Owner’s Unconventional Yet Hilarious Method to Keep Old English Sheepdog Clean

Method to Keep Old English Sheepdog Clean

Owner’s Unconventional Yet Hilarious Method to Keep Old English Sheepdog Clean


In the realm of dog ownership, dealing with muddy paws and fur during the winter is an all-too-familiar challenge, especially for those with large and long-haired canine companions.

However, one resourceful Old English sheepdog owner has adopted an unexpected and side-splitting approach to tackle this age-old problem.

The TikTok Tale of Mud and a Massive Mutt

A recent TikTok post shared under the username @good_normann has sent the internet into fits of laughter.

The video features an ingenious owner carrying her colossal Old English sheepdog through a treacherous mud puddle, all in a bid to protect the dog’s pristine fur. The caption accompanying this hilarious clip simply states: “It’s mud on the dancefloor!”

In a world where canine antics never fail to amuse, this particular escapade has taken social media by storm, amassing millions of viewers and sparking an online sensation.

Mud: A Mixed Blessing for Dogs

While mud can be a source of unadulterated joy for dogs, it can also harbor hidden dangers. Dog wellness experts at WagWalking advise dog owners to promptly address muddy situations to prevent bacterial growth on a dog’s fur and skin.

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When a dog finds itself drenched in mud, there are two primary approaches for cleanup. One option is to wash and wipe the dog immediately, ensuring that no trace of mud remains.

The alternative involves allowing the mud to dry, after which it can be brushed off before bathing. Regardless of the chosen method, removing mud from a dog’s coat may require multiple baths to achieve perfection.

Preparation is Key in Mud Management

WagWalking emphasizes the importance of preparedness in handling mud-related doggy disasters. Various grooming tools, such as paw washers and cleaning mitts, are available to aid in the removal of muddy residue from a dog’s paws and body. These tools can be especially helpful for owners of dogs who are frequent mud enthusiasts.

Viral Laughter and Internet Fame

The TikTok video showcasing the ingenious mud-avoidance strategy quickly achieved viral status across social media platforms, drawing audiences from Instagram and beyond. To date, it has amassed an impressive 3 million views and garnered 61,200 likes on the platform.

User Reactions: From Chuckles to Nostalgia

Users shared a range of responses to the comical clip. Some, like 8tchi5on, playfully remarked, “Nah, that’s what baths are for after walks.” Meanwhile, Chinktress observed, “His poor tail touched the puddle. Next time pick him up higher.”

lindseyoconnell63 fondly reminisced, “We had one growing up in the 70s [who] would love another scruffy he was called, came from Narberth in west wales.” Steve Gray added a touch of anticipation, wondering, “Admit it, who was waiting for him to turn around and jump in the mud?”

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The Unstoppable Spread of Canine Capers

The viral video featuring this unconventional approach to preserving a dog’s cleanliness serves as a testament to the enduring fascination and affection people have for their canine companions.

It underscores the boundless creativity and humor that dog owners employ to ensure their pets’ well-being and keep the world entertained.

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