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Joe Biden’s Dog Biting Incident at New York Fundraiser

joe biden's dog biting incident at new york fundraiser

Joe Biden’s Dog Biting Incident at New York Fundraiser

President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander, has recently made headlines for biting Secret Service agents multiple times, raising concerns and sparking discussions about the safety and liability surrounding such incidents.

This article delves into the details of these biting incidents, the reactions from the President and First Lady, as well as the potential legal implications and public responses.

The Biting Incidents

Documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests revealed that Commander has bitten Secret Service agents on numerous occasions, leading to serious injuries that required medical attention. From bites on the wrist to severe wounds needing stitches, these incidents have prompted adjustments in operational tactics when Commander is present.

President Biden’s Response

During a New York fundraiser, President Biden made a lighthearted joke about Commander’s behavior, referencing Harry Truman’s famous quote about dogs in Washington. Despite efforts including additional training and consultations with experts, Commander’s behavior persisted, leading to the decision to send him to live with relatives due to the challenging White House environment.

Legal Implications and Public Reaction

Constitutional law experts have raised concerns about potential liability for the President due to his dogs’ repeated attacks. The Bidens’ previous dog, Major, also faced similar issues, indicating a pattern of behavior that could have legal consequences. The public response to these incidents has been mixed, with some expressing support for the Bidens while others have criticized the handling of the situation.

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Fundraiser and Protests

The New York fundraiser, attended by notable figures like Mindy Kaling and former presidents, faced disruptions from pro-Palestine protesters voicing concerns over Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Despite the challenges, the event successfully raised over $26 million, setting a record for the campaign.


The incidents involving Commander’s biting behavior have shed light on the complexities of owning pets in high-profile settings and the responsibilities that come with it. As President Biden navigates these challenges, the public remains divided on how these incidents reflect on his leadership and decision-making.

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