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The Joyful Tale of Duke: A Dog’s Daily Walk Extravaganza

a dog's daily walk extravaganza

The Joyful Tale of Duke: A Dog’s Daily Walk Extravaganza


Duke’s Daily Walk: A TikTok Sensation

In a heartwarming story that has captivated the online community, a golden retriever named Duke and his owner, Zarah Kelleher, are gaining widespread adoration for their infectious enthusiasm for a routine that might seem ordinary to some—a daily walk taken not just once but three times a day.

The Viral Phenomenon Unveiled

A viral video, originally shared on TikTok on March 1 by @dukethatgolden, showcases Duke and Zarah joyously gearing up for their routine walks.

The video has amassed over 2.7 million views, with the duo energetically showcasing their excitement set to the upbeat remix of La Roux’s 2009 hit, “Bulletproof.” The caption reads, “My dog is excited every single time.”

Meet Duke: The Charismatic Golden Retriever

Duke, the star of this endearing show, is a golden retriever puppy residing in Charleston, South Carolina. His daily antics have earned him over 350,000 followers on the TikTok account created by Zarah, @dukethatgolden.

The Internet’s Response: Likes, Comments, and Relatability

Since its upload, the TikTok post has garnered over 309,000 likes and 300 comments within a matter of days. Viewers, particularly those with pets, have flooded the comments section, expressing their relatability and admiration for Duke’s excitement.


My dog is excited every single time #dogsoftiktok #goldenretriever #puppy

♬ Calvin Roux by Snowdream – Snowdream

Community Reactions and Comments

  • One user shared, “Walk my dog 5 times a day. A short one in the morning, an hour walk for lunch, a slower one after dinner, then a play walk THEN a slow slow walk.”
  • Another user added humorously, “When my dog did this same thing and ripped open my North Face.”
  • A third user suggested, “Do some different routes to make it more enriching for him! Way more effective for tiring them out as well because it’s mental stimulation.”

Tales of Similar Experiences

The comments section serves as a platform for users to share their own experiences with excited pets before walks. Stories range from attempted mimicking with larger dogs to the challenges of dealing with exuberant pups.

Duke’s Growing Fanbase

Zarah Kelleher, the proud owner of Duke, has become a TikTok sensation, with fans expressing their delight and curiosity about Duke’s daily routines. Newsweek reached out to @dukethatgolden via TikTok for more information on this heartwarming story.

Conclusion: A Lesson in Joyful Routine

Duke’s daily walks may seem routine, but the joy he brings to the online community highlights the significance of finding delight in the simple things.

As Duke and Zarah continue to spread happiness, their story serves as a reminder to cherish the small, everyday moments that bring joy to our furry friends and, in turn, to us.

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Source: Newsweek


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