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The Most Unusual Bedtime Routine: Golden Retriever’s Demand for Nightly Pampering

The Most Unusual Bedtime Routine: Golden Retriever’s Demand for Nightly Pampering


Dogs as Cherished Family Members

In an era where pet owners treat their furry companions like beloved children, the notion of leaving a dog downstairs in its own bed is almost unthinkable for many.

A recent viral TikTok video has captured the heartwarming yet peculiar bedtime routine of a golden retriever, showcasing the extraordinary lengths one owner goes to fulfill her canine companion’s nighttime desires.

The TikTok Sensation: A Canine Piggyback Adventure

The video, titled “This is how my golden retriever goes to bed every night,” has taken the internet by storm, amassing over 221,000 views.

Senior Life and Trends Reporter, Lucy Notarantonio, sheds light on this unique nightly ritual that has left viewers both amused and intrigued.

The Unusual Commute to Bed: A Piggyback Ride Through the Apartment

The footage unveils a heartwarming scene where the owner sits on the sofa, and her golden retriever places both paws around her neck. What follows is a delightful piggyback ride through the apartment, culminating in the bedroom.

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The video’s charm lies in the endearing image of the canine passenger enjoying a leisurely journey to his sleeping quarters.


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Canine Etiquette: Politeness in Bedtime Requests

Upon reaching the bedroom, the golden retriever, handled by the owner with the TikTok handle @majavholm, gracefully dismounts and promptly heads towards the top of the bed near the pillows.

A distinctive touch to this peculiar bedtime routine is the dog’s gentle barking, described by the owner as “so polite.” Speculation arises among viewers, with one suggesting the dog may be expressing gratitude, adding an extra layer of charm to the nightly spectacle.

Survey Insights: Dogs Enhancing Sleep Quality

The video sparks conversations about the close bond between dogs and their owners during bedtime. Notably, a survey by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reveals that almost half (46 percent) of respondents reported better sleep when accompanied by their pets.

Gen Z, in particular, emerges as a demographic more inclined to share their sleeping space with furry companions than baby boomers.

Expert Insights: Benefits of Sleeping with Your Dog

Veterinarian Laurie Hess from online pet-product retailer Chewy weighs in on the advantages of sharing a bed with your dog.

Beyond the emotional benefits, she highlights that dogs accustomed to sharing a bed may be more behaviorally at ease with physical touch. Furthermore, sharing sleeping space facilitates regular grooming, allowing owners to monitor their pet’s health closely.

Unveiling the Unconventional Routine: Questions and Commentary

The TikTok video’s comment section becomes a hub of curiosity and amusement. Viewers pose questions about the origin of this nightly routine, with some imagining the challenge of explaining it to an overnight pet sitter.

Observations like the dog standing on the owner’s head and yawning add humor, prompting one commenter to declare, “This is your dog’s world, and you just live in it.”

Conclusion: A Wholesome Blend of Entertainment and Bonding

As the video continues to charm viewers worldwide, one thing remains clear: the unique and heartwarming bond between @majavholm and her golden retriever has sparked a delightful online conversation.

While the details of this extraordinary case remain unverified, the joyous bedtime ritual serves as a testament to the extraordinary lengths pet owners go to make their furry friends feel cherished.

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