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Luxury in the Sky: How Furry Companions are Flying in Comfort from UK to Australia

luxury air travel for pets

Travel In Style: Your Pets Can Now Fly First Class


Luxury Charter Jet Experience Now Extends to Pet Companions on UK-Australia Route

In a grand leap for pet travel, an Australian-based pet travel company, Skye Pet Travel, is offering a top-notch service that enables pets to fly alongside their owners in the cabin of a charter jet.

This high-end service signifies a welcome departure from traditional modes of pet transportation, in which animals are typically consigned to travel in the cargo hold of commercial aircraft.

More than 20,000 pets, most commonly dogs and cats, are transported in and out of Australia every year. As pet owners, we understand that our furry friends are more than just animals – they’re members of our family.

The thought of having our beloved pets confined in the cargo hold along with luggage can be distressing. Recognizing this, Skye Pet Travel has swooped in with an innovative solution.

Flying First Class: A Unique Pet-Friendly Service

On its maiden voyage earlier this month, a Gulfstream jet carried 19 human passengers, 23 dogs, and one cat on the inaugural flight between the UK and Australia.

luxury air travel for pets

The flight proved to be a serene experience, with the animals remaining calm throughout the journey, according to Joanna Maddison, the founder of Skye Pet Travel.

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For this unique travel experience, the ticket price ranges from $15,000 for an unaccompanied pet to $40,000 for a pet owner traveling with their furry friend.

While this may seem steep, Maddison shared her vision of making this service more affordable by utilizing larger aircraft that can accommodate more passengers in the future.

Pets Travel Safely and Comfortably

Ensuring the safety and comfort of our four-legged passengers is of paramount importance. Animals aboard the inaugural flight were securely restrained during take-off and landing, and a special toileting area was established at the back of the plane.

According to Maddison, “All the dogs got on so well, we had no issues, it couldn’t have gone any better.” For pet owners like Penny Forshaw, who relocated to New York for her dream job, the hefty price tag was worth the peace of mind. “I don’t have children.

My animals are the equivalent of human babies for me,” Forshaw shared. She expressed her relief at being able to avoid the traditional cargo route, which she described as an anxiety-inducing prospect.

Understanding the Risks

While transporting pets in cargo is generally safe, and a plethora of animal welfare guidelines exist, there are undeniable risks. Some breeds, particularly flat or snub-nosed breeds, are more prone to complications, and the potential for pets to experience stress or become seriously unwell during travel cannot be overlooked.

luxury air travel for pets

With this in mind, Skye Pet Travel’s innovative in-cabin pet service is a welcome game-changer for many pet owners. Holly and Stuart, pet parents of a pug and two Brussels Griffon puppies shared, “These are my children,” as they described the impact of having their pets close on their mental health.

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The Future of Pet Travel

The demand for pet-friendly flights is undoubtedly on the rise. Companies like Skye Pet Travel and UK-based K9Jets are rising to the occasion to meet this demand.

Maddison dreams of a fully fitted-out aircraft designed specifically for this service, suggesting that the days of pets traveling in cargo may soon be a thing of the past.

As global travel with pets continues to grow, the industry is adapting to cater to this unique need, making travel more inclusive, safer, and less stressful for our furry family members.

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