Dog Food Recall Alert: Urgent Warning for Pet Owners

Dog Food Recall Alert

Dog Food Recall Alert: Urgent Warning for Pet Owners


A Crucial Alert for Pet Parents: Recall of Kitten and Puppy Food Products

Pet owners, your furry companions’ health is in the spotlight as a food company takes the drastic step of recalling several products designed for kittens and puppies.

Blue Ridge Beef, a prominent pet food company with distribution spanning 33 states in the U.S., has initiated a recall in response to alarming findings by food inspectors concerning salmonella and listeria contamination.

The Recall Trigger: A Wake-Up Call for Pet Owners

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, during their routine inspections of Blue Ridge Beef’s Kitten Grind, Kitten Mix, and Puppy Fever products, uncovered the presence of these harmful bacteria.

Notably, both salmonella and listeria pose risks not only to our pets but to humans as well.

In response to these findings, Blue Ridge Beef has taken swift action. They have decided to recall all lots with use-by dates falling within the range of N24 1124 to N24 1224.

These affected products, distributed between November 14 and December 20, are identifiable by checking for the numbers located on silver tabs at the end of the tubes.

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Pet Safety is Paramount: Blue Ridge Beef’s Urgent Message

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Blue Ridge Beef is not merely requesting a return of the products; they are urging consumers to dispose of the items in a manner that ensures they are inaccessible to children, pets, and wildlife.

For pet owners who have purchased these recalled products, Blue Ridge Beef is offering full refunds as a responsible and ethical course of action.

Newsweek has sought to contact Blue Ridge Beef via email for further insight into this matter. On their website, the company emphasizes its commitment to using flash-frozen meat without additives or preservatives, as they believe that “science is not better than nature.”

Affected States and Vigilance Required

The recall pertains primarily to products that were sold in retail stores within the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and Virginia.

Pet owners residing in these states are especially urged to check their pet food products for the specified use-by dates and take immediate action if affected.

Understanding the Health Risks: A Warning to Pet Owners

Blue Ridge Beef has underscored the severity of the situation by cautioning pet owners about the potential symptoms in pets infected with salmonella and listeria.

These symptoms may include lethargy, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, vomiting, decreased appetite, fever, and abdominal pain. Alarmingly, even otherwise healthy pets can become carriers of these infections, posing a risk to other animals and humans.

Fortunately, as of now, no illnesses stemming from the contaminated products have been reported. This reassuring news comes courtesy of a statement issued by the company, which has also been echoed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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A Year of Salmonella Concerns

This recall serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing concerns surrounding salmonella contamination in pet products.

Earlier this year, six children and one adult fell ill due to salmonella exposure, according to a joint statement by the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in November.

Consequently, Mid America Pet Food voluntarily recalled all products with a best-before date of October 31 next year.

The recall wave also impacted other pet food brands, including Victor Super Premium Dog Foods, Eagle Mountain Pet Food, Wayne Feeds Dog Food, and “two varieties” of Member’s Mark pet foods.

However, it is crucial to differentiate this Blue Ridge Beef contamination from the one that triggered a recall on October 27 this year, which related to a separate salmonella outbreak.

In that instance, the FDA notified Blue Ridge Beef that its Breeders Choice 2lb product, distributed between August 9 and August 25, had tested positive for salmonella.

As pet owners, vigilance and responsible product handling remain our primary defenses against potential health risks. Stay informed and ensure the safety and well-being of your furry family members.

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