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Cats With Round Ears – Do They Actually Exist? Find Out!

cats with round ears

Cats With Round Ears – Do They Actually Exist? 


Whether or not there are any cats with round ears is debatable. When you think of a cat, the first thing that comes to mind is a feline with pointy ears.

Pointy ears are considered to be one of the most distinguishing traits of a cat by many people. There have been photographs of cats with round ears circulating on the internet recently.

These ears have a certain resemblance to those of a mouse. Unfortunately, with today’s technology, photographs may simply be fabricated, and you can never be certain whether what you see in a photograph is genuine or not.

So the question is, are these photographs of cats with round ears genuine, or have they been altered in some way?

The purpose of today’s article is to take a closer look at cats with round ears in other to ascertain whether or not they are real and, if they are, which breed of cat has these unusual-looking ears.


The Spread Of The Story About The Round-Ear Cat

Even as early as 2017, photographs of cats with unusually large ears began to circulate on the internet. It is very likely that these images were taken in Japan.

cats with round ears

These ears did not resemble the ears of conventional cats in any way; they lacked the traditional sharp, triangular form that cat ears ordinarily had.

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Instead, they were very round, and they resembled the ears of a mouse in their appearance. Because the internet spreads information quickly, these photographs of round-eared cats swiftly gained popularity.

Before long, a large number of individuals believed that these cats had true round ears. Is this, however, truly the case?


Is It True That Cats Have Round Ears?

Unfortunately, the photographs of cats with round ears that you may have seen on the internet are not accurate representations of the animals.

cats with round ears

They were developed using a Japanese photo-editing tool known as “Cymera,” which is quite popular in Japan and was used to construct them.

Close examination of the ears in the image above reveals that the ears appear to be false and liquified in appearance. This software offers a setting that allows you to transform your cat’s ears into those of a mouse using your smartphone.

Download the program, pick “edit” from the drop-down menu, upload a photo of your cat to the “cat” folder, and then select the “liquify” option from the “beauty” menu to complete the process. This then gives you the ability to alter your cat ears so that they are round.

For those of you who appreciated the appearance of these cats with round ears, I can assume that you were a little upset to discover that the images you saw were not real.

As far as we know, there are no known cat breeds with ears like the ones shown in the images above. Although it is true that some cat breeds have round ears, the American Curl does (kind of) have round ears.

Continue reading to find out more about this fascinating cat breed.


The American Curl Cat Breed.

In Lakewood, California, a random mutation led to the creation of the American Curl, which is now a popular cat breed worldwide.

cats with round ears

The outcome of this mutation was a pair of ears that were extremely unusual in appearance. While most cat breeds have pointed or triangular ears, the American Curl has ears that are curled, giving its ears a rounded appearance, unlike most other cat breeds.

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Surprisingly, American Curls do not come into the world with these rounded ears on their heads. These cats were born with straight ears that begin to curl within 48 hours of being born.

This process could last up to 4 months, after which their ears will no longer curl, and their rounded-ear appearance will be achieved completely. Despite their size, American curls are powerful and loving cats who like spending a great deal of time with their owners.

They do not require a large deal of grooming and are an excellent addition to any family because of their excellent temperament with children and other animals.



Even while the photographs of cats with round ears that you may have seen circulating on the internet are almost certainly phony, there is one cat breed, the American Curl, that does have ears that are a little rounder.

Despite the fact that they are not as round as the bogus photographs you may have seen going around, this is the ideal cat breed for those looking for round ears.

Questions People Also ASK:


What sort of cat has ears that are rounded?

The American Curl distinguishes itself from other cat breeds by having ears that curl back from their faces and into a central position on the back of their skull.

The ears of an American Curl should be handled with care since rough handling might cause the cartilage in the ear to become damaged.

Do cats have rounder ears, or are they flat?

The tips of the tails might be rounded, pointed, tufted, or fringed, depending on the breed you are looking at.

A further unusual genetic abnormality results in an additional, smaller pair of ears behind the typical pair on the cat’s head.

I’m wondering what kind of cats’ faces are round.

Talking about cats, the very flat, round faces of the modern Persian and Exotic Shorthair are excellent illustrations of how to breed a cat with a distinct personality.

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It is likely that humans’ fondness for infant-like characteristics, which may directly tap into our caring instincts, has resulted in the development of these breeds.

What kind of cat has tufts of fur on its ears?

The Maine Coon is distinguished by the presence of ear tufts and ear decorations.

This cat breed is one of the largest and most popular globally, and it is also one of the oldest. The Maine Coon is a friendly and versatile dog that is generally well-behaved.

Is it legal to own a caracal in the United States?

You are permitted to have a caracal as a pet in the following states: Arizona; Arkansas; Delaware; Florida; Indiana; Maine; Mississippi; Montana; North Dakota; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas; and South Dakota Even yet, in order to acquire one of these cats legally, you must first obtain a license.

What is the value of a caracal cat?

The majority of mid-size cats, such as Servals and Caracals, range in price from $1700.00 to $2800.00, with Ocelots costing as much as $15,000. The price of a cat rises in direct proportion to how rare it is.

What causes a cat’s ears to curl?

Our white-eared feline pals are nearly entirely affected by one of the possible causes of ear curling, which makes this information quite valuable.

When I think about ear conditions, the first that comes to mind is auricular chondritis, which damages the cartilage of the ear. Two circumstances remain, both of which are induced by ultraviolet light emitted by the sun.

What causes certain cats’ ears to be bent?

There is a genetic abnormality in the Scottish Fold breed of cat that inhibits the production of cartilage. Outwardly, the most noticeable indication of this is the folding of the ear cartilage, which causes the ears to curve forward, giving the cat its distinctive appearance, as shown below.

Is it possible for cats to contract Covid 19?

Globally, pets, including cats and dogs, have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, most often due to intimate contact with people afflicted with the virus.

The likelihood of pets transmitting COVID-19 to humans is negligible. Pets should not be wearing masks since they could harm them.

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