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Heroic Rescue: Woman Saves Injured Dog Abandoned on Highway Facing Euthanasia

woman saves injured dog

Heroic Rescue: Woman Saves Injured Dog Abandoned on Highway Facing Euthanasia


In a heartwarming tale of compassion, Virginia Humphrey embarked on a daring rescue mission on a San Antonio freeway, ultimately saving an injured dog left abandoned due to financial constraints.

The inspiring incident took place on October 29 and showcases the incredible lengths people go to for our four-legged friends.

A Chance Encounter on the Freeway

Virginia Humphrey’s routine drive took an unexpected turn when she spotted a man on the freeway with a dog. Concerned for their safety, she took the next exit to circle back and offer assistance. Unfortunately, by the time she returned, both the man and the dog were gone.

“My first thought was relief that everyone was fine, but then I saw a dark mound on the side of the road,” Humphrey recounted via email. Undeterred, despite a recent foot injury, she approached the injured dog lying by the roadside.

The Resilience of Sam

To her surprise, the dog, later named Sam, was alive, looking up with big, brown, sad eyes. Overcoming a childhood fear of dogs, Humphrey decided to take action, immediately rushing Sam to BluePearl Pet Hospital.

Financial Hurdles and Rising Costs

The plot thickened as it was revealed that Sam’s owner, contacted through the dog’s microchip, couldn’t afford the escalating veterinary bills.

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Rising costs in the pet care industry, with veterinary expenses up by 11% from July 2022 to July 2023, added to the owner’s inability to cover the expenses.

A Woman’s Determination

Refusing to accept euthanasia as an option, Humphrey took it upon herself to fund Sam’s surgery, medical boarding, vaccines, and follow-ups. Despite the challenges, she was committed to ensuring Sam’s recovery.

Sam’s Journey to Recovery

Sam underwent several weeks of hospitalization, recovering from three fractured legs and other injuries. Humphrey, who paid for all expenses out of pocket, became Sam’s foster parent, embracing the responsibilities that came with Sam’s post-surgery care.

A Future Full of Hope

Despite reaching out to the previous owner post-surgery, Humphrey encountered reluctance to reclaim Sam. Undeterred, she has now taken on the role of fostering Sam until a forever family comes forward.

Sam, described as a “wonderful dog,” is set to make a full recovery, with a custom sling aiding her healing process.

Looking to the Future: A Call for Adoption

Humphrey, an avid advocate for Sam’s well-being, has posted her on Rehome, an adoption website. For those interested in adopting Sam, inquiries can also be directed to VCA Becker Animal Hospital, BluePearl, or Humphrey’s dental office at 6 to 9 Dental Texas.

In Humphrey’s words, “Sam’s a wonderful dog, and I am so glad she has an opportunity to live out her life.” Her dedication to Sam’s recovery and future well-being serves as a testament to the profound impact one person can have on an animal’s life.

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Source: Newsweek

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