Everything You Should Know About The Electronic-Sniffing Dog In Mexico

The Electronic Sniffing Dog In Mexico

Everything You Should Know About The Electronic Sniffing Dog In Mexico


If you are interested in drug smuggling in Mexico, you may want to know more about Hidu, Larry, Sota, and TPPO chemicals. These are the three names of the three dogs used by the Mexican government to sniff out drugs.

You may have heard of Nelson Maatman, who was caught with a drug that would get him killed. But what was the plan to catch him?

The Mexican government’s Operation Underground Railroad set up a plan to lure him into a trap using social media spaces.


A Mexican boy has been arrested after his Electronic-Sniffing Dog, Hidu, discovered that the dirty laundry he was sniffing contained the chemical TPPO, which helps prevent small memory devices from overheating.

The dog then led law enforcement to four terabytes of illegal child pornography. Mr. Maatman has been charged with drug possession and human trafficking. In response, he is currently awaiting trial.

Earlier this year, Hidu had been trained by Operation Underground Railroad. It found a hard drive filled with child porn images hidden inside the apartment.

His trainers praised the dog for his help in catching Maatman, who is currently in prison in Mexico City on charges of drug possession and human trafficking.

This case highlights the power of this technology. Hidu is proving to be a great asset to law enforcement and deserves to be recognized as such. The alleged pedophile Jason Maatman was arrested in Mexico City using an Electronic-Sniffing Dog called Hidu.

Maatman had openly advocated for sex with children. In Mexico City, Free a Girl was able to track him down and alert the US-based Operation Underground Railroad.

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The latter then started contacting Maatman through online chat rooms and websites. Using Hidu as an Electronic-Sniffing Dog in Mexico was a groundbreaking move for the country.

It has been used in many criminal cases, from drug cartels to terrorists. However, it remains unclear whether this technology will be used widely.

Only time will tell. And in the meantime, there is no telling when these dogs might be needed in a real situation. With a little luck, Hidu will continue to sniff out illegal drugs.


Larry, The Electronic-Sniffing, Dog is an English Lab trained to sniff out electronics.

He will be used by the Regional Electronics & Computer Investigations section to detect crimes involving the Internet, particularly crimes that target children.

Larry can detect a chemical called TPPO, which is present in micro SD cards and many other devices. It is not clear what exactly this chemical does, but it is a definite scent for the dog.

In a covert operation that was backed by social media, Mexican law enforcement tracked down Maatman, a Dutch pedophile accused of having sex with children.

Maatman had fled to Mexico to escape prosecution, but he was tracked down in Mexico by the Free a Girl organization and Operation Underground Railroad.

The dog’s detection proved vital in identifying the suspect. As technology has become more sophisticated, electronic-sniffing dogs have also become more popular. The drug that Larry has learned to sniff can be sprayed on any electronic device.

Earlier, he was trained to sniff out accelerants, including gasoline, but now, he’s working to detect electronic devices. A new partner named Larry is a perfect example of such a dog’s versatility.


Sota the Electronic-Sniffing Dog was purchased for $15,000 by a nonprofit anti-human trafficking group called Operation Underground Railroad.

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He was originally trained as a service dog in Michigan but proved too energetic to work in a service capacity. His training then moved to an electronic device detection training center in Indiana, where he is partnered with BCA Special Agent Lucas Munkelwitz.

Sota the Electronic-Sniffing Dog is a black Labrador from Minnesota who has been trained to detect electronic evidence. This type of evidence could include cell phones, USB drives, and the cryptocurrency used in drug deals.

Sota has been trained to sniff out a chemical that is commonly found on memory storage chips, which means that the dog is capable of detecting even tiny amounts of these materials.

TPPO Chemical

A police department in Connecticut is using K-9s trained to detect the TPPO chemical used in solid-state memory devices to help them catch criminals.

It’s a common chemical used in all types of electronic devices, and dogs are trained to sniff out the chemical if they detect it. TPPO is a common substance used in solid-state memory devices, including flash drives.

The TPPO chemical gives the devices a distinctive odor, making it easy for the dog to pick up on them. The chemical is used to keep small memory devices from overheating, and Hidu’s nose is a powerful tool in the battle against child pornography.

In fact, it has been used to track down sex promoter Jason Maatman, who fled his home country to hide out in Mexico. The dogs are used to catch criminals and narcotics traffickers.

The dogs can detect these devices with a high degree of accuracy, which is why Hidu was trained for the job. To train the dogs for the job, Halligan has them learn to find the TPPO by training them to recognize the smell.

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The dog is then rewarded with food when it finds the chemical. In the beginning, the dogs are trained to smell the compound in a jar, then move on to actual devices that emit the TPPO odor.

Not all dogs are suitable for this job, however. Operation Underground Railroad, which helps rescue victims of sex trafficking, used a black lab named Hidu to trace the suspected pedophile Jason Maatman in Mexico City.

Maatman has been known to have sex with children online, and Free a Girl discovered that he had fled to Mexico.

The organization alerted Operation Underground Railroad, which complied. The organization’s undercover operatives then made contact with him in chat rooms.

Danger To Children

In Mexico, an electronic sniffing dog has been used to catch suspected pedophile Jason Maatman, who has openly advocated sex with children.

Flash drives are often used by criminals to store contact details, the cryptocurrency used for drug deals and other information. Hidu was a new dog trained to detect these items, having only graduated two weeks prior. In Mexico, most crimes go unpunished.

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