Everything You Need To Know About Life And Info Of English Foxhound Dog

English Foxhound Dog

Everything You Need To Know About Life And Info Of English Foxhound Dog





If you are thinking about getting an English foxhound, there are several things that you need to know. These facts include the breed’s history, characteristics, and health care.

Here, you’ll find information about English foxhound dog care and training. This article aims to answer any questions you might have about this breed.

The breed has very short and coarse coats and requires minimal maintenance. They only need occasional baths and weekly brushing.

But you should be aware of some drawbacks, as this breed is not hypoallergenic.

Breed History

The breed history of the English foxhound is fascinating. This large and powerful dog is bred for hunting and working in packs. It has a short, weatherproof coat.

english foxhound dog

Its appearance is a combination of fur and feathers, and it has drop ears and a large, high-set tail. It is a friendly, affectionate dog, but it thrives on hard work. Here are some of its most notable characteristics.

This dog was originally bred to hunt foxes on foot and in mounted packs. The Foxhound breed standard is fairly broad, but the dog has never become popular as a show dog.

Its appearance and temperament have been shaped by outcrossing with Fox Terrier and Greyhound dogs. Though they are rarely shown in Kennel Club show rings, they are commonly seen at agricultural shows.

Their hunting skills and endurance made them a popular choice for many hunters. The English Foxhound is a powerful and agile dog, and its thick, straight legs make it ideal for long pursuits.

It should be a sturdy, muscular breed with an upright tail. Its coat should be shiny and glossy, and the breed is generally described as black, tan, or white.

The English Foxhound is smaller and stouter than its American counterpart, but still weighs about the same as the American foxhound. The English Foxhound was first recognized by the AKC in 1909.

english foxhound dog

The English Foxhound dog has a long and distinguished history. The dog was originally bred to hunt foxes, but it also spent years as a working dog.

They are sociable and do well with children, large animals, and horses. If you don’t train your dog well, though, it may chase smaller animals.

Though it may have protective instincts, it does not possess any natural immunity to dangerous animals.


The English Foxhound Dog has a short, double-coated coat.

english foxhound dog

This breed sheds moderately, so weekly brushing is necessary. The coat color is not particularly important, but it should be a mix of black, tan, and white.

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It may also contain spots of different colors. The average height and weight of a Foxhound are 60-64 cm at the withers. The tail is wavy and tapered.

The English Foxhound has exceptional endurance. This breed can trot for hours on end. However, its intense hunting drive might cause it to wander a lot.

Because of their high energy level, they don’t make the best house pets. These dogs are too hunting-oriented and need ample exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Because of this, an English foxhound bred for the show is a better choice for home life. The English Foxhound dog has a relatively low incidence of medical issues.

Some breeds suffer from hip dysplasia, which weakens the joint in the hip. If left untreated, this condition can lead to arthritis in the later stages of life.

english foxhound dog

Other health conditions related to the foxhound’s mobility and health are liver disease and kidney failure. It is important to remember that these problems are rare in English Foxhound dogs.

Although the English Foxhound dog loves long walks and cuddling on the couch, training is an important part of owning this breed.

The English Foxhound dog needs a firm leader and mental stimulation. Microchipping is also a must for all Foxhounds to prevent lost dogs.

As a result, many lost dogs turn up far from their owners. But there are ways to make training easy for your new friend.

Health Care

If your English Foxhound dog seems to be skipping steps despite its long strides, you may need to seek medical attention.

english foxhound dog

Patellar luxation is a disease wherein the kneecap slips out of place. Although it usually does not require much treatment, if the problem is serious, your dog may need surgery.

Here are some ways to keep your dog comfortable and healthy. In some cases, your veterinarian can prescribe a steroid medication.

The English Foxhound is a very active dog that can spend hours on end running through the countryside. This can cause it to wander if it has too much energy.

Because they’re hunting-oriented dogs, they do not make good house pets. They must be supervised around small children.

However, if you have an active family, your English foxhound may enjoy being around other dogs. However, this breed is still very active and needs plenty of exercises to maintain optimal health.

Regular brushing is essential for keeping your English Foxhound clean and prevents your dog from developing skin conditions.

Bathing is not necessary unless your dog is terribly dirty. It is best to use a quality dog shampoo to avoid drying your English Foxhound’s skin and coat.

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english foxhound dog

Brushing your English Foxhound regularly can also help you prevent hair fall. Make sure to check your dog’s ears regularly for debris or discharge.

Pendulous ears can harbor infections and cause otitis media. As long as your English foxhound is neutered, you should ensure it receives quality nutrition and fresh water.

Fresh food should be provided for your dog two times a day. Quality canine food will provide balanced nutrition and keep your dog healthy.

Ideally, your dog should be spayed or neutered so that it doesn’t have to deal with this issue. And be sure to discuss what type of food is best for your dog’s health.


One of the most important training techniques for your English Foxhound is positive reinforcement.

english foxhound dog

This technique works by adding something when the behavior occurs and increasing its frequency over time.

Training your English Foxhound dog should start when it is a puppy to prevent it from developing stubbornness later on.

The best way to teach your English Foxhound dog is to expose it to people and other dogs early. This will allow your dog to develop a tolerant and friendly nature and lessen his dominating traits.

You can start by taking your English Foxhound puppy outside regularly for short periods of time. Make sure you are there when the puppy goes outside, so it can get accustomed to this.

When it’s time to go outside, praise him and offer a treat. Over time, your English Foxhound puppy will begin to extend the time between pee sessions and rewards.

This will make the training process easier. Once your English Foxhound puppy understands that a reward is expected, it’s much easier to get the desired behavior.

Although the English Foxhound is easy to train, it does need someone around most of the time. It can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods.

english foxhound dog

They do have low grooming needs and are light shedders. As a dog breed, English Foxhounds have an exceptional affinity for humans, and this makes them perfect for a family with young children.

A dog that is social and active is likely to be very loyal. Despite their stately appearance, the English Foxhound is an active dog.

Their innate desire for hunting will lead them to roam, so be sure to take them out on walks each day.

If you’re not able to provide them with plenty of exercises, your English Foxhound will make up for it by finding its own entertainment. This breed is noisy, and the bay of the English Foxhound carries over long distances.

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As such, you won’t want to live in an apartment with an English Foxhound if you live in an urban environment.


Grooming an English Foxhound is relatively easy. The short coat needs brushing at least once a week.

english foxhound dog

Brushing also helps to minimize shedding. Brushing should be done with a high-quality dog shampoo, which will not dry the skin or coat. After brushing, wipe the outer ear canal with a cotton swab.

Avoid inserting anything into the ear canal. Brushing should begin at a young age, as it will encourage your English Foxhound to accept handling.

This breed is generally good with children. They love being around people but can become very protective and reserved around strangers.

Although they get along with small dogs and cats, they prefer canine companionship over human interaction. It is important to remember that a Foxhound is a pack animal, and you should use common sense when raising one.

A Foxhound should live in an active family with another dog, as this breed is more likely to feel threatened by sudden movements.

Though the English Foxhound is low-maintenance and relatively low-shedder, it should still be groomed properly. The breed sheds only moderately, making it a good choice for allergy sufferers.

english foxhound dog

English Foxhounds do not need frequent baths. However, you must keep an eye out for a few health issues. A foxhound’s big chest and tendency to bark can make them unsuitable dogs for urban environments.

The English Foxhound’s short coat makes it easy to care for. Because their coats have a very little undercoat, they need only a light brushing every few weeks.

Regular brushing and ear cleaning will help keep hair fall to a minimum. Keeping the English Foxhound clean and healthy will make your dog a happy pet!

Just remember to examine your dog regularly for any infections or sores.







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