A Complete Guide To The Basset Griffon

The Basset Griffon

A Complete Guide To The Basset Griffon





If you are considering getting a Basset Griffon puppy, you may be wondering whether it is the right dog breed for you.

Before you go out and purchase one, consider the personality, size, and coat of the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.

These dogs are friendly, affectionate, and bark a lot while playing or hunting. As with any dog, you need to be an assertive owner and train your pet consistently.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a scent hound-type dog that was originally bred to trail hares in the French Vendée.

the basset griffon

In the United States, this breed is also known as “Petit,” in England it is known as a “Roughie,” and in Denmark, it is called a “Griffon.”

The PBGV is one of the most compact griffons. This breed is extremely lively and will respond quickly to sudden movements and interesting scents.

They need a good amount of exercise, especially daily romps. Although a good watchdog, this dog is not a guard dog and must have strict leadership in order to stay safe.

Listed below are some characteristics of the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America was founded in 1984 at the Centennial AKC show in Philadelphia. By 1985,

the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America had 50 members, and the breed was recognized by the AKC. By 1991, the Petits were eligible to compete in AKC shows.

The name “Petit” was derived from a French word meaning “petit.” The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a small or medium-sized scent hound that shares the same history as the larger Griffon Vendeen.

the basset griffon

Because of its size, this breed has more energy than many larger dogs. Like other griffon breeds, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is playful, affectionate, and intelligent.

As such, they are an excellent choice for pet owners who want a pet with personality.

When buying a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, it is important to keep in mind that the breed is prone to gaining weight, so it is important to discuss proper nutrition with a veterinarian before bringing your puppy home.

Additionally, you should brush your Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen’s fur regularly. Daily brushing will help prevent excessive shedding. And be sure to supply fresh water, too.

PBGV Temperament

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV) is a type of scent hound.

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It originated in the Vendée region of France as a working dog used to hunt hares. It is also known in the United States as a “Petit,” “Roughie,” and “Griffon.”

the basset griffon

Here are some things to know about the PBGV temperament. PBGVs are generally friendly and affectionate, but they have a tendency to bark excessively.

The PBGV’s coat has a rough texture, and its undercoat is thick and long. The ear tufts are covered with hair, which folds inward to form an oval shape.

Its tail is slightly curved, and its color is white or any combination of brown, black, and white. PBGVs are known to be quite playful, which makes them an excellent choice for a family with children.

A PBGV temperament is surprising. It loves company and thrives on physical activity. Like any other breed of dog, this type of dog requires daily exercise.

You’ll want to keep a leash on them and make sure they have access to a secure yard. A PBGV’s hunting instincts make it essential to supervise them when they’re outdoors.

They shouldn’t be left unsupervised for more than an hour at a time. The PBGV is a very healthy dog.

In fact, there are only a few cases of glaucoma in the breed, which usually results in blindness.

the basset griffon

Other than that, they have few health problems other than aseptic meningitis, which causes lethargy, fever, and neck and back pain in juveniles.

PBGVs can also suffer from a fatal pain syndrome known as PBGV pain syndrome. Interestingly, PBGVs are not commonly diagnosed with seizures.

But in rare cases, they can develop epilepsy. PBGVs are also prone to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, elbow dysplasia, and hypothyroidism.

Although these conditions rarely lead to premature death in the PBGV breed, they can be at risk for food allergies.


The PBGV is sometimes referred to as a happy breed, and there are few breeds that can match its affability.

Their sweet disposition makes them excellent therapy dogs and companions. Their barking, however, is a problem, but it serves a purpose.

While barking can make the PBGV a little grumpy at times, with the right stimulation, they can remain calm and happy.

the basset griffon

There are two sizes of Basset Griffon, the Petit, and the Grand. Petits are smaller versions of Grands, and they were originally used to hunt rabbits and small game.

Grands were smaller but had proportionally longer ears, tails, and muzzles. Petits are smaller than Grands, but they can be equally beautiful.

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If you’re considering purchasing a Basset Griffon, make sure to check the breed standard first.

Listed below are the dimensions of the Basset Griffon Vendeen. The Grand Basset Griffon is a medium-sized dog that is affectionate and energetic.

It thrives in the company of other dogs, and will probably need a fenced yard. Its name comes from the Vendee region in France, where it developed.

They didn’t begin appearing regularly in the United States until the 1990s. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a small breed that is related to the Basset Hound but has a rough and wiry coat.

the basset griffon

It is only about thirteen to fifteen inches in length but weighs between thirty and forty pounds. It was bred to hunt small game in rough terrain.

Unlike most breeds, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen requires moderate physical activity. If you’re a senior citizen, this breed is an excellent choice.


Basset Griffons have a distinctively rough look with a white undercoat and long, thick eyebrows.

They’re a member of the Griffon group, which originated in the Vendee region of southern France.

the basset griffon

The breed was first imported to the United States in 1991 and was admitted to the Hound Group at AKC dog shows.

The Basset Griffon’s long, wiry coat protects its body from the harsh undergrowth.

PBGVs are energetic dogs who need at least an hour of exercise per day. If you’re leaving them outdoors, keep them on a leash, as PBGVs are known to follow scents.

Indoors, keep them entertained with toys or play with them to learn tricks and sports.

They can get very warm, so they must take frequent rests and water breaks, especially during warm weather.

The PBGV’s coat is long, rough, and thick. Their ears are covered with long hair, and their eyes are dark and large. The tail is long, but it curves and folds inward slightly.

This dog’s coat comes in many different colors, ranging from white to a variety of markings.

As with any breed, the Basset Griffon’s coat should complement its personality and style.

the basset griffon

Grooming is an important part of proper care. Weekly brushing is a must, but only bathing is necessary if your dog has a skin condition that needs attention.

Your Basset Griffon’s coat needs to be kept free of dirt, dust, and debris. Regular checkups with a veterinarian are necessary to ensure proper health and prevent any skin problems.

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If you own a PBGV, grooming will help you bond with your dog and give you a better sense of how to care for him.

PBGV Lifespan

The PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen) is a scent hound type dog originating in France.

This dog was originally bred to track hares in the Vendée region. Throughout the world, this breed is known as the “Petit”, “Roughie,” and “Griffon.”

Despite their small size, PBGVs need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. They like cooler temperatures and are not recommended for hot or humid weather.

the basset griffon

They are also prone to running off-leash and should have a secure yard. A well-cared-for PBGVs should live for at least three years.

However, while they are generally healthy and do not suffer from serious health issues, they are susceptible to a few common ailments.

A PBGV’s lifespan is approximately 12-14 years. Occasionally, they can have health issues such as glaucoma, which causes blindness.

Injured PBGVs can also suffer from aseptic meningitis, a condition that results in back pain and lethargy. PBGV dogs can also develop a painful syndrome called PBGV pain syndrome.

Seizures are uncommon in this breed but can occur. Other health issues associated with this breed include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and autoimmune hypothyroidism.

In rare cases, they can be diagnosed with glaucoma and can develop food allergies.

A PBGV is a small dog with ancient origins. The breed’s name, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, stands for “Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.”

It is a small, rough-coated breed developed on the west coast of France. These areas are known for dense underbrush and brambles.

PBGVs were developed to be agile enough to run over these obstacles. If you’re thinking of adopting a PBGV, you should know that its lifespan is shorter than the average dog’s.






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