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Insurance Companies Have Blacklisted The Following Dog Breeds!

great danes 

Insurance Companies Have Blacklisted The Following Dog Breeds!


The reality is that, while most people believe domesticated dogs to be nice and easygoing, there are several dog breeds that have been blacklisted by a wide variety of insurance providers.

There are certain kinds of dogs that are more dangerous than others, and the type of breed you choose may impact your ability to receive homeowner’s insurance coverage for your property.


1). Great Danes 

Great Danes are a breed of dog that originated in the United Kingdom. The Great Dane is portrayed as a lovely galoot who is always trying to do the right thing in the Marmaduke comic strip series.

great danes 

Still, insurance companies are fully aware of the facts behind the situation. Some Great Dane owners can control their dogs’ degree of aggression by providing them with proper training during their early years of life.

Still, in most cases, insurance companies will decline to provide coverage to Great Dane owners. Their sheer bulk and aggression make them far too much of a problem for the organisation.


2). The Alaskan Malamute

Even though the Alaskan Malamute has gained popularity as a family pet in recent years, they were initially intended to be working dogs.

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the alaskan malamute

While their strength and endurance make them excellent sled dogs, individuals who choose to possess an Alaskan Malamute for personal reasons will discover that they have a strong sense of independence. They have a strong desire to fight and require constant behavioural upkeep.


3). German Shepherds

German Shepherds are a breed of dog that originated in Germany. However, despite their numerous applications as the world’s leading military and police dog, the German shepherd is not particularly safe to have in your home.

german shepherds

Unless an official law enforcement agency employs you, you will find that these dogs have been blacklisted by prospective insurers more often than not.


4). Akitas

While the prominence of Akitas in dog shows has made them very popular, their beauty has also drawn attention to their aggressive attitude, which has caused insurance companies to blacklist this dog breed without even giving it a second consideration.


When it comes to being around other animals or even small children, a dog like this demands continual monitoring, making it a terrible choice for homeowners who are currently looking for insurance.


5). Chow Chows 

This dog breed was once in the news for all the wrong reasons, as it attacked and injured a small child riding a bicycle, even though the dog and the boy were already pretty familiar with one another at the time of the incident.

chow chows 

The fact that they tend to have a scowling expression on their face and a black tongue does not instil confidence in the observer. They also like hunting, which can make it difficult for a homeowner to keep them from being hostile against other members of their household when they are not hunting.

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6). Siberian Huskies 

They are particularly difficult to own if you have other dogs in your home. They are territorial beasts who will attack and injure other pets, causing serious harm to themselves and others.

siberian huskies 

No matter how many incidents occur with an aggressive dog, they do not necessarily involve another person. They are extremely difficult for their owners to maintain control over.

They are extremely expensive for their owners to insure, making them a terrible choice for people who prefer to keep the expenses associated with their homeowner’s insurance as low as possible.


7). Rottweilers

Another dog breed that is somewhat infamous in the pet-owning community, the Rottweiler, is connected with the idea of striking dread in the hearts of invaders.


Unfortunately for would-be Rottie owners, they also strike fear in the hearts of insurance providers.

Although they are considered excellent law enforcement animals, it is generally recommended that homeowners refrain from purchasing them because they can negatively impact insurance premiums.


8). Perro de Presa Canario 

An innocent woman was mauled in her hallway by her neighbour’s huge Perro de Presa Canario pups in San Francisco back in 2001, and the breed gained national headlines after that incident.

perro de presa canario 

In the aftermath of the incident, the woman received a slew of injuries, and her neighbour was sentenced to extensive prison time. Suppose an insurance company maintains a list of prohibited dog breeds.

In that case, you can almost always guarantee your bottom dollar that the Perro de Presa Canario will be included and that having one will significantly reduce your chances of acquiring the necessary insurance protection.

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9). Doberman Pinschers 

A spate of assaults by Doberman Pinschers made headlines in the 1970s, prompting insurance companies to take a second look at the breed.

doberman pinschers

Because of reports of Dobermans attacking small children, insurance firms are reconsidering whether or not to provide coverage to those who choose to own this particular breed.


10). Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are proving to be particularly challenging when obtaining homeowner’s insurance. This situation should come as no surprise given their high profile for launching attacks on innocent persons, which is higher than any other breed of dog.

pit bulls vs rottweilers

Pit bulls have been responsible for the deaths of many people in the United States during the year, earning them a negative reputation. Because they were raised to be fighting dogs, they have a negative reputation in society.

The Breeds That Are Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

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