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Unforgettable Moment: Great Dane Devours Entire Birthday Cake, Candle and All

great dane devours entire birthday cake

Unforgettable Moment: Great Dane Devours Entire Birthday Cake, Candle and All

In a heartwarming yet hilariously unexpected turn of events, social media was set abuzz by a video capturing the antics of a Great Dane named Kilo on her special day.

As her owners attempted to serenade her with “Happy Birthday” and present her with a decadent cake, Kilo couldn’t contain her excitement, diving headfirst into the confectionery delight, candle and all.

Let’s delve into this delightful tale of canine indulgence and the ensuing internet frenzy.

The Unforgettable Incident:

The viral video, shared by TikTok user Angela Carbonaro (handle: @angelacarbonaro4), depicts the moment of Kilo’s impromptu birthday celebration.

As her owners lovingly sang the familiar tune, Kilo, with an air of nonchalance, seized the opportunity to partake in the festivities, bypassing formalities and indulging in the cake before the last notes of the song could be uttered. Witnessing their beloved pet devour the cake, including the lit candle, left Kilo’s owners in utter shock and amusement.

The Viral Sensation:

Since its upload on March 16, the video has garnered a staggering 12.7 million views and over 1.1 million likes on TikTok, captivating audiences worldwide with Kilo’s voracious appetite and undeniable charisma. Social media platforms erupted with laughter and astonishment, as users marveled at the Great Dane’s unapologetic gusto for cake


When your grest dane is getting ready for a furure in the circus!

♬ original sound – Angela Carbonaro

The Human-Pet Bond:

Carbonaro’s video serves as a testament to the deep bond shared between pets and their owners. According to a YouGov poll conducted in May 2022, 40 percent of pet owners embrace the idea of celebrating their furry companions’ birthdays, further emphasizing the integral role pets play in family dynamics.

Furthermore, the poll revealed that a staggering 57 percent of owners indulge their pets with holiday gifts, highlighting the profound emotional connection between humans and their animal counterparts.

Reactions and Comments:

In the aftermath of Kilo’s cake escapade, the internet erupted with a flurry of reactions and comments, reflecting a mix of concern, amusement, and admiration.

Many users expressed genuine worry about Kilo’s well-being after consuming the candle, while others marveled at her audacious feat. Carbonaro, in response to concerned viewers, shared subsequent videos of Kilo to reassure them of her well-being, quelling any lingering apprehensions.


Kilo’s unforgettable birthday celebration serves as a heartwarming reminder of the joy and spontaneity that pets bring into our lives. As social media continues to be inundated with viral pet videos, Kilo’s story stands out as a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their furry companions.

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Source: Newsweek


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