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McDonald’s Crafts McGooby Meal for Ailing Rescue Dog

mcgooby meal for ailing rescue dog

McDonald’s Crafts “McGooby Meal” for Ailing Rescue Dog


A Special Meal for Goob: McDonald’s Spreads Joy to a Terminally Ill Pup

In a heartwarming tale from Oklahoma, McDonald’s staff went above and beyond by curating a special meal for Gooby, a terminally ill rescue dog.

Stacey Herriage, an Oklahoma State University PhD student, shares the touching story of how her beloved dachshund, Goob, captured the hearts of McDonald’s employees during a challenging time.

The Beginnings of a Beautiful Bond

Stacey’s connection with Goob began when her family adopted the dachshund from the OK Save a Dog rescue center in Prague, Oklahoma, in 2018. Despite being returned to the shelter once before, Goob quickly became an integral part of the Herriage family.

Goob’s Dual Residences and Adventures

Goob splits her time between Stacey’s place in Stillwater and her mom’s home in Grove. Her love for walks, rides in the golf cart, and ice cream outings showcases a vibrant personality. A true companion, Goob enjoys cuddling during movie nights and has a particular fondness for popcorn.

A Devastating Diagnosis

Last year, Goob’s health took a turn for the worse, revealing symptoms of what was later diagnosed as inoperable liver cancer in July 2023. Stacey recounts the emotional journey of attempting various diets to no avail, leading to the heartbreaking realization of Goob’s condition.

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A Vet’s Heartbreaking Recommendation

Facing the painful decision to euthanize Goob due to her deteriorating health, Stacey found solace in an unexpected turn of events.

A Tearful Tradition Turns Miraculous

The night before Goob was scheduled to be put to sleep, Stacey, overcome with emotion, decided to indulge her in a bag of Cheetos, a treat she used to share with her mom’s rescue beagles. The unexpected result was a surprising rally in Goob’s energy and spirits.

Choosing Joy Over Grief

Encouraged by this positive turn, Stacey and her family decided to cancel the vet appointment and savor the remaining time with Goob. The philosophy of letting Goob have whatever she wanted seemed to provide comfort and joy to the ailing pup.

The “McGooby Meal” – McDonald’s Heartwarming Gesture

During a stop at McDonald’s on the Cimarron Turnpike, Stacey crafted a customized meal for Goob, fondly named the “McGooby Meal.” The McDonald’s staff, upon seeing Goob in the front seat, not only fulfilled the unique order but also added an extra nugget for the road, leaving Goob a very satisfied customer.

mcgooby meal for ailing rescue dog

A Touching Facebook Share and Overwhelming Support

Stacey shared the experience on Facebook, expecting it to be a charming alternative to a typical food review. The post received an outpouring of support, with many expressing their relatability to the situation.

Cherishing Every Moment

As Stacey remains uncertain about how much time she has left with Goob, she emphasizes the importance of enjoying every moment. Plans for future adventures, like a coney outing, reflect Stacey’s commitment to making the most of the time she has with her beloved companion.

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Conclusion: A Tale of Love, Resilience, and Unexpected Joy

The story of Goob and the “McGooby Meal” stands as a testament to the power of love and joy in even the most challenging circumstances. McDonald’s compassionate gesture and the community’s supportive response highlight the impact of small acts of kindness during difficult times.

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This heartwarming story was originally reported by Newsweek.



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