How Often Dogs Go Into Heat? A Guide To Her First Season

How Often Dogs Go Into Heat?

How Often Dogs Go Into Heat? A Guide To Her First Season


If you get a new puppy and do not neuter it before its first season, or if you intend to breed from her in the future, you will have to go through this stage of her life.

The first season of a dog’s life can be a messy and difficult time for pets and owners alike.

Let us take a more in-depth look at the heat cycle of dogs, the things you need to know about your dog’s first season, and how you may make her life easier during this time.

What Exactly Is The Heat Cycle Of A Dog?

The dog heat cycle, sometimes referred to as the estrus cycle, is a biological occurrence that occurs when a female dog is most receptive to being mated.

It will typically persist for two to four weeks; a female dog will go through this approximately every six months on average. During the heat cycle, a dog in heat may undergo unexplainable personality and physiological shifts.

Do Dogs Get Periods?

Female dogs do, in fact, experience something similar to a period approximately once every six months.

Her estrogen levels rise during the estrus cycle, only to fall again later, and during this time, her ovaries will release eggs. Do female dogs continue to experience menstruation throughout their entire lives?

In contrast to humans, female dogs can enter heat anytime during their lives; however, the time between heat cycles will get longer as the canines get older.

There Are Four Different Levels

The proestrus stage

The swelling of the vulva is typically the first sign that a dog is entering the proestrus stage of her heat cycle, which is the first stage of the heat cycle for a dog. It could persist anywhere between three and seventeen days.

A female dog that has reached this stage of the heat cycle is opposed to the presence of male dogs and may demonstrate changes in behavior and appetite. She may also tuck her tail more frequently.

The estrus stage

During the estrus stage of the dog’s heat cycle, a female dog will begin to follow her breeding urge naturally. This is the stage in which she is most likely to become pregnant.

In this stage, she is most fertile since her ovaries release eggs that are ready to be fertilized, and she is also at her most willing to accept male companionship.

This stage can last anywhere from three to seventeen days, depending on how long she keeps her rear end raised toward male dogs.

The diestrus stage

This stage of the dog’s heat cycle, known as diestrus, marks the beginning of the end of the dog’s reproductive cycle.

If a female dog is already pregnant when she enters this stage, this stage will continue from the conclusion of the estrus stage until her puppies are born if she has been impregnated (about 60 days).

When a female dog matures, she will become less flirtatious, and her swelling will gradually decrease.

The anestrus stage

The anestrus stage is the phase of the dog’s heat cycle that can last anywhere from 100 to 150 days, making it the phase that lasts the longest overall.

The stage known as anestrus is also referred to as the resting stage. Following this period, the dog’s heat cycle will begin once more.

Learn about each step so that you can determine whether or not your female animal companion is about to go into heat.

What You Ought To Know About A Female Dog Going Through Her Heat

If a female dog is said to be “in heat” or “going into heat,” it indicates that she is open and receptive to mating and releasing hormones associated with mating.

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In a female dog, the onset of heat can be indicated by a decrease in energy levels, an increase in aggressive behavior, a change in the way the dog raises her legs when urinating, an increase in the frequency of urination, and even an attempt to flee from the household.

In contrast, male dogs do not go through the hormonal changes associated with menstruation. You can get an unplanned pregnancy if you are unaware that your dog is going into heat or do not know what signs to look for.

However, if you want to add a new furry member to your family, you need to know what to do when your dog is in heat so that you can be as well prepared as possible for the arrival of the new member.

How Often Are Dogs in Heat?

However, the dog’s breed size also affects the cycle’s frequency.

A smaller dog might go into heat more frequently than a larger dog, and its heat cycles may appear irregular when the dog first begins to experience them.

How Long Does The Dog’s Heat Last?

A dog’s heat cycle’s proestrus and estrus stages could last from two to four weeks overall, but proestrus and estrus typically last for two weeks.

Nevertheless, it is still subject to change given that the vulva’s enlargement and subsequent return to its normal state mark the beginning and conclusion of the menstrual cycle.

The length of time a female dog spends in the diestrus stage is directly related to whether or not she is pregnant. The anestrus stage or period of the dog’s heat cycle is only a resting stage that comes in between the diestrus and diestrus stages.

When Do Female Dogs First Enter Their Reproductive Phase?

A female dog can have her first heat cycle as early as from six months of age; however, this varies greatly depending on the breed.

A smaller dog can go through their first heat cycle earlier than a larger dog, which might not go through its first heat cycle until they are as old as two years old.

The time that passes between each heat cycle for a female dog will rise as she gets older. Heat cycles will continue to occur for female dogs until the day they pass away. Female dogs don’t experience menopause.

How Can You Know If a Dog Is Going Through Its Heat Cycle

As a responsible pet owner, you should familiarize yourself with the symptoms that indicate a dog is about to start their heat cycle. The following is a list of common symptoms that a dog is about to enter heat:

Urinating more frequently than usual is one of the typical symptoms of a female dog about to enter heat. This is especially true if the dog does it inside the house, which is not their normal behavior.

Bleeding or discharges from the vagina A female dog going into heat may experience vaginal bleeding or discharges while in the proestrus stage of her reproductive cycle.

As she progresses into the stage of estrus, the bleeding will become more abundant and lighter in color.

Male dogs receive a greater amount of attention than female dogs do. A female dog in heat will “flirt” with a male dog when she sees him by exposing and elevating her rear end in the direction of the male dog while moving her tail out of the way.

Licking the genital area an excessive amount A female dog in heat will lick (or “clean”) her genital area excessively.

Behavior that can be described as nervously aggressive A female dog in heat may display particularly aggressive behavior because she is producing hormones related to mating.

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A tucked-in tail and a swollen vulva are two different telltale symptoms that a dog is about to go into heat.

How Long Would It Take A Dog To Come Into Season?

A heat cycle’s average duration is between two and four weeks.

Your canine companion or puppy will be fertile throughout this entire period. Still, there is a brief window of opportunity between days 9 and 10, during which they are most fertile.

There is a possibility that female dogs won’t be receptive to or accepting the male dogs at the first few days of their cycle, although the likelihood of this happening varies from dog to dog.

How Long Would It Take For A Dog That Is In Heat To Bleed?

Dogs typically experience bleeding during the pro-oestrus period, which is the time when the body is preparing itself for the season, also known as the “oestrus” period.

This happens anywhere from seven to ten days before she starts her period, and, in most cases, it stops once the oestrus cycle starts, but this isn’t the case for all women.

Talk to your veterinarian if you are concerned about your puppy or dog and her pro-oestrus cycle. They will be able to help.

Are There Other Indicators That A Dog Is About To Enter Its Breeding Season?

It’s possible that bleeding isn’t the only indication that your dog has entered heat. In most cases, you can tell when a dog is about to enter its breeding season based on other signals, such as:

  • An enlargement of the vulva (usually a couple of days before she begins bleeding)
  • The act of licking in the vaginal region
  • Urinating more frequently than is typical

When My Dog Is In Heat, Will I Notice Any Changes In Her Behavior?

Dogs in heat are typically more open to the companionship of others. There’s a chance they’ll act sexually, like by jumping on other dogs, your furniture, or even your leg.

Some dogs or pups may become more dominant or authoritative during their season. Others may appear nervous and demonstrate maternal tendencies, such as gathering toys in their bed or sleeping places.

Regardless of their behavior, keeping an eye on your pet during this time is important.

Keeping Female Dogs Isolated From Male Dogs While They Are In Heat

Because a dog in heat is emitting pheromones to the male dogs in the vicinity, you can be sure that she will receive more than her share of attention during this time!

If you have multiple dogs in your home, keeping them separated at night and whenever you leave the room is important. If you do not already have a baby gate, consider purchasing one.

Keep your dog on a leash at the time while you are out walking. Try to schedule your walks during the more peaceful parts of the day and stay away from other dogs whenever possible.

Do not permit her to go outside unaccompanied, and refrain from attending puppy parties until the heat season has passed.

Invest Some Precious Time In Bonding With Your Dog.

During her period, she is likely to have confusion; therefore, it is important to reassure her by giving her lots of hugs and spending quality time with her.

Because you will naturally be exercising her less outside, if your terrier is fidgety, keep her mind engaged by playing indoor activities with her.

Apply menthol to the end of her tail.

 This helps cover up the scent, especially in situations where other dogs are in the house.

Use Special Dog Pants.

When your dog is in heat, these are essential items to have on hand.

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If she is adamant about not wearing trousers, she should be kept in a room with laminate flooring or a simple surface to disinfect when blood or discharge gets on it.

You Won’t Be Breeding With Your Dog, Consider To Sterilize Her.

It is highly recommended that you have your dog spayed or neutered.

Because of this, the possibility of uterine infections in dogs and unplanned pregnancies will be eliminated, and you and your pet will be freed from the inconvenience normally associated with their season.

Pet Health Club members are eligible for savings on various services, including spaying and neutering, dentistry, specialized foods, animal health certificates, and lifelong drugs.

How To Handle Your Female Dog Being In Heat

If you realize your dog is going through her heat cycle, you need not freak out because this is normal. You can take straightforward actions to ensure that your dog receives the specialized care that she will require in the future.

Do Not Leave Your Dog Unsupervised Outside 

A male dog that is passing through an area and looking for a mate will find the ideal companionship in a pregnant female dog that is also outside and by herself.

Walk Your On A Leash

Leash your dog when you walk her. Regardless of how well your dog obeys, you should always walk her while she is in heat and on a leash to ensure her safety. When the female dog is in her heat period, her hormones will significantly impact her behavior.

Increase Her Indoor Monitoring

Increase the amount of monitoring you have inside the house. You should to be aware of where your dog is and keep her off the furniture because she may naturally leave some blood spotting behind and could potentially stain surfaces.

It is also possible to use pads to enable her to make use of her favored resting location without running the risk of leaving stains on the furniture or carpet there and to make it simpler to clean up after her accidents at regular intervals.

Prevent messes by using disposable diapers and washable liners

To keep messes to a minimum, diapers, and washable liners for diapers should be utilized. During her time in the heat, it is typical for her to bleed or have bloody discharge, and she will most likely have to urinate more often than she used to. 
Utilize diapers to help both of you through this period without undesired stains or mishaps by containing and preventing messes from occurring. There is a selection of diapers available, both disposable and reusable, for female dogs while they are in heat.
These reusable diapers, Wee-Wee Disposable diapers perform functions quite similar to that of a diaper designed for a human infant, but they also contain a cutout in the back to allow your pet’s tail.
They come in various sizes, ranging from small to large, so you can choose the most appropriate for your canine companion. To prevent leaking, it is essential to use the correct dimensions.
When your dog is in heat, using these four methods of care will guarantee that she has an experience that is safe, clean, and controllable.


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