Stray Pup, Elvis, Embarks on a 3,000km Journey to a New Home

Cross-Country Canine Adventure

Cross-Country Canine Adventure: Stray Pup, Elvis, Embarks on a 3,000km Journey to a New Home


A Canine Tale That Warms the Heart

Meet the remarkable Elvis, a stray dog turned roving rockstar. Once merely surviving on the deserted streets of Halls Creek, an isolated town nestled by the Great Sandy Desert, this charismatic canine’s life took an unexpected turn.

Elvis found a new home, a family waiting for him, three thousand kilometres away in the vibrant city of Perth.

A Casual Encounter Turned Life-Changing Moment

The fate of this wandering pup changed when he crossed paths with Rachel Dancey, a dedicated social worker from Halls Creek. “Elvis strolled into my office one Saturday looking for friendship, and perhaps a meal,” Rachel reminisces. His friendly demeanour and evident hunger touched her heart.

cross-country canine adventure

To ensure Elvis was truly a stray, Rachel collaborated with local rangers, and upon confirming his lack of an owner, she welcomed the hungry, owner-less pup into her life, bestowing upon him a name as charismatic as his personality – Elvis.

A Community Effort for Elvis’s Great Journey

Despite the overflow of stray dogs in the Kimberley area, Rachel knew of a family in Perth eager to give Elvis a forever home. The hurdle, however, was the staggering cost of transporting him across the vast Australian landscape. This is where the Kimberley Vet Centre and the compassionate power of social media came into play.

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cross-country canine adventure

Tayla Portas, an employee at the Kimberley Vet Centre, was instrumental in rallying support online. Posts on Facebook calling for help were met with an overwhelming response.

Assistance poured in from every corner – truck drivers, travellers, locals, and even people from Broome, Halls Creek, Port Hedland, and Karratha offering their homes as stopovers for Elvis’s journey.

The Unexpected Assistance of WA Police

As fortune would have it, a WA Police pilot named Ryan stumbled upon Elvis’s story online. Sensing an opportunity to help, Ryan coordinated with his colleagues and superiors, ultimately securing a spot for Elvis on one of their aircraft.

cross-country canine adventure

The journey was split into comfortable stages. From Kununurra to Halls Creek and then on to Karratha, Elvis enjoyed the adventure and the aerial view. His calm demeanour during air travel made him a favourite amongst the pilots.

A Star Traveller Arrives in His New Home

After a journey full of excitement and new experiences, Elvis finally landed in Perth – his forever home. His loveable nature ensured he quickly became part of his new family. Despite the climatic change from the warm Kimberley to the cooler Perth, Elvis seemed ready to settle in and start his new life.


Elvis’s incredible journey from a lone stray in Halls Creek to a beloved family pet in Perth is a testament to the power of community, the kindness of strangers, and the immense love that animals inspire in our hearts. It’s a tale that brings a smile, a true-life adventure that warms the soul.

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