President of Canine Lifeline Charged: 158 Dead Dogs Found

President of Canine Lifeline Charged: 158 Dead Dogs Found

President of Canine Lifeline Charged: 158 Dead Dogs Found


Gruesome Discovery at Ohio Animal Rescuer’s Homes

In a shocking turn of events, the president of an animal rescue organization in Ohio has been criminally charged after authorities discovered a horrifying scene at her residence: a total of 158 dead dogs.

The grim tale unfolded when police from Parma, Ohio conducted a welfare check at the home of Barbra Wible on June 2, 2023. What they found were 12 deceased dogs amidst 24 living ones, two of which were in such poor condition they had to be euthanized.

A Collapse and Another Grim Discovery

On the day of the welfare check, Wible reportedly collapsed at her home, requiring medical attention. This led to an even more disturbing revelation. On June 16, authorities discovered 146 dead dogs at Wible’s second property in Mantua. The dogs were in varying states of decomposition, painting a macabre picture of neglect.

This wasn’t the first time law enforcement had been involved with Wible’s Mantua property. In the summer of 2022, dozens of dogs were removed by Portage County police.

Alarming Silence from Neighbors

The Mantua property had reportedly been vacant since October 2022, with neighbors reporting they had seen no activity at the house for months.

As a result of these grim discoveries, Wible now faces animal cruelty charges in Cuyahoga County, where Parma is located.

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Investigation Underway

Wible, who heads the organization Canine Lifeline, remains in the hospital as of the latest reports. Necropsies are planned for the deceased dogs to determine the causes of their tragic deaths.

Canine Lifeline has announced that the surviving dogs rescued from Wible’s Parma home are now safely in an animal shelter, hopefully marking the start of a new and better chapter for these traumatized animals.

Stay tuned for updates on this deeply unsettling case, which reminds us of the imperative of responsible pet care and ethical animal rescue practices.

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