Singaporean Man Faces Allegations of Brutal Animal Cruelty in Bali Resort

Singaporean Man Faces Allegations of Brutal Animal Cruelty in Bali Resort

Singaporean Man Faces Allegations of Brutal Animal Cruelty in Bali Resort


In a recent disturbing incident that sends chills down the spine of any animal lover, a Singaporean man is suspected of a violent act of animal cruelty in a popular Bali resort.

The resort’s cherished kitten, Monkey, was tragically found dead, leading to a full-blown investigation into the unsettling event.

A Heart-Wrenching Discovery at Utama Villa Tulamben

On the 6th of June, Utama Villa Tulamben, a renowned resort in Bali, Indonesia, experienced a tragedy. The resort’s beloved kitten, Monkey, was discovered lifeless in a plastic bag, with a chilling detail that pointed to a horrifying act of cruelty – a cable tie was fastened tightly around her neck.

Based on a thorough examination of the resort’s CCTV footage, a Singaporean guest emerged as the primary suspect in this grievous incident.

Unsettling CCTV Evidence Raises Suspicions

According to a Facebook post by Utama Villa Tulamben, Monkey, the six-week-old kitten, was found dead inside a yellow supermarket plastic bag, indicating an apparent act of strangulation.

Upon scrutinizing CCTV footage, the resort pinpointed a 31-year-old Singaporean tourist acting suspiciously within the premises.

singaporean man faces allegations of brutal animal cruelty in bali resort

On the night of 5th June, the man was observed visiting the resort’s office at odd hours – 1.30am, 1.50am, and 2.10am – reportedly calling out for Monkey.

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The following morning, at 10.30am, the resort alleges that he “forcefully took Monkey” from the closed office and took her back to his room.

Questionable Excuses and Increasing Doubts

The accused, initially denying all allegations, confessed to taking the kitten upon being presented with the evidence. However, he claimed that Monkey had managed to escape from his custody, asserting that he had looked for her around the resort.

Contradicting his assertion, the resort stated that no CCTV footage showed him actively searching for the kitten.

Incriminating Footage and Disturbing Revelations

At 10.43am on 5th June, CCTV recorded a yellow bag being tossed from the man’s room. The bag landed on a neighboring property, beyond a boundary wall. Nobody else was observed in the vicinity when this event occurred.

singaporean man faces allegations of brutal animal cruelty in bali resort

Tragically, Monkey was found dead inside the same plastic bag, once again hinting at strangulation. Although there is no concrete evidence of the act, the resort holds a strong suspicion that the Singaporean man is responsible for the kitten’s brutal demise.

The accused, reportedly a Divemaster and a former registered nurse, has now raised concerns in both his professional fields. Alleged accounts of “misconduct underwater” have been shared by a dive guide, causing concern for the safety of divers under his supervision.

His past as a nurse in Singapore has also raised questions regarding patient safety. However, Sengkang General Hospital has clarified that the man has not been employed as a nurse since February 2020.

A Plea for Caution and Awareness

Utama Villa Tulamben, while unable to conclusively prove the man’s guilt, hopes this tragic event serves as a warning about the man’s alleged character. They urge individuals to exercise caution while interacting with him.

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Animal cruelty is a grave issue that warrants serious attention. This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and care for animals.

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