Feline Survivor Finds an Unlikely Companion in Turkey’s Devoted Firefighter

Cat Rescued from Earthquakes in Turkey

Cat Rescued from Earthquakes in Turkey Finds Unlikely Companion in Dedicated Firefighter


Miraculous Rescue and Unbreakable Bond: A Heartwarming Tale of Survival and Friendship Amidst Devastation


In a heartwarming incident that emerged from the aftermath of devastating earthquakes in Turkey, a courageous little kitten named “Enkaz” or “Rubble” in English captured the hearts of rescuers and the world alike.

Trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building for an unimaginable 10 days and nights, Enkaz’s rescue became a symbol of hope amidst the destruction caused by twin earthquakes in the Hatay province.

The calamities claimed the lives of approximately 47,000 people across Turkey and Syria, leaving widespread devastation in their wake.

cat rescued from earthquakes in turkey

Once freed from the debris, Enkaz refused to leave the side of a compassionate Turkish firefighter who had risked his life to save the furry survivor.

Touched by the feline’s unwavering loyalty, the firefighter made the remarkable decision to adopt Enkaz, becoming his dedicated caretaker and giving him his new name.

Many believed that “Miracle” would have been a fitting moniker, as Enkaz emerged from the ordeal unscathed, save for a layer of soot covering his fur.

cat rescued from earthquakes in turkey

The fire department, deeply moved by the bond between Enkaz and his new human companion, bestowed upon the feline the honorary title of their unofficial mascot.

Videos showcasing the heartwarming relationship between the handsome 33-year-old firefighter, Ali Cakas, and Enkaz quickly went viral.

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In these videos, the adoring feline can be seen nuzzling his newfound hero, their embrace symbolizing a ray of hope amidst the ruins left by the earthquakes.

While Ali Cakas is a firefighter by profession, his choice of protective gear in the video caught the attention of many. This intriguing combination of roles further added to the appeal of their heartwarming story.

The endearing duo soon became sensations in their own right, attracting widespread attention and adoration. An official Instagram account dedicated to Enkaz and Ali Cakas, aptly named “The Enkaz & Star,” emerged, captivating followers with delightful fan art and regular updates on the pair’s well-being.

Enkaz effortlessly wrapped his “Cat Dad” around his paw, and it became evident that their bond continued to flourish.

cat rescued from earthquakes in turkey

Ali Cakas recently appeared in an interview, where he shared his touching perspective on the extraordinary connection he shares with Enkaz.

As translated by a kind individual on the Instagram page, Cakas said, “As the Mardin fire department, we went to the earthquake area.

We saved people and animals. One of those cats was ‘Enkaz.’ The cat has never left my side. I said, ‘I have to adopt this cat. A very docile and intelligent cat.'”

The Instagram page also sheds light on the firefighters’ collaborative efforts with search and rescue dogs, showcasing the profound commitment of these brave individuals to saving both human and animal lives in the face of adversity.

cat rescued from earthquakes in turkey

A recent picture featured on the page displays Ali Cakas, accompanied by his harnessed kitty, preparing to board a flight. This image serves as a testament to the resilience and hope that emerges even in the wake of tragedy.

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Raising awareness of the importance of rescuing animals in crisis, Ali Cakas has also joined forces with a remarkable individual named Melek Karahan.

Melek, a compassionate rescuer, devotes 90 percent of her earnings to helping stray animals and had been running a cat shelter before the earthquakes struck.

Together, Ali Cakas and Melek Karahan are shining a light on the efforts to rescue and care for animals affected by the devastating earthquakes, reminding us all of the unwavering compassion and determination that can arise in times of great need.

In a world often fraught with tragedies, the extraordinary tale of Enkaz, the brave kitten, and Ali Cakas, the firefighter turned Cat Dad, serves as a powerful reminder of the indomitable human-animal bond and the resilience of the human spirit.

Their story exemplifies the triumph of love, compassion, and hope over adversity, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.

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