Dog Owner’s Clever Disguise: Sneaking Her Pup into the Pub as an “Old Lady”

Dog Owner's Clever Disguise

Dog Owner’s Clever Disguise: Sneaking Her Pup into the Pub as an “Old Lady”


Cunning Canine Caper

In a delightful social media escapade, a dog owner has left netizens in stitches by ingeniously disguising her beloved cavapoo to sneak her into a local English pub.

The heartwarming video, which has garnered over 280,000 views since its debut on TikTok on January 5, showcases the owner’s creative efforts to bend the rules of the “no dogs allowed” policy, all while tickling the funny bones of online spectators.

The “Old Lady” Ruse

The video, posted by TikTok user @sophiatheexplorer, exhibits Sophia’s ingenious plan to get her cavapoo, named Lyla, past the pub’s stringent dog policy.

With a touch of humor and a dash of charm, Sophia transformed Lyla into an “old lady” lookalike, complete with a knitted headscarf, in a bid to bypass the establishment’s restrictions.

It’s worth noting that the Folkestone public house, like many English pubs, does typically welcome canine companions. Sophia clarified this in her post’s caption, creating a delightful twist to the humorous narrative.

When Obstacles Turn Amusing

“When the pub says it’s not dog friendly,” quipped @sophiatheexplorer in her post. The ensuing clip treats viewers to the comical sight of Lyla, impeccably dressed with a knitted scarf adorning her head and another wrapped snugly around her body.

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The caption playfully read: “Old Lady Lyla at the pub. P.S. she was allowed in the pub she just got a bit chilly so wrapped her in my poncho and pulled her snood over her head whilst the fire got going.”

From Local to Global

While Sophia and Lyla hail from the United Kingdom, specifically Greater London, Sophia’s TikTok adventures extend far beyond her home turf. Her frequent travels in her camper van make for engaging content on her TikTok account, offering her followers a glimpse into her globetrotting escapades.

Social Media Buzz

Since gracing TikTok on January 5, @sophiatheexplorer’s post has garnered over 40,000 likes and more than 100 comments. The witty canine caper has struck a chord with viewers who couldn’t help but share their amusement.

“She needs some big sunglasses a la Audrey Hepburn,” one user suggested, envisioning the ultimate disguise.

“Just a babushka,” another humorously mused.

In jest, a third TikToker chimed in, “Designated driver.”

The playful banter continued with comments like “It’s giving Scooby Doo on the airplane” and “Nothing suspicious to see there,” showing the post’s enduring appeal.

Watch the Hilarious TikTok Here

To catch this clever cavapoo caper in action, check out the TikTok video here.

Newsweek reached out to @sophiatheexplorer for additional insights via TikTok.

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