Prince Harry’s Cherished Labrador: A Heartwarming Tale of Royal Canine Companionship

Prince Harry's Cherished Labrador

Prince Harry’s Cherished Labrador: A Heartwarming Tale of Royal Canine Companionship


Exploring the Unbreakable Bond Between Prince Harry and His Beloved Dog Pula

The Royal Family’s Famed Affection for Canines

As a family deeply entwined with canine companions, the British royals have long showcased their love for dogs. This tradition is vividly embodied in Prince Harry’s affection for his Labrador, Pula.

The royal affinity for dogs is legendary, stretching from Queen Camilla’s adored Jack Russell terriers to the late Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic corgis.

Prince Harry’s Journey with Beloved Canines

Growing up in the royal household, Prince Harry was no stranger to four-legged friends, having spent his childhood among dogs like King Charles’ Jack Russell terriers, Tigga and Pooh.

Today, Prince Harry is a proud pet parent to three dogs: two rescue beagles, Guy and Mamma Mia, and his cherished black Labrador, Pula, whose story he shares in his bestselling memoir, “Spare.”

prince harry's cherished labrador

Pula: A Labrador’s Story of Love and Good Fortune

In “Spare,” Prince Harry opens up about the emotional significance of Pula, acquired during a pivotal moment in his life. The black Labrador, with enchanting amber eyes, joined the royal couple in March 2018 amidst their engagement.

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This addition marked a new chapter in their lives, bringing a sibling for Meghan Markle’s rescue beagle, Guy.

Naming Pula: A Symbol of Rain and Prosperity

The name ‘Pula,’ meaning ‘rain’ and ‘good fortune’ in Setswana, holds a special place in the couple’s heart, reflecting their memorable vacation in Botswana.

Harry describes waking up surrounded by his loved ones, including Pula, as a testament to his immense good fortune and happiness.

prince harry's cherished labrador

Pula’s Role in Royal Milestones

Not just a pet, Pula has been a witness to significant events in Harry and Meghan’s life, including their intimate wedding ceremony.

Meghan’s revelation to Oprah Winfrey about their private vows, witnessed by Pula, underscores the Labrador’s integral presence in their lives.

The Sussex Family: A Life Embracing Parenthood and Pets

With their move to Canada and later to Montecito, California, Harry, Meghan, and their children have embraced a life enriched with the joy of their pets.

Harry’s reference to his family as “five souls” during a charity speech highlights the inclusive nature of their family unit, extending beyond humans to their cherished canine members.

Prince Harry’s Tribute to Parenting and Compassion

In his speech at the WellChild Awards in September 2023, Prince Harry acknowledged the complexities of parenting, empathizing with families facing health challenges and extending his admiration to those in similar situations.

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