Reese the Pomapoo: A Snow Sledding Pro Amid Tennessee’s Rare Freeze

Reese the Pomapoo

Reese the Pomapoo: A Snow Sledding Pro Amid Tennessee’s Rare Freeze

In a picturesque tableau of wintertime bliss, a family in Lakesite, Tennessee, seized a rare opportunity as a blanket of snow graced their hometown.

The Brown Arp family, eager to embrace the fleeting winter wonderland, wasted no time donning their snow boots and venturing outdoors.

Their enthusiasm was infectious, drawing the attention of local station WDEF News 12. However, what truly stole the show was their furry family member, Reese, the pomapoo, who fearlessly engaged in a thrilling bout of snow sledding.

Reese: The Unflinching Snow Sledding Maestro

Amid the Tennessee freeze, Reese, a 6-year-old pomapoo—an endearing crossbreed between the Pomeranian and toy poodle dog breeds—exemplified sledding prowess.

Wrapped snugly in a scarf to brave the chill, Reese confidently positioned himself on the sled. With a gentle push, the canine adventurer embarked on a remarkable journey across the snow-covered yard.

The video shared by Brown Arp with Newsweek captured the magic of the moment as Reese gracefully glided across the snowy expanse. His demeanor remained unruffled, and he exhibited no signs of trepidation.

Without a hint of hesitation, Reese navigated the entire yard while perched on the sled—a testament to his innate sledding talents.

A Natural Born Adventurer

According to Brown Arp, while Reese had encountered snow infrequently due to the region’s climate, his performance on the sled defied expectations.

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Despite his limited exposure to snow, Reese displayed an impressive natural aptitude for sledding, making him seem like a seasoned pro. This unassuming pomapoo demonstrated a willingness to embrace new adventures, regardless of the terrain or conditions.

“He’s always out and doing things with us,” Brown Arp attested. “He even swings in the swing with my little girl. He’s spoiled rotten.”

Reese’s adventurous spirit extends beyond snow sledding; he enthusiastically joins the family on road trips, camping excursions, and even four-wheeler rides. This spirited pomapoo embodies the essence of an intrepid companion, always eager to partake in novel experiences.

Snow Safety for Dogs

While some dog breeds, like huskies, Bernese mountain dogs, and Newfoundlands, are inherently suited for snowy climates with their double-layered coats, Reese’s heartwarming sledding escapade underscores that all dogs can relish the magic of snow.

However, it’s essential for dog owners to ensure their furry friends’ safety when exposing them to wintry conditions. Love to Know Pets recommends several precautions for dog owners venturing into snowy landscapes:

  • Limit Outdoor Time: Regardless of the breed, keep your dog’s outdoor playtime to 30 minutes or less during freezing temperatures.
  • Watch for Signs of Cold: Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior to identify signs of discomfort in the cold.
  • Protect Paw Pads: Snow and ice can be harsh on a dog’s paw pads, so limit prolonged walks in the snow.
  • Dress for Warmth: Consider using a dog jacket, especially for breeds with short or fine hair. Dog boots can protect their paws, and ear protection is crucial to prevent frostbite.
  • Stay Hydrated: Ensure your dog stays hydrated, as the cold can dehydrate them.
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Reese’s heartwarming adventure reminds us that with proper care and preparation, dogs of all breeds can enjoy the magic of a snowy day. So, embrace the winter wonderland with your furry companion, and create memories that will warm your heart.

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