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When Bella the Cockapoo Gives the Groomer’s a Cold Shoulder: A Hilarious Tale of Pet Sass

bella the cockapoo gives the groomer's a cold shoulder

When Bella the Cockapoo Gives the Groomer’s a Cold Shoulder: A Hilarious Tale of Pet Sass


As pet owners, we often find ourselves treating our furry companions like family, and their reactions can sometimes mirror those of our human children.

In a delightful and relatable incident, a cockapoo named Bella became an internet sensation after expressing her displeasure about a trip to the groomers.

This article explores the viral TikTok clip, delving into the amusing behavior of Bella and the broader cultural phenomenon of considering pets as family members.

Bella’s Groomer’s Dilemma: The Hilarious TikTok Clip

In a humorous TikTok video shared by @bellaboocockerpoo, Bella the cockapoo throws a fit of sass when she realizes she’s heading to the dreaded groomers. Sitting in the car next to her owner, she gives her the cold shoulder, pointedly ignoring her calls.

The video caption humorously reads: “The sass – she’s realized she’s at the groomers. Point blank ignoring me.” Followed by: “Don’t you dare speak to me… you know what you’ve done.”

The Humanization of Pets: A Growing Trend

Americans’ attachment to their pets has evolved beyond mere companionship; they are increasingly viewed as integral family members. A 2023 survey by Pew Research Center reveals that over 51 percent of Americans consider their dogs on the same level as humans.

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Factors such as gender, urban residence, marital status, and parenthood influence this perspective, with unmarried individuals and those without children expressing stronger familial bonds with their pets.

Viral Sensation: Bella’s TikTok Fame

The TikTok video showcasing Bella’s sassy response to the groomer’s trip quickly became a viral sensation, garnering over 87,000 views and 1,500 likes.

Viewers flooded the comments section with their own pet anecdotes, creating a virtual community of pet owners sharing similar experiences.


“Don’t you dare speak to me… you know what you’ve done” #funnydog #cockerpoo #dogsoftiktok #funnydogsoftiktok #doglover #puppylove

♬ original sound – BellaBooCockerpoo

Pet Owners Share Similar Stories: A Community of Laughter

Comments from TikTok users revealed a shared experience among pet owners. ShazD69 shared, “Mine does exactly the same and then sulks after.”

Eddi mentioned, “Mine starts shaking when I pull up at the groomers then happily goes in with her.” Lisa Hill recounted a hilarious escape, “Mine escaped while my husband was talking to the groomer how I don’t know.

He ran straight for the door.” User2106937450765 added, “Mine comes to the house for, he’s really excited, thinks it’s the postman until he sees her, then goes to the furthest sofa away from the front door.”

Reaching Out for the Inside Scoop: No Confirmation on Details

Newsweek attempted to reach out to @bellaboocockerpoo for additional insights via TikTok chat. However, details of the case could not be verified.

Conclusion: Pets, The Heart of Our Homes

Bella’s hilarious reaction highlights the emotional depth and personality that pets bring to our lives. As pet owners continue to share their amusing stories, Bella becomes a symbol of the endearing and sometimes perplexing behaviors that make our furry friends an integral part of our families.

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