Discovering Clover’s Haven: A Heartwarming Tale of a Rescue Dog’s ‘Me’ Time

Discovering Clover's Haven

Discovering Clover’s Haven: A Heartwarming Tale of a Rescue Dog’s ‘Me’ Time


In the heartwarming realm of canine companionship, Kristi from Texas unveils the endearing tale of her beloved rescue dog, Clover, and the discovery of her cherished “me” time spot.

In a recent revelation that has captivated hearts, Kristi shares the adorable escapades of Clover, the Havanese, and her need for some personal space.

Kristi’s Canine Family Dynamics

Back in September 2020, Kristi welcomed Clover into her home, aiming to provide companionship for their other dog, Winston, an old English sheepdog with a penchant for little dogs.

From the outset, Clover asserted herself as the boss, radiating charm and affection that quickly endeared her to Kristi’s family.

“She is very chatty when she wants you to hold her or move over,” Kristi affectionately describes Clover’s expressive nature. “She is a very grumpy sleeper too and grumbles if you accidentally move her.”

A New Addition Brings Changes

Recently, a new dog joined the household, initially a foster but now a permanent fixture. While canine camaraderie is crucial for a dog’s well-being, a recent development in Clover’s behavior caught Kristi’s attention.

The furry diva started seeking solitude, indicating a need for personal space amidst the constant playfulness of her canine companions.

“Clover has been wanting to go out and sit on the porch a lot more lately and have her ‘me’ time,” Kristi observes, shedding light on Clover’s newfound preference for tranquility away from the playful energy of the other dogs.

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Capturing Clover’s Tranquil Moments

Kristi managed to capture one of Clover’s serene timeouts on camera, showcasing the small dog perched on the porch, gazing thoughtfully into the distance. The footage, posted on TikTok, resonated with viewers who found the scene both adorable and relatable.

“We all need a little time to ourselves,” Kristi notes alongside the footage, striking a chord with viewers who empathize with Clover’s quest for solitude.

The internet resonated with comments like, “My older one does the same thing. I don’t even think they hear you when calling them,” and others praising Clover’s actions as “so sweet.”

A Pause Amidst the Holiday Rush

As the bustling Christmas season approaches, Kristi anticipates more of Clover’s excursions to her special spot. A delightful twist is the possibility of human companions joining Clover on the porch, collectively relishing a moment of respite amidst the festive hustle.

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