Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds According To AKC.

Bella The Labrador Retriever Mix

The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds According To AKC


According to the American Kennel Club, the following are the top ten most popular dog breeds:

According to recent data, with 69 million households sharing their hearts with a canine family member, dog ownership is on the rise in the United States.

Has anyone, however, ever pondered which breeds are the most popular among this rapidly expanding population?

In order to determine which dog breeds are most popular in the United States, the American Kennel Club conducts an annual analysis of their registration data from the preceding year.

The numbers for 2021 were published today, and they include some old favourites and some unexpected newcomers to the list.

The Labrador Retriever has remained at the top of the rankings for the 31st consecutive year! The fact that many dog lovers are surprised by this is not surprising.

Here’s a little more information on the top ten dog breeds that were considered to be popular in 2021: The list of the most popular dogs in the United States in 2021.


1). Labrador Retriever

The lab’s family-friendly attitude and its eager-to-please demeanour make it an excellent choice for families all over the country.

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They make wonderful family dogs, bonding with the entire family and interacting nicely with any visitors that may come to visit.


2). French Bulldog

Make no mistake about it: the French Bulldog is a large dog despite his little stature.

These small pups are brimming with joyful, joyous energy that will bring joy to your life and the lives of those around them.

If the dogs are given daily walks and outdoor exercise, they are highly adaptive and well-suited to living in smaller spaces.


3). Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are named for their long, attractive golden-coloured coat, which gives them their name.

However, this dog is much more than a gorgeous face to see! Golden Retrievers are friendly, clever, and energetic dogs with a lot of energy.

They relish the opportunity to be a part of the family and are always up for an adventure with their companions.


4). German Shepherd Dog

In addition to their employment with police K-9 teams and the military, the German Shepherd is a highly bright and driven breed that is highly adaptable.

They become devoted and self-assured when they are introduced into a family environment.


5). Poodle

The poodle is a highly adaptable dog that may be trained without encountering many difficulties. It is both intelligent and athletic.

In recent years, as potential pet owners learn more about their low-allergen coats, they have seen an increase in their appeal.

6). Bulldog

He is frequently represented as the tough man and the bully in cartoons, although this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Bulldogs are gentle, kind, loyal, and docile dogs. They are also intelligent. A laid-back attitude toward life allows individuals to adjust to various diverse events and circumstances readily.


7). Beagle

Beagles are lovable companions since they are energetic and intelligent.

They are curious canines eager to learn about anything that comes their way.

The mix of their playful demeanour and caring personality makes them a wonderful choice for many different types of households.


8). Rottweiler

When you first meet a Rottweiler, their huge, powerful build may make them appear threatening, yet these lively and affectionate dogs are frequently utterly ignorant that they are not a toy breed.

They are composed and self-assured, yet they will also defend their loved ones if necessary.


9). German Shorthaired Pointer

Because of their unwavering level of enthusiasm and energy, the German Shorthaired Pointer makes a very perfect companion for those who lead an active lifestyle.

They are extremely personable dogs who respond well to positive reinforcement in a loving home.


10). Dachshund

Little dogs that are spirited and independent are frequently completely ignorant of their diminutive stature.

Even though they are not constructed for long-distance sprinting or leaping, they are active, intelligent, and determined.

They will tackle everything life throws at them with courage, and they will do so with their family by their sides as they confront the world.


Breeds That Are Also Popular In The United States

Known as the Peter Pan of the Sporting Group because of their happy-go-lucky and fun-loving dispositions, the Flatcoated Retriever rose more than ten spots on the list in a single year. In 2020, they were ranked first, but in 2021, they were ranked 103rd.

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Other prominent breeds that did not make the top ten list, but are well-known for their popularity on social media, include the following:

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed
  • Yorkshire terriers breed
  •  Siberian Husky breed
  • Pug breed
  • Chihuahua breed
  • English Cocker Spaniel breed

Which dog breed is your personal favourite? Was it included on the list?

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