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Heartbroken Christchurch Man Claims His Dog was Unjustly Killed by Police

man claims his dog was unjustly killed by police man claims his dog was unjustly killed by police

Heartbroken Christchurch Man Claims His Dog was Unjustly Killed by Police


A Fateful Altercation: The Canine Clash


In an incident that took place in Christchurch, a man has voiced his grief and shock over the death of his dog, who was shot by the police.

The tragic event unfolded at a residence on Truman Road in Bryndwyr, where authorities were summoned due to an alleged dog attack on a woman.

According to initial police reports, one of three dogs at the premises was found “mauling a woman.” However, the dog’s owner argues there’s more to the story.

Defending His Companion: The Dog’s Owner Speaks Out

The owner maintains that his dog was not the instigator of the conflict. Instead, he claims the situation escalated when the woman, a friend of his flatmate, brought her own dog to his home uninvited.

The unexpected visit led to a clash between the two dogs, eventually resulting in the woman being bitten.

The dog owner believes that his dog was merely defending itself after the woman started kicking it in anger. He contends that the blame rests on the woman’s negligence with her own dog, rather than his. “If anything it was self-inflicted,” he asserted.

The Painful Aftermath: Loss of a Friend and Potential Charges

The grieving man described his late pet as “the biggest goofball,” a dog that had grown up alongside his three young children. The incident’s impact has extended beyond the loss of a beloved pet, however, with the owner now facing potential charges due to the incident.

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Allegations of Excessive Force: A Complaint Lodged

Adding to his grievances, the dog owner alleges that the police used excessive force, claiming that his dog was shot in the back of its head while cowering in a corner.

Furthermore, he states that the police threatened to shoot his puppy, who was eventually pepper-sprayed and put in a room.

He disputes the police’s depiction of the situation’s severity, noting that the woman who was bitten is out of the hospital and doing well.

In response to the incident, he has filed a formal complaint with the police department.

Christchurch Metro Area commander Superintendent Lane Todd, while expressing sympathy for the injured woman, affirmed that “the difficult decision to shoot the dog” was made due to the immediate risk to human life.

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