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Controversy Surrounding Bobi Alleged Oldest Dog

controversy surrounding bobi alleged oldest dog

Controversy Surrounding Bobi, Alleged Oldest Dog


Guinness World Records Suspects Age Claims

In a surprising turn of events, the title of the ‘world’s oldest ever dog’ has been suspended pending an investigation into the age claims made by the owner.

Bobi, a Portuguese mastiff, was hailed as the oldest living dog and the oldest dog ever, surpassing the previous record held by an Australian cattle dog named Bluey. However, doubts arose regarding Bobi’s age, leading to a temporary halt on his Guinness World Record titles.

Scrutiny and Speculation

After Bobi was crowned by Guinness World Records, questions emerged about the consistency of his age claims, particularly evident in the physical changes observed in his paws over the years.

Despite genetic testing confirming his advanced age, the exact number of years remained uncertain. An investigative article by Wired reignited the debate, shedding light on discrepancies in Bobi’s official records and raising concerns about the legitimacy of his age claims.

Official Response and Ongoing Investigation

Guinness World Records, in response to the mounting skepticism, decided to suspend Bobi’s titles for the ‘Oldest dog living’ and ‘Oldest dog ever’ until a thorough review is conducted.

controversy surrounding bobi alleged oldest dog

The Portuguese government database, SIAC, holds records of Bobi but lacks definitive proof of his birth year as declared by the owners. Veterinary experts have also expressed skepticism, with doubts raised about Bobi’s age and physical condition.

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Awaiting Resolution

As the investigation continues, Bobi’s owner, Leonel Costa, stands by his beloved pet, describing Bobi as a resilient companion who defies the odds. Despite the controversy surrounding his age, Bobi remains a cherished member of the family, known for his calm demeanor and love for cozy evenings by the fireplace.


The case of Bobi, the purported oldest dog in the world, serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding age verification in animals. While the investigation unfolds, the truth behind Bobi’s remarkable longevity remains shrouded in uncertainty, sparking debates within the veterinary community and among dog enthusiasts worldwide.

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For further updates and details, refer to the original article by The Independent: World’s oldest ever dog’ has title suspended as owner’s claim investigated


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