The Heartrending Tale of a Pet Dog, Thor, and His Battle Against Porcupine Quills

Thor, and His Battle Against Porcupine Quills

The Heartrending Tale of a Pet Dog, Thor, and His Battle Against Porcupine Quills


The Unfortunate Encounter: A Pet Dog Impaled on Porcupine Quills

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a pet dog named Thor was found suffering with hundreds of yellow quills piercing his golden-brown fur.

The disturbing images depict quills entrenched in Thor’s muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and legs, leading to his agonized screams.

A Plea for Help: Owner Turns to the Internet to Raise Funds for Vet Care

Thor’s owner, Adriano Bertoline, unemployed and financially incapacitated, initiated an online fundraising campaign to afford veterinary care for Thor. Faced with a vet bill he couldn’t foot, Adriano turned to the kindness of strangers on the internet.

Thor, and His Battle Against Porcupine Quills

Intervention and Assistance: Local Politician Lends a Helping Hand

Upon hearing the plea for help, local councilor Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari intervened. Dr. Apolari not only drove Thor to the hospital but also provided much-needed financial assistance. It was a heartening show of kindness in Thor’s time of distress.

A Repeat Encounter: Thor’s Second Run-in with a Porcupine

Incredibly, this was Thor’s second skirmish with a porcupine within a year. The three-year-old pet dog had faced a similar fate previously, resulting in grievous wounds.

Thor, and His Battle Against Porcupine Quills

The Online Appeal: Seeking Help for Thor’s Medical Treatment

Bertoline issued a heartfelt online appeal when he found Thor impaled by the porcupine quills. “Have a great morning, everyone,” he tweeted, “My dog was in this circumstance when I awoke this morning. Can a hospital or a veterinarian aid him? I’m worried I can’t afford it.”

The Response and Aid: Dr. Apolari’s Crucial Assistance

Dr. Apolari turned out to be a godsend for Adriano and Thor. In a Facebook post, Adriano expressed his gratitude, “Dr. Apolari was an angel in my dog’s life since I couldn’t afford a private veterinarian. I have four kids at home and am now unemployed.”

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The Aftercare: Councilor’s Continued Support

Following Thor’s veterinary visit, Adriano reports that the counselor brought the dog to his house, displaying continuous support for the distressed pet.

Thor, and His Battle Against Porcupine Quills

Thor’s Previous Porcupine Encounter: A Deja Vu

Remarkably, this was not Thor’s first encounter with a porcupine. Thor had previously been injured by a porcupine in February 2021, where a friend of Adriano’s who worked at a private veterinary clinic came to the rescue.

As the story of Thor and his unfortunate encounters with porcupines unfolds, the condition of the porcupine remains unknown.

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Heartbreaking scene of a pet dog screaming in pain because of hundreds of thorns growing on its mouth.