What Does It Mean When Your Dog Is Jumping On You?


What Does It Mean When Your Dog Is Jumping On You?


You might be asking yourself, “What Does It Mean When Your Dog Is Jumping On You?” Well, ignoring this behavior doesn’t make the problem go away. It might sound counterproductive, but it is the best solution.

Instead of yelling, shouting, or greeting people in a high-pitched voice, ignore your dog and carry on as if the incident never happened.

Avoid Yanking At The Leash

While walking your dog, avoid yanking at the leash when it’s jumping on you.

dog is jumping on you

This only makes the problem worse because your dog may need to walk several times before he realizes he’s in the wrong place. Instead, keep him on a leash and gently guide him away.

It is important to avoid yelling and shouting at the dog, as this only burns the vital lifelines and draws the dog’s attention to the leash instead of the source of the problem.

Another way to correct a dog for jumping on you is to use a chest-led harness. This harness uses the opposition reflex to move the dog in a specific direction. It can also be used together with a traditional collar to identify the dog when it’s outside.

However, if you’re not confident enough to correct your dog with a chest-led harness, you can try yanking at the leash and letting it catch up.

dog is jumping on you

Once your dog catches up, praise it and resume your walking direction. If your dog is still jumping on you, try putting your knee on its chest instead.

This will knock it down, and it may think its attention from you, which might only encourage it to keep jumping. This is a much better alternative than yanking at the leash when your dog is jumping on you. However, this can also endanger your dog.

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Avoid Talking Loudly

The best way to avoid talking loudly when your dog is jumping on your legs is to stop provoking it by talking and petting it softly and calmly.

dog is jumping on you

Keep a treat pouch with you at all times and use it to reward calm behavior. Try Wellness Well Bites, a soft, training treat that is small and can be easily carried.

Try it and see how it goes. You may also want to wear a treat pouch while you’re walking your dog so that you can reward it with it whenever it behaves properly.

Most people confuse the behavior of jumping dogs with genuine joy. A dog wags its tail and wiggles when happy. It is not only happy but also assertive.

When it jumps on you, it’s trying to establish its authority over you. The common solution people often suggest is to step back and shout, “Off!”

Avoid Greeting Strangers With A High-Pitched Voice

Dogs often jump on people when they want to meet them.

dog is jumping on you

To stop your dog from jumping, remove any emotion when greeting strangers. Use a soft, low voice without any high-pitched tones to avoid the dog’s excitement from getting the better of you.

You can also use a hand target training method, which involves placing your hand in front of your dog’s face. Another technique for training your dog not to jump on people is to ignore them. When someone approaches you, turn away.

If you see your dog is jumping on people, don’t give it any attention. You can still acknowledge them, but without eye contact or physical affection.

Rewarding the dog with a small treat might also help. If your dog stops jumping on people when you approach them, they’ll eventually stop this behavior on their own.

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dog is jumping on you

Another technique for training your dog to avoid jumping on people is to carry treats on walks and show them the treats you are bringing with you. If you do this correctly, your dog will be less likely to get excited and begin jumping on people when they see you.

If you don’t want to have to interrupt someone’s conversation, you can also tell them that your dog is training. By the time your dog is trained to sit, it’ll have a better idea of what a stranger is looking for.

Avoid Rewarding Your Dog For Jumping On You

If your dog repeatedly jumps on you, it may be time to switch training strategies.

dog is jumping on you

Instead of giving your dog a treat, try flashing a lure in their direction before they’ve had a chance to jump on you. This will instantly cause them to stop, even if they’re still several steps away from you.

Once they’ve stopped, you can move on with your day. But remember to be fast and calm, otherwise, you’ll end up rewarding the most unproductive behavior in your dog.

Besides being unfair to your dog, giving in to jumping dogs can encourage this behavior until later years. Whether they’re small or large, bigger dogs have a greater potential to hurt you.

If you are not sure which one to choose, start by talking to other family members. Make sure everyone agrees on a rule, and then stick to it.

Otherwise, you’ll be rewarding them for the wrong behavior, and they’ll continue to jump until their old age. If your dog jumps on you while on the leash, remove yourself from the situation.

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dog is jumping on you

Walk outside, wait a minute, and then return to your dog’s area. Repeat this process as necessary, until your dog calms down. Don’t forget to take your dog outside when they jump.

This will help prevent any future incidents. It’s also important to keep in mind that dogs naturally jump on leaders and this may confuse them with a natural greeting.

Instead of giving your dog food or treats, try teaching him a new trick. A great way to teach your dog recall exercises is by walking backward, attracting the dog.

If your dog doesn’t like the idea of being rewarded for jumping, try walking quickly away. Unlike humans, dogs will be attracted to movement, so if you move away quickly from a jumping dog, it may encourage it to jump again.

dog is jumping on you

Rewarding a jumping dog should be the last thing you give your dog unless it’s an extremely rare occurrence. It’s important to avoid praising your dog if it jumps on you because it’ll continue to repeat the behavior.

Instead, teach your dog a new greeting with all four paws on the floor or lying down. When a new person approaches, a new greeting may be required, and it’s worth it in the long run.

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