Figgy, the Invisible Golden Retriever, Takes on Hide-and-Seek with Hilarious Results

Golden Retriever

Figgy, the “Invisible” Golden Retriever, Takes on Hide-and-Seek with Hilarious Results


Hide-and-seek is a classic game enjoyed by many, but one golden retriever named Figgy seems to have her own unique take on the rules.

Rather than mastering the art of hiding, Figgy believes that simply crouching low to the ground makes her invisible.

This comical twist on a beloved game has earned Figgy quite a following on social media, where her antics have left viewers in stitches.

Figgy’s Hilarious Hide-and-Seek Antics

Playing the “Invisible” Card

Figgy, the lovable golden retriever, doesn’t quite grasp the concept of traditional hide-and-seek. When she’s not lounging on the couch or snacking on everyone else’s food, she’s engaging in her own version of the game.

Figgy’s approach? She prefers to hide in plain sight by crouching as low to the ground as possible until she becomes “invisible.”

Owner’s Perspective

Lynzi Judish, Figgy’s owner, finds her dog’s unique take on hide-and-seek endearing. She and her partner, Dave Brown, happily play along with Figgy’s unconventional style.

To add an element of humor, they even put on theatrical performances pretending they can’t see Figgy right in front of them. However, Figgy may need to rethink her hiding strategies to provide a more challenging game.

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According to Judish, Figgy has been playing hide-and-seek since she was a pup. Initially, it took them a while to understand that Figgy genuinely believed they couldn’t see her when she crouched down.

Figgy’s TikTok Debut

The hilarious video of Figgy’s hide-and-seek attempts was shared on her dedicated TikTok account, @figgyandrosemary. In the video, Figgy can be seen lying on the ground outside, accompanied by the caption, “if she gets down low, she thinks you can’t see her.”

Dave Brown plays along by pretending to search high and low for the elusive dog until Figgy pounces out to surprise him.

The TikTok video quickly gained immense popularity, amassing over 1.7 million views and more than 335,400 likes since its December release.

Figgy’s “Invisible” Moments

Judish shared that one morning, when they returned from a walk, Figgy didn’t want to come inside. After letting her stay out for a moment, they spotted her crouching, and it became clear that she was ready for another round of her unique hide-and-seek game.

The Mental Stimulation of Hide-and-Seek for Dogs

A Game Beyond Entertainment

Playing hide-and-seek with your dog isn’t just about entertainment; it can also provide essential mental stimulation. This game encourages dogs to utilize critical thinking techniques and their keen sense of smell, contributing to their cognitive development.

The West Suburban Humane Society (WSHS) in Illinois recommends incorporating commands such as sit and stay while playing hide-and-seek with your dog.

Additionally, praising your pet each time they successfully locate you reinforces the game’s positive aspects. Over time, you can increase the game’s difficulty level to challenge your furry friend further.

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Social Media’s Reaction to Figgy’s Antics

Internet Fame for Figgy

Figgy’s video went viral on social media platforms, leaving many viewers astonished by her incredible hiding ability. The response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive, with countless users expressing their admiration for Figgy and her unique take on hide-and-seek.

Figgy’s Camouflage Skill

Many comments lauded Figgy for her camouflage skills, with one user stating, “She is one with the ground. Her camouflage is next level!”

Others were initially perplexed, as one comment read, “I was so confused because all I saw was an empty driveway and I was like, what is she talking about? Then BAM, a dog appeared. So crazy!”

A Lesson from Dogs

Figgy’s antics serve as a reminder of the joy and humor that dogs bring into our lives. As one TikToker aptly put it, “The best part about this, as insanely adorable she is, you guys entertain her and play along. Dogs teach us to lighten up; they are truly a blessing.”

Figgy’s charming and unique approach to hide-and-seek has not only brightened the day of her owners but also warmed the hearts of countless online viewers.

Her “invisible” moments continue to captivate audiences worldwide, reminding us of the joy that our furry companions bring into our lives.

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