Unusual Encounter in Madison Township: An Escaped Boa Constrictor on the Loose

An Escaped Boa Constrictor on the Loose

Unusual Encounter in Madison Township: An Escaped Boa Constrictor on the Loose


Boa Constrictor’s Surprise Appearance Sparks Unexpected Drama in Madison Township

Residents of Madison Township woke up to an extraordinary sight on a typical Thursday morning when a 3-foot boa constrictor was spotted crossing Fairfax Avenue.

The local authorities were called to the scene, but this serpentine situation proved to be more than they bargained for.

The Unexpected Visitor Causes A Stir

Despite their courageous duty, the Richland County Sheriff’s deputies, including Captain Donald Zehner, confessed to being “skittish” around the reptilian intruder. Zehner humorously admitted, “My officers wouldn’t touch it.”

The boa constrictor, seemingly out of place in this suburban setting, managed to cause quite a stir, revealing a seldom-seen side of our local law enforcement’s courage — or perhaps, their lack thereof in this specific scenario.

The Mystery of the Snake’s Origin

The proximity to Stump’s Aquatics & Exotics, a well-known local pet store, led to the initial assumption that the boa had made its escape from there.

However, Nate Speelman, the co-owner of Stump’s, quickly dismissed this theory. Despite confirming that the boa was not one of his, Speelman bravely stepped in to corral the snake, which had taken refuge under a dumpster.

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He hypothesized that the scent of potential prey like mice and rats from his store might have attracted the pet boa.

A Plea from the Exotic Pet Store Co-owner

Speelman expressed his concern about the possibility of the boa being intentionally abandoned. He compared the situation to the unfortunate trend of pet owners leaving cats and dogs at the local humane society.

He fervently hoped this was not the case for our snake friend and reminded the community about the responsibility that comes with pet ownership.

The Officers’ Daring Standoff With the Boa

Deputy Jon VanHouten, one of the deputies present, candidly admitted his fear of snakes. Still, he was ready to step up, sharing, “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do.”

A plan was quickly formed to try and contain the reptilian escapee in a large Tupperware tote.

However, the boa proved more cunning than anticipated, evading capture by slithering under a dumpster. Thus commenced a standoff that would be remembered for years to come in Madison Township.

A Unique Experience for the Long-Standing Lawman

VanHouten, with over 20 years of service in law enforcement under his belt, recounted, “This is probably the second call I’ve had on a snake.” Reflecting on the unique experience, he concluded, “It was an experience.”

The Search for the Boa’s Owner

As of now, the owner of the snake is still unknown. Anyone with information regarding the boa’s ownership should contact the sheriff’s office at 419-524-2412 and choose option No. 1.

With the boa now safely under the care of Stump’s Aquatics & Exotics, Madison Township can breathe a sigh of relief. However, this unexpected visitor’s surprise appearance will undoubtedly remain a topic of conversation for some time.

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