Ducky the Pup Cup Connoisseur: Newsweek’s Beloved Pet of the Week

Ducky the Pup Cup Connoisseur

Ducky the Pup Cup Connoisseur: Newsweek’s Beloved Pet of the Week


The Festive Season’s Fluffiest Star

As the holiday season approaches, heartwarming animal tales have become a delightful tradition.

From Santa-dressed vets caring for shelter pets to dachshunds wrapped in festive paper, the world has been treated to an abundance of cute and endearing stories.

At Newsweek, we’ve been diligently curating our weekly “Pet of the Week” segment, showcasing our readers’ beloved pets and their charming antics.

If you’ve got funny or adorable videos and pictures of your furry companions, be sure to follow the instructions at the end of this story, and your pet could be the star of next week’s “Pet of the Week.”

Introducing Ducky: The Pup Cup Enthusiast

This week, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our “Pet of the Week,” Ducky.

Ducky, a sprightly seven-month-old pup, hails from Preston, Idaho, and is a beguiling blend of golden retriever and dachshund, affectionately known as a “golden doxie.” With an infectious passion for pup cups, Ducky has undoubtedly won our hearts.

ducky the pup cup connoisseur

Ducky’s devoted owner, Stori Stotts, describes her as “the sweetest little lady,” blending the dachshund’s tenacity with the golden retriever’s warm and affectionate nature.

Her mom is a long-haired golden retriever, while her dad is a short-haired dachshund, making her a unique and utterly charming hybrid.

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In a side-splitting video shared with Newsweek, Ducky’s uncontainable enthusiasm for pup cups takes center stage as she comically devours one with the cup firmly planted on her face.

“She doesn’t eat them any other way,” Stotts laughed, and we couldn’t agree more – Ducky’s antics are truly one-of-a-kind.

Meet Our Other Remarkable Finalists

While Ducky has taken the spotlight as our “Pet of the Week,” we can’t help but celebrate the other remarkable finalists who’ve captured our hearts:

ducky the pup cup connoisseur

1. Enzo: This gentle giant, a rescue dog from Orange County, has fostered over 150 dogs alongside his owner, Tanya von Mittenwald. Despite his large stature, Enzo is sweet and caring, especially with smaller pets and hospital patients.

2. Licorice: Recently adopted from Morris Animal Refuge, Licorice, the intelligent cat in Pennsylvania, is making himself right at home. Angela Bishop, his owner, marvels at his outgoing personality and smartphone prowess, even at four months old.

3. Checkers: This 2-year-old rescue dog from Arizona, despite weighing just 8 pounds, exudes an outgoing personality that fills every space he enters. Owner Louise Powers affectionately calls his ever-wagging tail a “fast metronome.”

Join the Pet Celebration

These heartwarming pet stories remind us of the joy and companionship our furry friends bring into our lives. If you have a pet with a story to share, don’t hesitate to follow the instructions at the end of this article and become a part of our cherished “Pet of the Week” community.

At Newsweek, we’re dedicated to celebrating the love and laughter our pets bring us, especially during this festive season. Stay tuned for more heartwarming tales and delightful pet adventures.

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Become a Part of “Pet of the Week”: If you have funny or adorable videos and pictures of your pet, follow the instructions at the end of this story for a chance to be featured in next week’s “Pet of the Week.”

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