Everything You Need To Know About Silverback Gorillas

Silverback Gorillas

Everything You Need To Know About Silverback Gorillas




If you’re a newbie to gorillas, you may wonder why they’re so elusive.

In this article, we’ll cover the facts: silverback gorillas are herbivores and the dominant males in their troop.

We’ll also discuss their unique habits and behavior, including their fierceness and shyness. Keep reading to learn more.

This article is by no means a comprehensive guide to silverback gorillas.

Silverback Gorillas Are The Dominant Males In Their Troop

A silverback gorilla is the dominant male of his troop. Males of his troop are chosen by females based on their size and strength.

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When the silverback is not in the troop, other males are allowed to mate with the females. Silverbacks also help their younger siblings guard their young.

When they turn sexually mature, they leave the troop and seek out other females.

They Are Herbivores

Male Silverback Gorillas are dominant within their groups, which are made up of a few adult silverback males and several younger males with black backs.

They are also solitary animals, often wandering alone for years. The only males who remain in their group are offspring of the dominant male.

silverback gorillas

These males eventually assume leadership and begin breeding, but in the meantime, the females leave the group and reproduce separately.

The females become sexually mature at about seven years of age, while males reach this stage later.

During their reproductive cycles, they mate with several males, and the silverback will father most of his offspring.

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They Are Aggressive

If you have ever wondered whether Silverback Gorillas are aggressive, you’re not alone.

silverback gorillas

Many people believe gorillas are dangerous and aggressive. While they are not ferocious monsters, they do have strong jaws and canines.

This means they can attack human beings, and you should avoid getting too close to these primates.

Gorillas in the wild are usually calm and reserved, but you should always respect their space and avoid touching them.

They Are Shy

Although Silverback gorillas are generally shy, the animals can be aggressive when threatened.

silverback gorillas

They will warn you of their presence by grunting or tearing down vegetation. A silverback will also stand upright on its rare legs and pound its chest in an attempt to show their dominance.

This type of aggression is reserved for threats posed by humans, other silverbacks, or leopards.

If the silverback perceives you as a threat to their young, it will charge and attack you.

They Are Gentle

If you’re wondering if Silverback Gorillas are gentle, think again.

Gorillas are extremely intelligent and have complex social lives. You may forget that gorillas are wild animals.

While they may look gentle, they can be aggressive if they see close contact. When you’re near one of these gentle giants, you should be respectful and give it enough space to escape.

You may want to keep a distance and use a sign language interpreter to communicate with the gorillas.

They Build Nests

Gorillas build nests for many reasons.

silverback gorillas

They can use their natural materials, such as bushes and branches, to build a sturdy shelter.

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Nests are circular in shape, and must be big enough to support the gorilla. While female gorillas tend to sleep in trees, males generally prefer the ground.

Females build more than one nest in their lifetime. If the gorillas are able to sleep on the ground, it’s an indication that the environment is conducive to their needs.

They Are Threatened By Bushmeat Trade

The Silverback Gorilla is a critically endangered species.

Their population has been decreasing since the 1960s, when human hunters began taking them for bushmeat.

Today, only one silverback remains in the wild, but its numbers are declining every year due to human activity.

Bushmeat trade is threatening the Silverback’s survival in the Congo Basin. The trade also poses other threats to the species.






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