Mysterious Meows: Kitten Starts ‘Speaking In Tongues’ After Being Caught Red-Handed

Kitten Starts 'Speaking In Tongues

Mysterious Meows: Kitten Starts ‘Speaking In Tongues’ After Being Caught Red-Handed


Caught in the Act: Penny the Cat’s Potato-Induced Serenade

The internet is abuzz with laughter as a viral video captures an unexpected and humorous moment involving a mischievous kitten named Penny.

The feline sensation left viewers in stitches as she appeared to start ‘speaking in tongues’ after being caught red-handed, devouring leftover potatoes from her owner’s sink.

This entertaining incident was shared on TikTok by @amazydayzee, quickly amassing over 3.2 million views since its upload on January 31.

The Potato Pilfering Feline

In the viral video, Penny, the daring cat, is spotted atop the kitchen worktop with her head deeply entrenched in the sink, savoring the tempting spuds that had been left behind.

Unfazed by her owner’s amused discovery, Penny responds with a hiss, giving off a serpentine vibe, as if issuing a warning to let her enjoy the stolen feast. The owner, rather than reprimanding, burst into laughter, affectionately labeling Penny as “evil.”

Internet Laughter Ensues

Penny’s unexpected hiss triggered a wave of laughter online, with users comparing it to various amusing sounds. Comments flooded in, with one user hilariously noting that it “sounded like she was rewinding,” while another shared a good-natured “the cackle I just cookled.”

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Newsweek’s illustration vividly captures the cat’s potato feast, showcasing the memorable moment that sparked internet hilarity.


This kitten will start the apocalypse over potatoes #fyp #kitty #potato #kitten

♬ original sound – Daisy

The Owner’s Desperate Attempts and Penny’s Persistence

@amazydayzee, Penny’s owner, shared in the post’s comments that they had taken preventive measures, having “covered everything in soap and rinsed the sink.”

However, Penny’s undeterred craving for sink potatoes persisted. The caption playfully reads, “This kitten will start the apocalypse over potatoes,” emphasizing the dramatic nature of Penny’s culinary adventure.

Social Media Frenzy: What Do The Comments Say?

Since its TikTok debut, the post has garnered over 520,000 likes and more than 900 comments. TikTokers from around the world expressed their amusement, offering their humorous takes on the viral moment.

One user suggested, “Animal crossing cat,” while another jokingly interpreted Penny’s sounds as the “animal crossing language.” The comment section is a treasure trove of comedic reactions and playful interpretations, showcasing the community’s engagement.

Seeking More Insights: Newsweek Reaches Out

Newsweek reached out to @amazydayzee for additional information via TikTok, aiming to unveil more details about Penny’s peculiar potato preferences and her newfound fame on social media.

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