All You Need To Know About Life & Features Of Collie Dog Breed

Rough Collie

All You Need To Know About Life & Features Of Collie Dog Breed




The Collie dog breed came to the attention of dog fanciers in the early 20th century, when American financier J.P. Morgan imported several collies from England and established his own kennel.

Popular literature about collies was also responsible for the breed’s popularity. The first novel, Lad, A Dog, by Albert Terhune, was soon followed by Eric Knight’s Lassie Come-Home, which became a 1940s film adaptation.

There are several differences between the two varieties of the Collie dog breed, the Smooth and Rough.

This article will cover the differences between these two types and explain why one might be better suited for your home. In addition to the traits of each type, you will also learn about their temperament and personality.

You will learn about what makes these dogs good watchdogs, and how to train your own. Here are the most important features to look for in a Collie.

Rough Collie

The Rough Collie is an extremely loyal and friendly breed of dog. They enjoy playing with children and being outside but do not require much space to be happy indoors.

rough collie

Even though this dog breed has a strong herding instinct, most rough collies are not aggressive towards people and are good with kids.

While they may bark excessively, this is usually due to boredom. This makes them excellent with children and can make a great family pet.

The most common disease found in Rough Collies is called Dermatomyositis. This inflammatory condition affects the muscles and skin and is caused by an underlying immune system defect.

It is inherited and can affect both males and females. Treatments for this condition involve lifelong medication and periodic blood tests to detect side effects.

Unless these symptoms persist, your Rough Collie may need veterinary help. The life expectancy of this dog breed is about 12 to 14 years.

The breed has few health problems, although it is not immune to certain diseases.

rough collie

However, reputable breeders should always test their dogs for health problems and temperament issues before placing them in homes.

Some Collies are sensitive to certain drugs, and you should be aware of this if you plan on getting one for your pet. This way, you can ensure your dog’s health and wellbeing.

When buying a Rough Collie dog, it is important to find a good breeder in your area. Be wary of puppy mills posing as reputable breeders.

Make sure that you talk to people who have owned Rough Collie dogs. If possible, try to meet the parents of the puppy and get to know them better.

If you’re not sure, you can always ask questions and get advice from online forums. If you’re still unsure, you can always contact the AKC to find local breeders.

They have strict guidelines for breeding these dogs. The Rough Collie Dog Breed is an extremely intelligent breed.

rough collie

As a matter of fact, this dog breed is also incredibly loyal. The Rough Collie is a highly intelligent breed, and it’s easy to train them.

The Rough Collie breed has also become popular in the United States. Lassie the dog was based on a Rough Collie. If you want to know more about this breed, keep reading!

The Rough Collie is highly energetic and can become bored and unhappy if they’re left alone for too long. As such, it’s important to spend time with your dog on a regular basis.

Rough Collie dogs like companionship and reward-based training. It’s important to remember that this breed responds best to gentle methods, such as head pats and treats.

Harsh words or punishments can depress the breed, so never use harsh techniques on them.

Smooth Collie

If you’re looking for a breed that is highly intelligent but also very loving and loyal, you may want to consider a Smooth Collie.

smooth collie

Although these dogs were bred to work, their true nature is to be with humans. They require human attention and companionship and do not do well in kennels or outdoors.

A Collie’s alarm bark is followed by a waving tail. If you notice your kids running, the dog will immediately try to herd them!

Although Smooth Collies are not fussy eaters, they do benefit from eating high-quality food. A daily jog or leash-led walk is recommended, as can herding.

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Their lifespan is eight to 12 years. This breed is prone to some health problems, including hereditary alopecia, dermatomyositis, and gastric torsion.

They are also prone to seizures and eye abnormalities such as progressive retinal atrophy. Veterinarians recommend annual checkups with your Smooth Collie and may suggest a DNA test to make sure your dog is healthy.

The smooth collie is a good companion, but should not be left alone for long periods of time. These dogs become lonely and noisy if left alone without companionship.

smooth collie

If left alone for too long, they can exhibit destructive behavior. Smooth Collies are generally good with children, but they need human interaction to be happy and healthy.

While a smooth collie is a good choice for an indoor dog, Rough Collies may not be the best choice for a family with children. The Smooth Collie is a medium-sized dog.

Females range in size from 20 to 22 inches and males range from 22 to 24 inches. The smooth collie is a friendly breed, although some people may think they are aggressive.

It is a good watchdog but not aggressive. Smooth collies have distinctive features that make them desirable to own. They have an appealing muzzle, flat skull, and semi-erect ears.

Their ears must be taped or folded over in puppyhood but will generally stand upright in adulthood. Collies are gregarious and love people.

They get along with other pets and are often good with children. They are also good with strangers and are not shy. Their friendly nature makes them easy to train.

However, they do need guidance when playing and training. Fortunately, most Collies are easily trained. Training requires verbal corrections and gentle leash guidance.

smooth collie

While many owners find this breed friendly, some collies are not. The smooth collie’s popularity began in the 18th century when the English Queen Victoria purchased a pair of them.

They were used as shepherds in working farms and soon became fashionable companions.

Although they never achieved the fame of their long-haired counterparts, they did gain popularity after the Queen visited Scotland in 1860.

Their popularity in dog shows grew as a result of the royal interest and their ability to conform to various tasks.

Cattle-Herding Type

The Collie Dog breed is one of the most popular cattle-herding types of dogs and is used for herding sheep, cows, and cattle.

smooth collie

Some of its characteristics include a short, floppy tail, semi-erect ears, and a long, silky coat. This type of dog has a devoted, happy temperament and is the perfect companion for anyone who lives in rural areas.

Like other herding types of dogs, the Collie is an excellent family pet, though it requires dedicated ownership and high activity levels.

In addition to its herding instincts, the breed is also very intelligent and capable of agility and obedience competitions.

These high-energy dogs need plenty of exercises to fulfill their herding instincts, but they make excellent family pets and will do great in almost any job.

The Collie Dog breed is a cattle-herding type that is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). These dogs are a distinctive type of herding dog and include standardized and related landraces.

smooth collie

However, collie breeds are usually separated into two different categories: those bred for show purposes, and those bred for use in herding. Show dogs usually display agility, stamina, and trainability.

Originally, the Collie was used as a working dog to herd sheep. However, they can be a bit boisterous and destructive if not exercised enough.

However, if you are looking for companionship and an excellent companion, the Australian Shepherd is a fantastic breed. The dog breed is loyal, affectionate, and protective, and is a great choice for anyone looking for a cattle-herding dog.

The Collie Dog is one of the most popular herding types and is the most commonly used for herding livestock. It is small in size and weighs anywhere from twenty to fifty pounds.

Due to its active and athletic nature, the Collie Dog is an excellent choice for families. They are also excellent at competitive obedience and dog sports.

If you’re interested in buying a dog, the following information will help you make the right decision. The Australian Kelpie is a medium-sized breed of cattle-herding dog.

smooth collie

Although it’s small in size, it retains its herding temperament. Although it may be difficult to keep a Collie in an urban setting, with sufficient exercise, it’s an excellent choice for a family pet.

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So long as you’re willing to commit to training and socialization, the Australian Kelpie can be a wonderful addition to any family. The Rough Collie is a popular fictional animal.

The character Lassie is based on the legendary Rough Collie and was the inspiration for several movies, books, and TV shows.

The Rough Collie has appeared in popular culture largely due to Hollywood. It has also made an appearance in movies like Lassie Come Home, as well as in the popular series Mad About You.

The Collie was a very influential herding dog in popular culture, and its image was widely adopted.

Rough Collie Life Expectancy

The average Rough Collie lifespan is between 10 and 14 years. Unfortunately, the breed has many health problems, including progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, and bloat.

smooth collie

While the disease itself is rare, Rough Collies do have many health risks, including drug sensitivities and retinal disease.

To identify drug sensitivity, veterinarians will typically perform a cheek swab to detect any abnormalities. A few other factors that determine the life expectancy of a Rough Collie include diet and spaying/neutering.

For example, larger dogs live shorter lives than smaller dogs, so it is important to understand your dog’s innate characteristics.

For example, a Great Dane averages seven years, while a Chihuahua lives 17 years. You can also find out your dog’s exact breed with a dog DNA test kit.

The Rough Collie breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1886, and the Collie Club of America was the second parent association to join the organization.

A popular television show, Lassie, starred the breed and was a huge hit. Modern Rough Collies are not commonly used for traditional herding duties.

smooth collie

Instead, they are commonly used as family pets, assistance dogs, and sporting dogs.

They are highly intelligent and live long lives, so if you’re looking for a companion that’s loyal and loves your company, you’ve come to the right place.

Although Rough Collies are protective of their owners, they can be friendly to children and other pets. While Rough Collies are not guard dogs, they do need lots of exercises to stay healthy and happy.

Although they can be noisy and vocal, the breed is typically well-tempered and will respond to a gentle hand. Their natural herding instinct is milder than that of their herding cousins.

If you’re looking for a dog with a low-maintenance lifestyle, a Rough Collies’ lifespan can be significantly longer. The Rough Collie breed has a long and happy history.

Hollywood has enjoyed the breed for a long time. Lassie, the famous movie character, symbolized the enduring bond between people and dogs.

smooth collie

‘The Shaggy Dog’ also captured the hearts of many moviegoers, as did the Bearded Collie in ‘The Shaggy Dog’. Rough Collies are a wonderful addition to any home.

The Rough Collies were originally used as herding dogs in Scotland and the Scottish Highlands. However, their popularity has increased significantly since the release of the Lassie franchise.

While a Rough Collie’s life expectancy ranges from 14 to 16 years, they are devoted family dogs. So, if you’re looking for a companion dog, consider the Rough Collie’s life expectancy.

These dogs are known for their longevity and make great pets for devoted owners.

Rough Collie Characteristics

If you are looking for a loyal, playful dog, the Rough Collie is the perfect breed.

smooth collie

These dogs are naturally responsive, have a lot of personalities, and are very lovable. If you are considering adopting one, these characteristics should be considered.

Rough collies can be excellent with kids and are generally easy to train. They will respond well to a gentle hand and are usually great with other dogs and children.

The most significant Rough Collie characteristics are: health and temperament. The breed requires more attention than many other dogs, especially the shedding.

If you do not regularly brush and comb your dog, the coat will matted and look unhealthy. This type of coat also requires regular trimming around the hind ends.

Several health issues are common in Collies, including eye disorders, skin disorders, heart disease, and epilepsy. Rough Collies are not good candidates for puppy-training videos. They need a leader to take the lead.

The Rough Collies were popular show dogs in the 19th century. The first Rough Collie to appear in a movie was Pal, owned by Rudd Weatherwax.

From this breed, all Lassies were male dogs descended from Pal. Another Rough Collie that made his movie debut was Blair, an English-bred Rough Collie that belonged to Cecil Hepworth.

smooth collie

The two films, Alice in Wonderland and Rescued by Rover, became instant classics. The Rough Collie has appeared in fifteen movies, including the popular movie “Alice in Wonderland.”

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Another Rough Collie characteristic is intelligence. Like any other dog, the Rough Collie enjoys mental stimulation. Despite their intelligence, Rough Collies need daily exercise to keep their minds active.

Their quick learning skills and ability to focus on different activities are two characteristics that set them apart from other breeds.

However, the Rough Collie also needs a lot of exercises to be happy and healthy. They require daily exercise, but they are incredibly easy to care for.

Some Rough Collies are more prone to certain kinds of cancer than others. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for dogs in their golden years, but most cancers can be successfully treated.

While the Rough Collie’s genetic makeup makes it vulnerable to certain types of cancer, early detection is crucial for the best treatment.

smooth collie

Veterinary professionals check for lumps and bumps during routine exams to determine whether the dog is at risk of developing cancer.

Another Rough Collie characteristic is that the breed is good with children. Although Rough Collies are not aggressive with children, they will sometimes herd younger children.

Despite their fierce herding instincts, Rough Collies don’t attack children but are devoted to herding sheep and cattle.

Although they do not have the aggression of other breeds, they do have a lot of respect for children and other pets.

Training A Collie

If you have a Collie dog, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

smooth collie

Collie dogs are very energetic and playful, so you need to train them properly to be gentle around children. If you don’t train your Collie properly, it will likely chase children, bicycles, and cars.

Luckily, Collie dogs are very easy to train – just follow these simple steps and your family will be rewarded with a happy and well-behaved pet.

Collies are intelligent and active. They are good competitors in dog competitions and dog sports, which keeps them healthy and happy.

Being active also keeps them mentally stimulated and active. They enjoy being outdoors and can be excellent watchdogs.

Many Collies excel in competitive dog sports or dog competitions, and spending time with them will strengthen your bond with your dog. Besides, being active also helps your puppy stay away from trouble, so training your Collie is a good idea!

If you want to train your Collie to be better behaved and less destructive, start with potty training.

smooth collie

While it may take some time to get used to a leash and collar, a dog will eventually recognize it as the leader and follow your lead.

Initially, your Collie will want to lead, but you can bribe it with treats when it shows a willingness to follow the rules. This is crucial when you are training your Collie to behave well in public. Collies are generally very easy to train.

They respond well to reward-based training. Because Collies are highly intelligent, you should start with basic training and gradually move on to more advanced activities.

However, don’t forget that a dog will learn new tricks if it gets bored or unsupervised for a long time. If you start training your Collie puppy as a puppy, you should start socializing him from the very beginning.

Although the rough collie breed is a companion, they aren’t suited for people who live alone. They are bonded to their owners and learn the personalities of all members of the family.

smooth collie

As a result, dedicated training is essential for them. A good training program will teach them to listen to your commands and respect you.

A good training regimen will also allow them to develop social skills and improve their overall quality of life. If you’re training a border collie, start by teaching him simple tricks first.

These are a great way to start obedience training. You’ll want to keep in mind that training a border collie puppy can be difficult and requires patience.

Remember that yelling or scolding them will not help your cause. In addition, Border collies have a strong herding instinct, so you should never yell at them.






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