SPCA Investigates Facebook Comedian’s Disturbing Cat Stabbing Joke

SPCA Investigates Facebook Comedian's Disturbing Cat Stabbing Joke

Cut the Comedy: SPCA Launches Investigation into Facebook Comedian’s Cat Stabbing Joke


In a shocking turn of events, a Stellenbosch man finds himself under investigation by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) after posting a picture on Facebook that depicts him holding a cat by the scruff of its neck, seemingly prepared to stab it with a knife.

The controversial image quickly caught the attention of social media users, prompting the SPCA to take action against the individual in question.

In this article, we delve into the details of the incident and explore the potential legal consequences faced by the self-proclaimed Facebook comedian. Join us as we uncover the controversy surrounding this disturbing act and its implications for animal welfare.

The Man Behind the Picture

Jaydon Faans, a 21-year-old Facebook comedian boasting an impressive following of 180,000, found himself at the center of a social media firestorm when he shared a photo of himself with George, his nephew’s tabby cat.

The image, which depicted Faans holding the cat while brandishing a knife, immediately ignited outrage among Facebook users and triggered the attention of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

SPCA’s Response and Calls for Accountability

Belinda Abraham, the spokesperson for the SPCA, wasted no time in condemning Faans’ actions, categorizing them as animal abuse. Abraham urged Faans to take responsibility for his actions by coming forward to the SPCA and facing the consequences.

She emphasized that if the SPCA decides to pursue legal action against Faans, the courts would ultimately determine the appropriate punishment. The seriousness of the situation cannot be understated, as contravening the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962 could lead to a maximum penalty of 12 months in prison or a fine of R40,000.

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SPCA Investigates Facebook Comedian's Disturbing Cat Stabbing Joke

The Comedian’s Defense and Apology

In a surprising twist, when approached by the Daily Voice for comment, Faans claimed that the picture was intended as a joke to create a Facebook meme. He asserted his love for animals and insisted that he had no intention of causing harm to George. Fans expressed remorse for any offense caused and apologized to those who found the image offensive and hurtful.

However, Belinda Abraham quickly dismissed Faans’ explanation, asserting that cruelty to animals is no laughing matter and emphasizing the importance of educating individuals about the proper treatment of animals.

The SPCA’s Outreach and Faans’ Lack of Understanding

Confirming that the SPCA had reached out to him, Faans admitted to being initially confused and afraid when contacted. He stated that he didn’t fully comprehend the gravity of the situation at the time, as he was solely focused on creating a meme.

This response demonstrates a concerning lack of awareness regarding the potential consequences of his actions and further highlights the need for education on animal welfare.


The Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s investigation into Jaydon Faans’ cat stabbing joke serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of responsible behavior towards animals.

While Faans claims his intentions were purely comedic, the public’s outcry and the SPCA’s swift response indicate the significance society places on the humane treatment of animals.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the courts will address this case and what impact it will have on public perceptions of animal cruelty.

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Daily Voice: Cut the comedy: SPCA probes Facebook funny man’s cat-stabbing joke