Husky’s Mesmerizing Walk Over Frozen Lake: A Winter Wonder in Banff, Canada

Husky's Mesmerizing Walk Over Frozen Lake

Husky’s Mesmerizing Walk Over Frozen Lake: A Winter Wonder in Banff, Canada


A Husky’s Graceful Ice Ballet

In a breathtaking display of agility and winter charm, a remarkable Husky has captivated the world by effortlessly strolling across the frozen wonderland of a pristine Canadian lake.

This captivating moment was documented by Hannah Keiver (@hannahkeiver on Instagram) and has since become a symbol of nature’s beauty and the resilience of our furry friends.

The Enchanting Scene Unfolds

The enchanting spectacle occurred on November 29 at Banff National Park, nestled along the picturesque Icefields Parkway in Western Canada.

Against the backdrop of majestic mountains, Hannah’s dog, Oesa, embarked on a graceful journey atop a turquoise-hued frozen lake, leaving onlookers in awe.

Oesa, the Agile Husky

Oesa, a five-year-old Husky mix, was adopted from the Northwest Territories SPCA in Yellowknife, Canada. Hannah shared, “This was our first time skating on this particular lake, but she has skated in several lakes in the Canadian Rockies the past couple of winters. She is surprisingly agile on the ice.”

A Winter of Unusual Temperatures

This awe-inspiring moment unfolds during a winter season marked by unusual temperatures across Canada. El Niño conditions have impacted the climate, leading to forecasts of “higher-than-normal temperatures across the country.”

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These conditions intensify the warming effects of human-induced climate change, contributing to a historic year in terms of global temperatures.

Safety Tips for Icy Adventures

For those tempted to explore frozen lakes and partake in outdoor ice skating, it’s crucial to heed safety advice. According to the Parks Canada government website, recommended ice thickness is 15 centimeters for solitary walking or skating and 20 centimeters for group activities.

However, several environmental factors can affect ice thickness, including water depth, currents, chemicals, and fluctuating temperatures.

A Reminder of Responsibility

It’s essential to remember that natural ice surfaces in national parks are not monitored for safety, and potential hazards are not marked. Skating on natural ice is undertaken at one’s own risk. In case of an emergency, the Canadian Red Cross recommends specific steps for individuals stranded on ice.

A Unique and Ephemeral Experience

Hannah Keiver’s decision to measure the ice’s thickness with an ice screw ensured a safe and unforgettable experience for her and Oesa. However, the ephemeral nature of such adventures is apparent, as snowfall quickly blankets the once-crystal-clear lake.

A Tale of Beauty and Adventure

The video capturing Oesa’s mesmerizing walk has not only enchanted viewers worldwide but also serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve our natural wonders. Nature’s beauty and the bond between humans and their animal companions continue to inspire awe and respect.

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