog.

The contest took place on June 23, 2023, in Petaluma, California, with NBC’s Gadi Schwartz presiding as a judge. The event is more than just an annual spectacle; it is a heartwarming testament to the love and dedication of those who champion the cause of animal welfare.

Scooter’s Journey: From Near-Euthanasia to Stardom

Adopted by the compassionate Linda Celeste Elmquist, Scooter has a tale that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings. Born with deformed back legs, he was earmarked for euthanasia by an unscrupulous breeder who handed him over to animal control in Tucson.

Fortunately, his life was spared thanks to the timely intervention of the Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) rescue group, a group with which Elmquist is associated.

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2023 'world's ugliest dog' winner: scooter's tale of resilience

Life on Two Legs: Scooter’s Fight for Normalcy

Despite his physical limitations, Scooter has shown remarkable tenacity. His deformed legs never slowed him down; instead, he found a way to walk on his front legs since he was just a puppy.

He may tire more quickly as he gets older, but he’s never lost his spirit or his unique way of navigating life. Scooter’s signature move? Sitting on his back legs, a charming tripod-like stance, when he needs to rest.

The challenges posed by his backward feet are evident during bathroom breaks, but Scooter, the resilient pup, has a carefree solution for that too!

Mobility and Independence: The Gift of a Cart

Thanks to the intervention of a physical therapist, Scooter received a cart that revolutionized his mobility. With time, he adjusted to his new wheels and can now explore his surroundings faster and with newfound freedom.

Elmquist insists that, despite his unique challenges, Scooter loves life, especially when it involves his favorite treat – braunschweiger sausage!

Embracing Differences: Scooter’s Win Is a Victory for All

Scooter’s win is celebrated by many, including Judge Schwartz, who declared it “so perfectly deserved!” According to Schwartz, Scooter has the power to change our perception of the term ‘ugly,’ replacing it with feelings of love and inspiration. His spirit, perseverance, and unique charm leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets.

A Celebration of Adoption and Resilience

The World’s Ugliest Dog contest, now in its 50th year, primarily highlights the importance of animal adoption. Many of the contest’s canine participants have been rescued from shelters or puppy mills and have found their forever homes with loving owners.

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2023 'world's ugliest dog' winner: scooter's tale of resilience

The 2023 contest winner, Scooter, stands as a testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative power of adoption. In 2022, a hairless Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix named Mr. Happy Face, rescued from a hoarder’s house, held the title.

In this contest, every participant is a winner, having overcome significant odds to find their forever homes. For more information on how to support this cause, visit the contest’s website.

The story of Scooter reminds us all to celebrate our unique differences and the power of unconditional love.

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