NCT’s Jaemin Debuts ‘My Luna’ Instagram for His Cat

NCT's Jaemin Debuts 'My Luna' Instagram for His Cat

“My Luna”: NCT’s Jaemin Launches Instagram Page Dedicated to His Feline Friend


K-pop star Jaemin of NCT fame has recently delighted his fans by introducing a personal Instagram account solely dedicated to his beloved pet cat, Luna.

NCT’s Jaemin: The Cat-Doting K-Pop Star 

An exciting surprise for NCT fans unfolded on June 11 when Jaemin, a member of the popular K-pop group NCT, launched an Instagram page exclusively for his cat. The announcement brought a wave of joy amongst his followers who are also feline enthusiasts.

Accompanied by the endearing caption “My Luna”, Jaemin shared a charming snapshot of Luna, stylishly adorned in a yellow suit and hat. The post instantly gained traction, reflecting the cat’s irresistible charm.

Luna: The Latest Instagram Sensation 

Take a glimpse of Luna’s enchanting photo below and don’t forget to follow the account for a regular dose of Luna’s captivating allure.

NCT's Jaemin Debuts 'My Luna' Instagram for His Cat

While fans are currently basking in Luna’s delightful presence, they are also eagerly waiting for Jaemin to share updates about his other two pets, Luke and Lucy.

Unveiling the Furry Side of NCT’s Jaemin 

Jaemin’s latest venture offers a refreshing glimpse into his life outside the musical arena. It paints the picture of a doting pet parent and promises fans an exciting journey filled with Luna’s adorable exploits.

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