Chinese Girl Performs ‘Surgeries’ on Pet Corgi Using Homemade Medical Equipment

Chinese Girl Performs 'Surgeries' on Pet Corgi Using Homemade Medical Equipment

Future Veterinarian? Chinese Girl Performs ‘Surgeries’ on Pet Corgi Using Homemade Medical Equipment


Tech-Free Fun: Girl Plays Doctor with Corgi

In an era when children’s amusement often revolves around tablets and smartphones, a young girl in China and her pet corgi have stolen hearts with their charming role-play videos.

Unplugging from technology, the duo is gaining attention for their playful pretend medical check-ups, delighting audiences across the globe.

The little girl, dressed up as a doctor in most videos, is seen conducting mock medical procedures on her furry ‘patient,’ including ‘dental check-ups’ and ‘CT scans.’

Ingenious DIY Medical Equipment

Adding to the appeal is the incredibly detailed and semi-realistic set-up, making each scene a captivating watch. South China Morning Post (SCMP) recently shared a compilation of the adorable pair’s escapades on Facebook.

Despite the potential discomfort of real-life medical procedures, the corgi seems perfectly content with the gentle ministrations of its young ‘doctor.’ Credit for this enchanting scenario goes to the girl’s inventive father, who crafted the play medical machines.

From Wish to Reality: Cardboard CT Scan Machine

The girl, after experiencing a CT scan at the age of five, innocently asked her parents for a machine of her own. Given the prohibitive cost of actual CT scan machines, her father utilized his creativity and constructed a makeshift one from cardboard, complete with flashing lights to simulate the scanning process.

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Their whimsical, heart-warming videos are a hit on the Chinese social media platform Douyin, offering a delightful distraction for many.

chinese girl performs 'surgeries' on pet corgi using homemade medical equipment

Positive Impact: Audience Love for Future Doctor and Her Patient

The playful videos have not only entertained but also inspired viewers. Many netizens have praised the family’s efforts, lauding the parents for nurturing their daughter’s imagination and fostering a loving environment.

One Facebook user said, “She will make a great doctor,” while another commended the corgi’s good nature, highlighting the pet’s patience during the pretend procedures.

Nurturing Dreams and Creating Wholesome Content

The support and creativity of the parents may have sown the seeds for the little girl’s potential career. If she decides to become a doctor, she certainly has had an early start!

Her gentle care for her pet and her evident curiosity about medical procedures have prompted many to hope for her success in the future.

More importantly, the girl’s ability to enjoy herself without the need for screens serves as a refreshing change, heartening to many. crop 33

As we applaud her parents for fostering her imaginative play, we look forward to witnessing more wholesome content from this young, aspiring doctor and her pet corgi.

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